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Polkadot price prediction 2021 – 2025



Polkadot (DOT) is one of the newcomers in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Created by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood, Polkadot is a heterogeneous multichain interchange blockchain that uses customized side chains to operate its system. The team came up with the idea for developing Polkadot cryptocurrency while Ethereum 2.0 sharding was developed. 

Whitepaper for the Polkadot Blockchain was released on November 14, 2016, with the first token sale in October of 2017, which raised almost 500 thousand Ethereum. The main idea for Polkadot is to change the cryptocurrency world by creating a decentralized framework that allows building blockchains and easily use decentralized finance benefits.

Since then, Polkadot cryptocurrency has become one of the leaders with a market cap approaching the $24 billion mark, ranking 9th place overall. The Polkadot price is trading at $24.65 and has reached an all-time high price of $49.69.


What is Polkadot?

Polkadot is top of the list of newcomers that uses multichain sharding protocol to run its system. This allows for cross-chain transfers of data, making several blockchains interoperable, which allows increasing the decentralization of the web. DOT cryptocurrency effectively acts as an intermediary to permissionless networks, oracles, and potential technologies by connecting public and private blockchains, allowing trustless sharing and improving scalability and governance. Thus, this cryptocurrency serves three main purposes – system governance, operation, and the creation of parachains.

In addition to these three major functions, it aims to solve price customization, interoperability, and upgradeability. Slow transaction speeds remain a significant concern in the blockchain ecosystem.

Since the Polkadot ecosystem acts as a multichain system allowing parallel process transfers across different individual chains, paving the way for mainstream global blockchain adoption. It can speed up the number of interactions that are taking place.


Different projects have different needs and requirements. Therefore, the need for customizability is of paramount importance. Polkadot offers customization features that allow design optimization for individual chains to suit the project’s needs better. In addition, addressing the lack of interoperability between multiple chains can pave the way for an entirely new financial ecosystem, enabling seamless transfers between different projects and applications.

Let’s take a look at its basics. Polkadot consists of four main components, with the main being the Relay Chain. The relay chain is the heart of its protocol. The relay is responsible for the system’s shared security, consensus, and cross-chain interoperability. This is where transmission and transaction blocks are completed. 

The Relay Chain runs minimal operations at its interface with the mechanism, parachain auctions, and nominated proof-of-stake (NPoS). Its lighter functionality base affords the Relay Chain greater speed to process the new transaction. This unique method has seen this coin process 1,000 transactions per second (TPS). Next are the so-called Parachains or parallel chains.


Parachains are standalone, independent blockchains hosted on this blockchain platform. These custom blockchains are built to achieve specific purposes and address specialized challenges. They leverage Polkadot’s price computing resources to validate the accuracy of exchanges done on the system. In addition, parachains are granted the freedom to develop their governance systems while using Polkadot’s shared security feature.

The third is the Parathreads. The Parathread shares the same functionality as parachains, with a few differences. Parathreads are parachains built on a pay-as-you-go price model rather than by leasing a slot. Parathreads are primarily suitable for projects that don’t require continuous access to the system.

Finally, the fourth component is Bridges, which connects parachains and parathreads with external networks like Bitcoin. Bridges expand the interoperability of the system.
Polkadot Overview

polkadotPolkadotDOTDOT$ 25.97$ 26.80 B

Polkadot Network & Signals


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Polkadot price history and technical analysis

When looking at the Polkadot price action over the past years, we can see that its price has been heavy since the beginning of 2021. After spending most of the second half of 2020 trading around $4-$5, the price broke above the previous all-time high of $7 on December 29 and quickly reached the Polkadot price projection of $10.

Historical price of Polkadot by Coinmarketcap
Historical price of Polkadot by Coinmarketcap

This Polkadot prediction allowed more crypto bulls to jump into the bullish trend, subsequently leading to another push after a retest of the $7 mark as support. On January 16, the DOT reached the highest day price of just over $19. From there, the bullish momentum paused for several days, and the Polkadot price consolidated for more than a week with an average Polkadot price prediction of around $17.

Around the time, the DOT price increased for many analysts, creating more interest for the Polkadot ecosystem. Polkadot forecast frequently mentioned the $40 mark as the next target for the following weeks.


This Polkadot price prediction was later reached as the crypto rallied further together with the Bitcoin price in February and eventually peaked around the maximum price of $42.

Polkadot market cap historical data by Coinmarketcap
Polkadot market cap historical data by Coinmarketcap

On April 3, its price finally set a clear higher and briefly reached the maximum of $46.74. However, the further upside was quickly rejected, and the momentum quickly reversed to retest the previous all-time high of $40 as a support.

