13,820 Bitcoin Moved Off Binance – Largest Withdrawal Since April 19: IntoTheBlock

As per recent data from a popular analytics company, Binance has seen the largest BTC withdrawal from this platform since April
As per data provided by IntoTheBlock analytics data aggregator, on Tuesday, July 27, 13,820 Bitcoins were moved from the Binance exchange.

When negative exchange net flows occur, the tweet continues, it is, as a rule, a sign that whales and smaller investors are accumulating Bitcoin. They move it to cold storage vaults or to projects that offer yield farming.

A commenter has suggested that this large withdrawal was made in response to the recent KYC rules changes announced by Binance.

The founder of Capriole Investments, Charles Edwards, also shared a chart by CryptoQuant, showing that at the moment the market is witnessing massive Bitcoin outflows from multiple crypto exchanges.