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Australia: Bitcoin as a gift to those who get vaccinated against Covid-19



Finder co-founder Fred Schebesta has decided to offer a total of $ 100 million in BTC for Australians who get vaccinated against Covid-19. 

“This is how we want to help the world return to normal. Starting from Australia. Get vaxxed baby and get your bitcoin baby! “.

Specifically, Schebesta seems to be already giving away 5 dollars in BTC to anyone who has had the anti-Covid19 vaccine since last February 21, 2021 .


5 dollars is certainly a very low figure to be a real incentive to get vaccinated, especially for those who are still really reluctant.

Anyway, if all Australian vaccinated people came forward with the single permitted request, Schebesta would pay $ 104 million.

The news was announced directly by Kyle Sandilands, who last month made a ‘Get Vaxxed Baby’ rap video encouraging young people to get the vaccine.


An original campaign that of Schebesta who commented as follows:

“I have this crazy idea right now – I’ve never talked about that. We will give everyone who gets vaccinated in Australia $ 5 worth of Bitcoin. [..] Get vaccinated baby, and get your Bitcoin baby too [..] Vaccination is our way out of the lockdown, so we want to do everything we can to support Australians to roll up their sleeves and get back to normal. We want to reward you for taking the COVID vaccine and what better way than giving away some Bitcoins “.

Schebesta’s BTC gift comes from a fortune valued at $ 214 million and he is considered the 26th richest individual under 40 in Australia.

Bitcoin as a gift to the anti-covid19 vaccinated to get out of the lockdown

At the moment, Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian has hinted that the tougher closures in Sydney and western NSW will not be eased until 70% of the population has the Covid vaccine. 


That’s why vaccine campaigns are pushing for that figure, as currently 53% are vaccinated.

The incentive proposed by Schebesta works by downloading the Finder app and providing proof of vaccination performed, in order to obtain the promised $ 5 in BTC. 

Bitcoin’s predictions

Schebesta himself would also have declared his positive sentiment on the price of the crypto queen , stating that by 2025 its price could increase by 5 times. Of course, even if this happens, the 5 dollars would become 25 and therefore not a real incentive.


But the generous pro-vaccine businessman from Australia isn’t the only one who sees positivity about BTC’s price . Despite yesterday’s BTC sliding to $ 46,000 with a slight 24-hour loss of 1.2%, analysts predicted that the resistance to be tested is $ 47,500, to then stretch towards $ 51,600, thus exceeding the psychological threshold of 50k. .

In fact, over the past few hours, the price of BTC has slid to $ 44,000 to be back at $ 45,000 at the time of writing .

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