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Cause Ripple-SEC, asked for Slack messages from Ripple



The lawsuit between the SEC and Ripple is enriched with another chapter: the SEC has asked the judges to have more evidence of the conversations of Ripple employees about Slack. In fact, Ripple had already partially delivered copies of these messages.

From what we read in the document submitted to the judges, however, the content of the conversations read so far deals with topics never dealt with by email. CEO Brad Garlinghouse would also be present in these conversations .

Ripple at the time said that it was unable to reproduce all the huge amount of messages that the SEC has requested since January .


The lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC

In December 2020, the SEC sued Ripple claiming that the company set up an unauthorized sale of security . According to the SEC, XRP is in fact a security, a bit like shares, and for this reason it needs authorizations.

Ripple’s thesis instead of XRP is like BTC and ETH. The substantial difference, however, is that behind Bitcoin and Ethereum there is no company, while XRP is the token issued by Ripple, a company that has the development of solutions for cross-border payments at the center of its core business. Furthermore, the largest holder of XRP tokens is Ripple itself, which gradually releases them to the market. This makes it centralized.

The price of XRP

In December 2020, when the SEC lawsuit was announced, the price of XRP plummeted to below 20 cents. XRP has also progressively lost positions in the ranking of the highest capitalization cryptocurrencies. Then XRP, also exploiting the hype of the sector combined with the ATH of various crypto including bitcoin and Ethereum, rose to a step from 2 dollars, putting the crisis due to the cause of the SEC behind it. In short, investors seem to trust XRP despite the legal problems. However, it remained far from its ATH of $ 3.84 as of January 2018.


However, the price of XRP today is a bit ‘in trouble. After days of rising, with the price back to $ 1.3, today XRP loses almost 9% and returns to $ 1.10.

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