Polkadot price prediction 2021 - 2025 3
Polkadot Price TA on 4-hour chart by Tadingview

As we can currently see that the Polkadot price equal $24.5, and it was trading below the 50-day and 100-day Moving Averages and broke out from the lower end of the Bollinger Band. It is now traversing towards the lower end of the Band. This means that the DOT price will be correcting some of the gains, but it could be that the market’s overall sentiment is changing to a bullish scenario.

Pros and cons of investing

There are endless advantages that come with cryptocurrency market investments. For one, the ability to send any data across the blockchain revolutionizes the sector. Furthermore, you could transfer across public, open, permissionless blockchains and leverage the best characteristics of each network.

In this way, Polkadot introduces a new era in scalability, interoperability, and security. In addition, the firm’s flexible and adaptive architecture facilitates building technology, including smart contract platforms. In this way, developers can build next-gen applications that get permission from a private blockchain and use it on a public blockchain.


The Polkadot projection has shown a lot of potentials. In the third quarter of 2020, DOT hit the stock market at an all-time low of $2.69. In seven months, its Polkadot forecast is up more than 1,200%. This growth is enticing to investors looking to see a return on their investments. Some investors see DOT as an inevitable progression of cryptocurrency.

It’s the next step in improving blockchain technology. Moreover, it’s a scalable business model, leaving lots of room for growth. For investors, business growth means an increase in valuation. Therefore, the biggest pro for investing in DOT is the rise in its popularity and large size. According to many coin price predictions, the price will reach the $100 mark in the upcoming months, meaning a total market capitalization will rise to 107 billion.

As of now, there are several similar blockchain projects to Polkadot. Best-known is Uniswap, which has already reached the market cap of $16 billion and ranks in 10th place overall. However, this pro is also a con for the system, as investing in a much smaller Uniswap could mean a substantially higher DOT prediction price over the following months.


Investing in anything new carries risk, and that includes the Polkadot coin. While something can happen to any of your investments, some coins are considered safe due to their stable price projection over time. If a token has a track record for steady growth or maintains its market worth over many years, it may be considered a safe investment. However, Polkadot will not be liable for any action taken in reliance thereon.

Market prediction for Polkadot price 2021

Polkadot’s price prediction is bullish overall for 2021. Although the DOT faced an all-time low of about $2.70 in 2020, shortly after that period, DOT emerged to be one of the most profitable investments in the blockchain world, with steady growth by the year-end. DOT is currently traded at a maximum price of $20.9 and has continued to rise daily.

It is estimated that the DOT will trade at the maximum price of $50.68 by the end of 2021. Thus, the token’s potential is indisputable, and many analysts and traders can see the potential in long-run trading.


The momentum DOT has gathered over the months is likely due to overall interest in the decentralized ecosystem, which has developed rapidly. As a result, Polkadot price prediction might surpass the expectations of all cryptocurrency investors in terms of its price and market cap.

Therefore, let’s take a look at other Polkadot price forecast prices right now.

Polkadot price prediction from TradingBeasts

TradingBeasts, known for its detailed Polkadot price prediction articles, came up with a comprehensive monthly Polkadot prediction for the rest of 2021. The DOT prediction for September is pegged at $19.241 at its minimum price and $28.295 at its maximum price.


TradingBeast projects DOT will trade at the minimum price of $18.960 and the maximum price of $27.883 in October. However, the DOT prediction for November is not entirely optimistic as DOT is projected to trade at $18.461 at its minimum price and $27.148 at its maximum price. The pessimistic view is further projected in its December DOT prediction, as it reveals DOT will trade at $17.713 at its minimum price and $26.048 at its maximum price.

According to TradingBeasts, the Polkadot price prediction is set at a maximum price of $46.481 for 2022 and $77.324 for 2024. The minimum price is set at $16.564 for 2022 and $44.895 for 2024.

Polkadot price prediction 2021 - 2025 1
Polkadot price forecast by Tradingbeasts

Polkadot price prediction from Wallet Investors

Wallet Investor also has a bullish Polkadot price prediction; by the end of 2021, they expect DOT to reach $59.9. Further, in five years, the Polkadot price prediction from Wallet Investor is optimistic. According to their Polkadot prediction, DOT will hit a price set at $146.7.

short term Polkadot price forecast by wallet investor
short term Polkadot price forecast by wallet investor
long term Polkadot price forecast by wallet investor
long term Polkadot price forecast by wallet investor

This is an interesting take compared to the DOT latest forecasts of the other two.

Polkadot price forecast by Longforecast

The Polkadot price forecast by Longforecast is down below:

Longforecast Polkadot forecast
Longforecast Polkadot forecast

Cryptopolitan’s verdict on Polkadot

We have a very bullish Polkadot price prediction for DOT tokens in the upcoming years. Let’s look at the current Polkadot price prediction and compare the minimum and maximum prices from other crypto outlets.

