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Morgan: “I present to you my new NFT project”



Several months ago the Italian singer Marco Castoldi, aka Morgan , had decided to embark on his journey into the world of NFT by putting the unreleased track ‘Premessa delle Premesse ‘ on Opensea for sale in the form of a non-fungible token .

After a few hours the auction was sold for a price of around 21 thousand dollars. Obviously, after this first experiment, Morgan did not hold back and is continuing to create NFTs.

For this reason, we at Cryptonomist interviewed him to understand his plans in the crypto art sector.


How did you get to know the NFT world?

Thanks to Clubhouse, so quite a recent thing. As soon as I heard about NFTs I thought it could be declined in various ways. Before that, I was not familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies. I started directly with NFTs and then the rest. I don’t think I have reached a complete knowledge of the subject yet because it is such a profound and multifaceted topic and scenarios for how we can invent the different applications and get us through the different media and art forms. There are 7 art forms, but when it comes to digital art we are talking about image, audio, text and video and you can combine them as you like. An NFT therefore allows you to create real multimedia objects. The digital world allows this, but NFT allows them to be marketed in a new way;

In this sense, the NFT puts the artist in a position of power that was previously eluding him. My perspective is that of those who create the material from scratch and then the problem of where and how to put it arises. Tokenizing, authenticating, is a very interesting universe. When I did it in music, I was the first in the mainstream to do it, I don’t know what variation it had; I haven’t seen much movement in Italy.


In fact, the lack of intermediaries creates a new relationship between artist and buyer, I imagine that this musical decentralization has fascinated you to decide to enter the sector …

I like it when there are new horizons, new territories, new technologies. When I was fifteen I approached the first MiDi computers and it was an absolute novelty, there was music programming and you wrote the score on a software. Then came the Internet and gave us the opportunity to communicate, an anarchist territory where there was the idea of ​​free communication.

NFT is a return to this kind of virgin idea. At some point, with the birth of social networks, there was a precise modus operandi and the network became a control organ of the system. Now with NFTs we could return to freedom again thanks to the decentralization of the blockchain.


Now we need to be able to bring the public closer to this market. The step is to get familiar. Most of my Facebook or Instagram users don’t know what I’m doing so they are in trouble when I publish an unreleased book that can only be purchased in cryptocurrencies. Experts and those involved in this type of communication must make it friendly.

Are you a pioneer in the sector in Italy, do you think that your being at the forefront of the NFT world will open the way for other artists too?

I feel more and more like a kind of luxury outcast, an outcast. I don’t know, there is an abysmal distance between me and my “colleagues”. And this creates further distance because my colleagues are instead immersed up to their necks in centralizing the majors. The Italian music market is the eighth in the world and therefore it makes its numbers and the fact that it is centralized is important and if they want to keep it tight. Record companies are de facto banks.


So, I added another step to my marginalization!

Would you tell us your future projects in the blockchain world? I know you are building a platform to sell NFT directly from your site, right? 

I am carrying out two projects. The first is a platform that will include everything I do in my artistic daily life, which is of musical, textual and graphic construction. In recent years I have written a great book that is like translating the song into an image, explaining it to children or those who do not understand anything. This implies that I have done some illustrations. There is poetry inside, there is music and everything I do I do with absolute freedom. I got to a certain point where I felt the freedom to do what I wanted or the way I wanted. In this way I became myself and this situation produces a garden that grows naturally.


But how do you make this material available? On a platform where you find everything I do every day. The project is called Daily Online Creativity (DOC), in Italian it can be Distributor of Objects of Creativity. Here you will find everything Morgan does, and some of it will be in the form of NFT. There will be various forms, although we will certainly favor the crypto world.

In this platform the artist comes into contact with the user, receives his direct feedback and therefore indirectly puts the concept of crowdfunding into the concept because they are projects in progress and from time to time a portion is administered by seeing the reaction of users, such as do a market survey. This way you can also insert non-standard stuff, without schemes or limits of formats or genres. However, on the platform there will also be projects already finished and implemented, put on sale already packaged.

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