United States, aid for Covid 19 invested in cryptocurrencies

11% of US citizens have invested in cryptocurrencies. This was revealed by a research by CNBC, Momentive Poll according to which 5% of those who received economic stimuli following Covid 19, used them to enter the crypto sector .

The numbers of research

The tables show interesting results. In fact, cryptocurrencies are held by 11% of American citizens, who prefer to invest in the brick (33%) or in shares (31%). In short, cryptocurrencies are not the most popular investment option. 

When asked why respondents did not choose to invest in stocks, bonds and cryptocurrencies: 

  • 45% replied that they did not have enough funds, 
  • 21% do not know how to invest,
  • 15% are afraid of risks. 

The 5% who say they prefer classic investments (oil, gold and real estate) should be noted.

Those who instead chose stocks, bonds or cryptocurrencies did so in most cases (73%) before 2019. But there is also a 13% who chose the year of the pandemic to start. 

4% of respondents also stated that they have chosen to invest in cryptocurrencies, encouraged by the growth of the sector. 

70% of respondents also chose stocks, bonds and cryptocurrencies, driven by long-term growth potential. 26% opted instead for short-term growth. Interestingly, 17% said they found it easy to make this investment thanks to dedicated apps, and 14% found it “exciting”. 

However, these are not investments made on a frequent basis. 25% trade less than once every 6 months, while only 19% trade monthly. There is a 5% who trade every day and a 10% who say they hardly ever do it. 

Covid 19 and cryptocurrency investments in the United States

Speaking of the pandemic, the research notes that 12% of respondents chose to invest in cryptocurrencies following the pandemic, thus changing their investment strategy. 54% of respondents said they did not change their investment strategy following the pandemic. To invest, in 65% of cases they used an app, while 23% relied on a website. 

Those who have chosen to invest in cryptocurrencies, bonds or shares, did so in 90% of cases with their own money, in 9% of cases instead they borrowed them. It must be said that 68% of the respondents received aid from the US government under the American Rescue Plan. 5% of respondents who received government aid invested it in cryptocurrencies. 9% preferred stocks. 69% said they did not invest them in any of the options presented by the survey 

Optimism for the future

The survey also gives an overview of the future. When asked which type of investment can have the best return in 12 months, 14% indicate cryptocurrencies , but 17% indicate a single stock. Another 14% bet on the S&P 500 index and 13% on gold. Only 5% believe in treasury bonds, the same percentage for those who believe in the potential of oil. 

One question is dedicated to the Bitcoin price prediction at the end of 2021 : 

  • For 21% it will be higher than now 
  • for 14% it will be the same as now, 
  • For another 14% it will be lower. 

New investors seem to be more optimistic about the future of cryptocurrencies than those who started before 2019. 36% of them believe that the price of Bitcoin will be higher , while only 20% of “senior investors” make the same prediction. 

Finally, 45% of survey respondents believe that investing in cryptocurrencies is highly risky , moderately risky for 31%, low risk for 6%. 9% of respondents, on the other hand, believe there are no risks. 

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