Polkadot price prediction 2021

When considering the growth over the past months from $5 price at the start of 2020 to $45 price at the start of April, we have a price multiple of 9. Therefore, we have a bullish prediction for the remainder of 2021, with a target of over $100 to be easily reached in the upcoming months-years. From there on, if we see another price multiple of 9 times, DOT/USD could be price around $400 by the end of 2022 or 2023. This, however, is a very optimistic scenario.

Polkadot price prediction 2023

Polkadot price prediction for 2023 is also bullish unless we see the overall market struggling to set new highs price and Bitcoin price prediction becomes bearish. Considering DOT forecast price achievements so far, we expect a further increase from the minimum price of $200 to the maximum price of $400 if the market doesn’t experience a collapse. If the rally this year continues and reaches the $100 mark, we should see DOT reach the maximum price of $500 before the year ends.

Polkadot price prediction 2025

2025 Polkadot price prediction largely depends on the overall market price cycle. If the DOT market price reached above the $100-$200 mark later this year, we could expect to exceed the maximum price of $1000 over the following years. This DOT price target will likely be reached during the next bull price cycle, as it is unlikely that the current price cycle will continue until 2025.

Polkadot forecast by digital coin
Polkadot forecast by digital coin

A price analysis by Digital coin puts the coin price in 2025 at $111.62, $130.48 in 2026, $149.47 in 2027, and $166.76 in 2028, as shown in the above chart.


Polkadot is currently one of the most innovative projects in the cryptocurrency market. The solutions they provide certainly allow the entire crypto market to grow faster and much more sophisticated. 

Decentralization is a vital part of this blockchain system, and users know about it. Its users know about it and can quickly become part of the system through staking and other activities.

This coin represents a novel way in which blockchain networks can cooperate. Conclusively, it also shows that it is possible to offer scalable blockchain solutions that are easy to improve, implement, and adapt to different protocols.


Polkadot (DOT) trades at a maximum price of $21.30, with a market cap of over $20 billion, ranking the coin in 9th place overall. Despite the price disruption in the second quarter of the year, the DOT prediction has shown DOT is the best-performing token this year. It had already increased in price almost ten times since the beginning of 2021 when it traded at the maximum price of $5.

Therefore, we predict further price growth over the following months, with the next primary target set between the maximum $80. Further, by the end of 2025, the token can reach the $500 maximum price mark and more. You can buy Polkadot based on this price prognosis from any exchange.


Is Polkadot better than Ethereum?

Polkadot has outperformed Ethereum so far this year. Therefore, in terms of returns, DOT is better than Ethereum. Additionally, according to Polkadot price prediction, DOT is set to become a severe competitor to taking Ethereum’s slot as the number two cryptocurrency if the current DOT bullish momentum continues.


Is it profitable to invest in Polkadot?

Since the start of 2021, Polkadot has increased almost ten times, meaning that it indeed has been a very profitable venture. If the cryptocurrency market continues increasing its capitalization, we should see DOT/USD grow further.

Is Polkadot a profitable investment?

Looking at the current crypto market, in the first quarter of 2021, where nearly all the cryptocurrencies are rising to staggering heights, it is easy to believe that this bullish trend will continue like this forever. However, no one predicted the upset in the latter part of the second quarter.

No person can accurately predict what the rest of 2021 holds for Polkadot. But as always, there are both optimists and pessimists. Some believe that the whole market will hit rock bottom again at some point, while others believe it is better to invest now than never.


But if we are to follow the DOT price forecast and price prediction. Polkadot is one of the best investments in the cryptocurrency field that can reach above $100 later this year. In addition, the DOT total capitalization will likely soon overtake both Ripple (XRP) and Binance Coin(BNB), placing the coin in 3rd place overall.

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Polkadot Price Analysis: DOT corrects below $30 mark, preparing uptrend



  • Polkadot price analysis is bullish today
  • PolkaDot (DOT) has fluctuated in the range of $26 and $29.91
  • we may see a sideways movement in the Polkadot market

The Polkadot price forecast is bearish for today, as the market retraced over the last 24 hours after establishing a somewhat higher high yesterday. As a result, we expect DOT/USD to continue declining and to reverse more of its recent gains.

Polkadot price movement in the last 24 hours: Polkadot drops to $28

Over the past 24 hours, PolkaDot (DOT) has fluctuated in the range of $26 and $29.91, indicating a moderate amount of movement over that duration. Volumes have increased by 111.93% to $3.39 billion as the overall market value has declined to approximately $28.2 billion, putting it at position #11 overall. 

DOT/USD 4-hour chart: DOT set for further retracement?

Over the next several days, we may see a sideways movement in the Polkadot market, as shown by the 4-hour Polkadot price analysis chart.

