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Bitcoin Is Digital Estate – The Idea Is Spreading Like Fire



MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor said not too long ago that Bitcoin is digital estate, and this idea grew wings and is spreading like fire.

Check out the relevant tweet below.

Melker also shared the following clip:

Someone said: “It’s not digital gold. Gold was supposed to be a hedge on inflation/money printing….has done almost nothing past couple years. Calling it real estate if far more accurate, will continue to gain value over decades.”

Someone else posted this: “Real estate has many real life, physical use cases. #btc has none. #btc might be a store of value but that is not the same as real estate that has utility. #btc is mostly pure speculation. The hope that tomorrow or the next day someone might pay more for your “real” estate.”

Another person addressed the institutional adoption of Bitcoin.

“#Bitcoin is being aggressively bought up by the institutional entities this week as data shows over-the-counter(OTC)trading volume spiking. With Sir Williams James trading signals, I’ve made massive profits of over 9btc by copying his trading signals in my trade.”

Bitcoin bullish predictions

There are all kinds of bullish predictions about the price of Bitcoin.

The other day, we revealed that the online publication the Daily Hodl notes that Pantera Capital founder Dan Morehead is anticipating BTC to hit $700k amidst rising adoption rates.

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