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PayPal creates a new team dedicated to crypto support



Online payments giant PayPal is creating a new team dedicated to crypto support , hiring staff for new positions related to cryptocurrencies.

According to reports , PayPal continues to open up to digital currencies by now seeking staff to fill roles on compliance and anti-money laundering controls.

Specifically, roles include PayPal’s blockchain, crypto and digital currencies (BCDC) business unit, which supports the payment giant’s cryptocurrency efforts. In addition, the new crypto-team will be active in its Dublin and Dundalk offices .

This expansion of human resources would have the purpose of helping PayPal to expand its commercial offer therefore focused on crypto, to encourage a quick and easier adoption of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In fact, last month, the online payment provider had increased the maximum limit for the purchase of bitcoins to $ 100,000 per week and removed the annual limit of $ 50,000. A fivefold increase in the weekly BTC purchase option which was set at $ 20,000.

PayPal and the crypto team: online payments and cryptocurrencies

The new crypto-team under construction will currently work to support the company for the 4 coins supported by the online payment giant: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). 

Last week, the PayPal team stated that the platform ‘s new crypto wallet app is expected to be launched . Basically, users could start using the app dedicated to crypto by the end of this 2021.

An open door only to the US world for the time being which will serve to provide direct access to deposit funds, high-yield savings methods, messaging and other possibilities for using crypto.

Strategies those of the online payments giant that can no longer underestimate the sector led by bitcoin. Especially after that in June, the platform posted a new all-time high for daily trading volume in BTC.

Basically, in just one day, bitcoins were traded on PayPal for a total value of more than 300 million dollars. This is a figure that had only been reached the previous month, but not yet exceeded.

In all this, the price of the queen of crypto bitcoin seems to have maintained a level of $ 40,000 over the weekend, returning to even touch $ 42,500. 

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