A free webinar to ride the trends and understand the crypto market

Ivo Avidhold , alias Marco Saccoccia , has been operating on the crypto markets since 2015. 

In recent years, thanks to an intense study of these markets, it has achieved important results by helping hundreds of people to increase their capital. 

To make his experience available to everyone, Ivo has decided to create a masterclass with which to accompany people in this new world, starting with a free webinar with a provocative title, IL BITCOIN NON EXISTE , which will be held on 30 July at 9:00 am. 

Ivo began to take an interest in cryptocurrencies, and in particular altcoins, in 2015, and then created a team of experts to analyze and understand the various projects in order to recognize the good ones from the bad ones, or even dangerous ones. 

The beginnings were difficult, above all due to the numerous crypto projects that over time have proved to be bad if not scams, but after years of analyzing altcoins, he has also taken advantage of these negative experiences to develop a system capable of to deepen the knowledge of a crypto project in order to fully understand its advantages and defects. 

Ivo defines altcoins as “alternative stocks” , instead of alternative coins, because he compares them to shares of business groups that are “listed” on crypto exchanges. This does not affect its quality and importance, so much so that, for example, there are altcoins that have giants such as Microsoft, Apple, Google or Tesla behind them. 

Furthermore, while always remembering to invest only what you can afford to lose without having repercussions on the family regime, because on the thousands of existing cryptocurrencies many are nothing but garbage, remember that there are also some that can give great satisfaction even just in 6-12 months, although he does not consider cryptocurrencies only a way to get rich quickly but a real revolution.

One of the advice dispensed by Ivo is to always be wary of those who give financial advice, and of those who say that any altcoin will make hyperbolic jumps in value in the future, because the future remains unpredictable. However, this does not mean that by analyzing a crypto project (with the right training) it is possible to highlight its fundamentals, such as the quality of the team, or an important sector, to recognize projects with greater growth potential. 

The membership that it created to do this is a study group of the “shares” of the cryptocurrency and decentralized finance landscape, for the management of capital in a different scenario than that of traditional markets. 

One last curiosity: the pseudonym he has chosen, Ivo Avidhold, is derived from one of the unlikely characters of the Abruzzo comedian Maccio Capatonda, fellow countryman and friend of Marco Saccoccia, called Ivo Avido. Marco has added “hold” to this name, as holders actually hold their positions greedily because they know that the projects they have invested in will yield big gains in the future.

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