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IOTA Creating Massive FUD Pointing to MIOTA Exits Dominik Schiener Responds



Why should you run a node on IOTA Tangle?  To use and benefit from the infrastructure without having to pay someone for it or asking for permission from third-party gatekeepers is just one of the reasons.

Node Operator Response:  So, the only incentive to run a node, which IF can come up with, is to “not pay to play” in a network, which is already free-to-use even without running your own node. I struggle to see why node operators would choose this over making $$ by running PoW or PoS nodes.

Node Operator not bothered about Income:  Running a node for three years – not asking for any incentives, love to support the project.

There aren’t much profit to run a node just for money like in PoS or gain MANA, but we’ll run nodes, because it is cheaper, and we probably will need your product, business, like any server running a site today. So this is an incentivized network.

Incentive to run an IOTA Node:  “Running a node on the IOTA Tangle and validating transactions allows users – whether businesses or individuals – the opportunity to use and benefit from the infrastructure without having to pay someone for it or asking for permission from third-party gatekeepers. It also ensures the infrastructure becomes stronger and more decentralized, which all participants benefit from, including any individual.”

Architecture Examples on IOTA nodes are Hornet Node – IOTA Go Full Node, Bee Node – IOTA Rust Full Node, WASP – Smart Contract Node, Chronicle – Permanode.

Why all exchanges have been suspending IOTA withdrawal, especially after the firefly upgrade? “All” is not correct. Binance is having issues, while Bitfinex, BitpandaPro, and BitrueOfficial have support for Chrysalis.

Twitter handle, Mari Takashima expressed:  I just saw this warning from Japanese twitter saying you guys are exiting MIOTA, so telling people to sell MIOTA. Can you confirm this is truth or not? Because it is creating massive FUD.

Dominik Schiener, co-founder of IOTA, Leonhard_JP, is a very confused individual, that has a personal grudge against IOTA (and the Foundation) because he wasn’t hired by us. We are not selling anything, and this is pure FUD. You should stop following him, as he is not involved in the Foundation or the community.

IoT has the potential to monetize our data and revolutionize our economy. IOTA aims to deliver the underlying infrastructure to unlock that potential. No Fees. No Miners. Sustainable.

Congestion Control is a key part of Coordicide. It regulates writing access to the ledger, preventing spam attacks and congestion events.