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Here’s why all eyes are on XRP



Even as other cryptocurrencies cooled off, XRP continued to slowly inch towards its yearly highs. It rallied by 12% over the past 24 hours, which catapulted its weekly gains to a whopping 60%.

The crypto-asset has performed significantly well this month despite Ripple being embattled by the lawsuit from the Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC]. As a matter of fact, the blockchain company forged important deals including its partnership with South Korean GME Remittance to join the former’s payment network RippleNet.

This came just a month after Japan’s money-transfer provider SBI Remit joined hands with mobile payments service and digital asset exchange platform SBI VC Trade to conduct remittance payments from Japan to the Philippines using Ripple’s on-demand liquidity [ODL] service.


The latest string developments have helped XRP to stay afloat $1. To top that, the rally that followed can be described as a sigh of relief to the investors as the altcoin increased from a modest $0.5.


XRP’s Development Activity

Well, for one XRP’s price recovery was backed by a solid rise in development activity. This was according to the crypto-analytic platform, Santiment, which noted that the XRP network was closing in on a higher daily GitHub development rate than Bitcoin, an activity that has rarely occurred. Decoupling from Bitcoin has been one of the major drivers for the crypto-assets price action of late.

In addition to that, it was not just the development activity on the digital asset’s network that was approaching new all-time high levels at the time of writing. Its daily active addresses too followed a strong uptrend coupled with high trade volumes and soaring prices.

Santiment’s tweet regarding the same read,


“XRP has pumped to $1.189 today for an impressive 3-month high. Before it decoupled from the crypto pack, we saw hints of development activity skyrocketing. XRP’s team is now submitting the highest github activity rate in the asset’s history.”ç

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