Ark Invest buys 300,000 shares at the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust

Cathie Wood with her Ark Invest bought about 300,000 shares of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) on Monday. 

In total, he spent about $ 8 million. 

It could be said that he took advantage of the drop in the price of bitcoin, which momentarily dropped below $ 30,000. In short, buy the dip , the CEO of Ark Invest must have thought. 

According to official documents, Ark Invest in its Ark Next Generation Internet ETF (ARKW) owns over 9 million shares of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, for a total of 216 million dollars. 

It is not the only crypto investment. In fact, Ark Invest owns over 1 million shares of Coinbase (COIN) for a total of 214 million dollars.

In addition, Ark also owns 912,000 Tesla shares for $ 602 million, with a 10% weight on the ARKW ETF. Individually, the second company Ark is most exposed to is Twitter: 4.3 million shares for $ 295 million. 

ARk’s investment in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust 

Ark Invest’s investment in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust comes as no surprise since Cathie Wood is a firm believer in bitcoin. 

The news spreads today just a few hours after the “duel” that will see Cathie Wood and Jack Dorsey opposed to Elon Musk in the live organized by The B Word. 

Also follows the news a few days ago that Ark Invest has bought 225,000 shares of Square , the crypto company founded by Jack Dorsey. Cathie Wood and Jack Dorsey are more than just partners. In fact, the two are sharing several projects to contribute to the spread of bitcoin. They are also studying “clean” mining projects.  

Last May Ark Invest announced a real investment in bitcoin , a purchase of over 523 BTC for a figure close to 20 million dollars. 

It is evident that Ark Invest and Cathie Wood are increasingly convinced of the goodness of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, given Ark’s clear exposure. 

Now all that remains is to convince Elon Musk in a meeting, the one scheduled at The B Word , which promises to be explosive.

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