Amazon: a denial on Bitcoin-related projects that seems like a confirmation

Reuters has published a denial coming from an unidentified “spokesperson for Amazon” regarding the rumors published a few days ago by the London newspaper City AM that reported the acceptance of payments in Bitcoin and other crypto.

The rumors had been published last Sunday and had been collected by an unidentified “insider” of the company who had described a plan to enable cryptocurrency payments on the well-known e-commerce platform as early as 2021. 

The denial published yesterday defines this information as “speculation” defining it as “not true”. 

However, the spokesperson who denied such speculations also explicitly stated that the company has an interest in the crypto sector, saying that Amazon does indeed have “specific plans for cryptocurrencies”. 

He also added: 

“We remain focused on exploring how these things might be viewed by customers who shop on Amazon.”

The fact is that, in addition to the rumors published by City AM, there is still a rather explicit job offer for the search for a “product leader”, published on the official Amazon website , which leaves little room for interpretations, or denials. 

“The Payments Acceptance & Experience team is looking for an experienced product leader to develop Amazon’s Digital Currency and Blockchain strategy and product roadmap.”

Therefore, the Amazon spokesman with this denial published by Reuters does nothing but confirm that the company has plans regarding Bitcoin, and that they are, as usual, analyzing the wishes of customers to understand how to best satisfy them. So, in the event that a significant portion of their clientele wishes to pay with cryptocurrencies, it is unlikely that they will be able to ignore it. 

Instead, what is actually denying is the hypothesis put forward by the insider that cryptocurrency payments can be enabled by the end of the year. 

Furthermore, always in the same job advertisement for a Digital Currency and Blockchain product leader it explicitly reads: 

“In this role, you will: Have the vision and strategy for Amazon’s digital currency and blockchain product strategy and roadmap.” 

The same spokesman who allegedly denied the rumors stated that the company has “specific plans” , which at this point could also concern the issuance of its token. 

What has denied therefore is not the fact that they are interested in developing their own token, but only that they are already doing it, or that, indeed, everything is almost ready to be put on the market, as more or less explicitly suggested by the insider. 

If we add to this that Amazon has been active in the blockchain sector since at least 2019, the spokesperson’s denial actually has the appearance of a confirmation that the company is working on something, perhaps already concrete, and that they are simply false. the hypotheses of what this could really be.

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