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Scam Alert: Fake FLR Tokens Offered by Stellar-Based Wallet



Another day, another scam campaign in crypto: avoid buying “FLR” tokens before Flare (FLR) mainnet launch

Flare Networks, the software team behind the development of Flare, a much-anticipated EVM-compatible blockchain, issues a warning about a new scam targeting its enhusiasts.

No legit FLR tokens so far

According to the official announcement by Flare’s team shared on its main Twitter account, someone using a domain name impersonating Flare is offering Spark (FLR) tokens.

Fake FLR offered by scammers
Image via Twitter

Fake Spark (FLR) are for sale in Lobstr, a centralized Stellar-based wallet. Moreover, FLR is not the only fake token offered by these scammers.

Flare Networks reiterates that, since Flare blockchain has not yet launched in mainnet, its core native asset FLR can be purchased in no way.

The only way to monetize interest in Flare’s progress right now is by buying FLR IoUs. These assets are available on three major centralized exchanges: Bitrue, and Poloniex.

Flare (FLR) infrastructure gains steam

Tim Rowley, a Flare enthusiast and owner of FTSO.AU, Flare’s “oracle provider,” stresses that the price of FLR-based IoUs has nothing to do with the price of the “real” FLR at launch.

As covered by U.Today previously, prior to the mainnet release of Flare (FLR), its “canary network” Songbird (SGB) will begin its operations.

Meanwhile, more and more services for FLR delegators are inviting clients. Yesterday, the Use Your Spark service announced support for price broadcasting for many trading pairs, including FLR and XRP tokens.

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