Polkadot Price Analysis: DOT corrects below $30 mark, preparing uptrend 1

DOT/USD 4-hour chart. Source: TradingView

The price of Polkadot has increased significantly in the last few days. This week, after establishing a higher low around $23.5 on August 26, DOT/USD gained further momentum.


After that, the momentum slowed and a somewhat higher high was established, suggesting exhaustion, DOT had increased about 45 percent. This price movement has resulted in a minor retreat during the previous 24 hours, with $32 serving as support for now.

However, since bulls are likely to be exhausted, we anticipate DOT/USD to recover next week and regain some of the gains made this week. The next support level is $30, with further support at the $29 previous swing high.

Polkadot Price Analysis: Conclusion 

According to Polkadot price analysis, a retracement is on the way, with Polkadot’s downward price movement suggesting that a retreat is on the way. As a result, we anticipate DOT/USD to drop further over the next 24 hours, stopping at $30 as support.


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Polkadot price at make-or-break point as DOT awaits a range breakout



  • Polkadot price spots a potential symmetric triangle pattern on the 1D chart.
  • RSI stands neutral at 50.00, suggesting a lack of clear directional bias.
  • 21-DMA offers immediate resistance, 50-DMA guards the downside.

Having faced rejection just shy of the $34 mark on a couple of occasions, Polkadot (DOT) bears are tightening their grip, as a fateful week draws to an end.

Polkadot price is set to book a second consecutive week of losses, as the crypto market sentiment remains undermined by the latest PBOC crackdown, a potential default story of China Evergrande property developer group and Fed’s tapering signal.

DOT price is shedding 1.75% on the day, currently trading at $30.33. Polkadot is down about 15% on a weekly basis.

Polkadot bears are testing the bullish commitments

On the daily chart, Polkadot price is traversing in a three-week-old symmetrical triangle formation, with DOT bulls having failed to find acceptance above the falling trendline resistance just below the $34.


Daily closing above the latter is critical to reverse the recent downturn, as it would validate a symmetrical triangle upside breakout, fuelling a fresh upswing towards the $40 threshold.

However, DOT buyers will first need to crack the immediate resistance aligned at the 21-Daily Moving Average (DMA) at $32.33 for any meaningful turnaround.

The 14-day Relative Strength Index (RSI) trades listlessly at the midline, suggesting that DOT price could yield a range breakout in either direction.


DOT/USD daily chart

If the 21-DMA barrier continues to guard the upside, then DOT price could extend the pullback towards the ascending 50-DMA at $28.38, which will offer an immediate cushion to DOT bulls.

Sellers would then aim for the horizontal 200-DMA support at $27.70. The last line of defense for DOT bulls is seen at the rising trendline (triangle) support at $26.33.

A sustained break below the latter would confirm a triangle breakdown, calling for a sharp drop towards the mildly bullish 100-DMA at $22.08.


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BTC, ADA, BNB and DOT Price Analysis for September 25



Can altcoins retain their power against Bitcoin (BTC) in the mid-term scenario?

The weekend has begun with the bounceback of the cryptocurrency market as all of the top 10 coins are again in the green zone.

Top coins by CoinMarketCap
Top coins by CoinMarketCap


Bitcoin (BTC) has risen by 3.32% over the past 24 hours.

BTC/USD chart by TradingView
BTC/USD chart by TradingView

Despite the bounceback, Bitcoin (BTC) has not yet come back to the bullish zone as the chief crypto has not fixed above the resistance zone of $48,500.

However, if sellers keep pushing the price deeper, the drop may continue to the zone of the most liquidity around $37,000.


Bitcoin is trading at $42,591 at press time.


Cardano (ADA) is the biggest gainer from the list today as the price has rocketed by 10%.

ADA/USD chart by TradingView
ADA/USD chart by TradingView

Cardano (ADA) has successfully bounced back to the support at $2.104 and is now trying to recover the lost positions. At the moment, the more likely scenario is accumulation in the range of $2.30-$2.50 so that bulls can get more power to get back to the resistance at $2.80.

ADA is trading at $2.380 at press time.



Binance Coin (BNB) has gained less than Cardano (ADA), with a growth of 3.85%.

BNB/USD chart by TradingView
BNB/USD chart by TradingView

Despite the rise, Binance Coin (BNB) is located near the support zone, which means that bulls have not seized the initiative thus far. If the breakout happens, there may be a sharp fall to the next vital level at $240.

BNB is trading at $352 at press time.


Polkadot (DOT) is trying to keep up with the rise of Biance Coin (BNB), as the growth has constituted 6.23%.

DOT/USD chart by TradingView
DOT/USD chart by TradingView

Despite the rise, Polkadot (DOT) is trading below the vital $35 level. At the moment, neither buyers nor sellers are dominating, which means sideways trading is likely to continue within the next few days.

DOT is trading at $30.60 at press time.

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