Over 465,000 Bitcoin Transferred by Anon Wallets and Coinbase

An amount close to half a million Bitcoin has been moved between anonymous wallets and shifted by Coinbase over the past 24 hours

Blockchain tracker Whale Alert has spotted almost 50 consecutive transactions, carrying a total of over 465,000 Bitcoins: an equivalent of a mind-blowing $18,615,810,000.

The transactions were made between anonymous crypto wallets. In four of them, the largest U.S.-based digital exchange, Coinbase, took part.

Crypto whales shift 434,000 Bitcoins

Around 44 consecutive Bitcoin transfers were spotted by Whale Alert, each of them carrying between 9,000 and 9,900 BTC on average.

According to the analytics data, these transactions were made between anonymous wallets, which could stand either for crypto whales or cryptocurrency exchanges. The largest transaction carried a lump of over 10,000 BTC.

The total amount of crypto moved by anon wallets totals $17,342,379,600 in fiat.

Almost 60,000 BTC moved with participation of Coinbase

Besides, five transactions were made with the participation of major U.S.-based crypto exchange Coinbase, which went public in April of this year via a direct listing on the Nasdaq.

Coinbase has participated in shifting 59,800 BTC in four transfers: 19,200 BTC and four lumps, carrying 10,200 each.

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These large amounts of Bitcoin have been moved now that the flagship cryptocurrency has managed to reinstate itself above the $40,000 level.

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