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Aave price analysis: Bears resolute at demoting AAVE/USD below $399



The Aave price analysis is indicating that the bears are once again taking the lead after overcoming a bullish strike. The trend is once again bearish for cryptocurrency, as the latest update shows that the bears are taking the price levels down.

This has resulted in a decrease in coin value up to $399, and the momentum is strong enough to reduce it further in the future. Nevertheless, the bears have availed their chance by winning back momentum after a bullish return.

AAVE/USD 1-day price chart: Bears determined to pull back price levels to former low

The 1-day AAVE/USD analysis is indicating a downfall in the price today after the bears have successfully dodged the intensifying bullish momentum. The bears have taken the price down to $399.25 of value, and it is expected that further decline will be observed.

The moving average (MA) is an important indicator, and in the 1-day price chart, it is present at $380, far below the current price value. Meanwhile, the Bollinger’s bands are found to be at an average position of $389.46.

Aave price analysis: Bears resolute at demoting AAVE/USD below $399 1
AAVE/USD 1-day price chart. Source: TradingView

The volatility is decreasing as the Bollinger bands are narrowing down, and the upper Bollinger band has reached $427.35 and the lower Bollinger band has reached $351.56 of values respectively. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) score has reduced to 56 as well which is a quite average score.

Aave price analysis: Price faces decline once again as bears cause disruption

The 4-hours Aave price analysis is going supportive for the bears, as seen from the latest price chart. The bears have restored their momentum after a slight gap happened in the past few hours.

The bulls interrupted the continuous bearish slope, which has been reconstructed by the bears today as the price has decreased to $399.6. The volatility is decreasing which can be taken as a relatively positive signal for the future. Also, the moving average in the 4-hours price chart is resting at $401.42 of value.

Aave price analysis: Bears resolute at demoting AAVE/USD below $399 2
AAVE/USD 4-hours price chart. Source: TradingView

Moreover, the Bollinger bands are narrowing down, as a result, the upper band has reached the value of $417.5 and the lower band has reached $381. The RSI curve is also moving downwards and the score has decreased to 56.11.

Aave price analysis: Bears resolute at demoting AAVE/USD below $399 3
AAVE/USD technical indicators chart. Source: TradingView

The given AAVE/USD technical indicators chart is further confirming, for the most part, the bulls have been in lead during the day. This is why the summary is displaying the following figures,14 indicators are present at the buying position, 10 indicators at the neutral, and only two at the selling position.

The Moving Averages indicator is also going really strong for the bulls, as there are 13 indicators at the buying position, while one indicator each is present at the selling and neutral positions. As the competition has been tough throughout the day for both the bulls and the bears, the Oscillators are giving out a neutral signal. Aave price analysis shows that nine oscillators are found at the neutral position, while one oscillator each is present at the selling and buying positions, respectively.

Aave price analysis conclusion

From the 1-day and 4-hours Aave price analysis, it can be confirmed that the bearish momentum has returned back as the price has decreased to $399.6. More sellers have entered the market as compared to the buyers which is why the trends have been reversed.

Yet, if the support level present at $381 continues to be strong, there is an imminent possibility that the price will experience an uplift again in the upcoming days.

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