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Cardano(ADA) Price Poised For A 50% Upswing, Will It Hit $3 This Week?



The crypto space currently is experiencing a sideway trend as major cryptos are shedding their gains. It appears that with the steep plunge in Bitcoin price most of the altcoins also have trembled. But Cardano price still remains away from the crowd as it strongly sustains above $2. Despite the bears trying hard to bring down the levels, yet the bullish momentum prevails.

As the price successfully marched above $2, many resistance levels were flipped into strong support levels. ADA price is swinging around one such level that resides at $1.905. In fact, the price visited this zone and quickly jumped above to mark a probable recovery. 


The zone between $1.84 to $1.90 was acting as a strong resistance zone. Yet these levels are currently the crucial support levels to be held in order to sustain above $2. Else the price could slip down to the next support level around $1.72. However, the probabilities of a steep plunge appear to be minimal as the ADA price seems to be self-assured of an uptrend. 

Yet a matter of concern currently would be the dipping trading volume and the RSI. The selling volume has a large share in the trading volume and the RSI is currently failing constantly to hit the upper band. The MACD also is not showcasing a strong bullish trend as the buying pressure needs to be considerably high for the Cardano price. 

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