Elon Musk now supports Bitcoin

Yesterday Elon Musk admitted quite explicitly that he is a Bitcoin supporter .

In fact, during the live confrontation video with Jack Dorsey, of Square and Twitter, and Cathie Wood, of ARK Invest, at one point she explicitly said: 

“In general, I’m a supporter of Bitcoin”. 

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zwx_7XAJ3p0

But, as often happens, he has found another much more original way to be even more explicit. 

In fact, the live broadcast took place via video conference, and he presented himself with a t-shirt that leaves no room for too many interpretations: 

This is the “evolution of money”, that is an image that takes up the famous drawing on the evolution of man from the australopithecus to homo sapiens, however associating a specific form of money to each step. 

We then move from bartering to the use of coin commodities, to then evolve into metal money, banknotes, credit cards, and finally Bitcoin. 

In light of this, it is possible to state that, albeit not in his own words, Elon Musk claims that Bitcoin is the new big step in the history of humanity as regards the evolution of money. 

Combining what can be deduced from the fact that for such an important occasion for Bitcoin he decided to wear that shirt, with his explicit words of being essentially a Bitcoin supporter, the picture that emerges is now quite clear. 

Elon Musk supports Bitcoin. 

During the conference he also said that he himself owns both BTC and ETH and DOGE, but that he has never sold any bitcoins, while sometimes he has sold some of his Ethereum or Dogecoin. 

He also admitted that Bitcoin mining is turning towards increasingly sustainable forms of energy use, so much so that sooner or later Tesla will reactivate payments in BTC, although not immediately. He also revealed that not only does he and Tesla own bitcoin, but SpaceX also owns them. 

At one point he also stated: 

“I would like to see Bitcoin succeed”. 

Although yesterday’s conference was probably with a lower impact than expected, it served if nothing else to clarify, perhaps definitively, Elon Musk’s full support for Bitcoin, although he has repeatedly repeated that energy issues are still very important. and that the problem must be addressed.

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