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Ripple (XRP) Fighting Against Impossible Standards of Fair Notice and Due Process




Brad Garlinghouse expressed:  This has been clear from the start; the SEC’s lawsuit isn’t just about Ripple, it’s about what impossible standards of fair notice and due process” through regulation by enforcement can do to crypto innovation. “Anyone could be next without warning.

At least one learning I’ll take from this experience: never bet against the tenacity and thoroughness of Twitter sleuths!

Community response:  SEC has never imagined they would be the one at the losing end.  They thought they have the power to sue anyone, yet to remind them, it’s a digital world, what they say, what they do, all are on the radar, they can’t get away with it, we won’t let them get away with such a blunder.

I disagree with all of this. The only thing the SEC is doing is delaying the disruption. They know they have no case, but they are in the hands of the banks who don’t want their fee schedule going away. That’s the entire case.

Indeed, the email an XRP holder got from the SEC in November 2020 saying that the sec hadn’t determined whether or not XRP was a security, is enough evidence to have this thrown out of court.

SEC is fighting a losing war on two fronts, just like Germany. They never imagined how powerful the XRP army and Ripple would be together.

Comparing ww2, where millions of people died and were gassed with a fabricated court case. That is like comparing a tin of beans with a Honda Accord. Completely different scenario. You’ve lost it. Whatever you’re smoking, please let me know the strain because I ain’t getting baked anymore.

What I find sad are the investors who have lost money due to the SEC bringing a case which by all accounts seems total corrupt and to benefit certain sec members and friends financially I hope there is an FBI investigation into the SEC members.

Market manipulation by a market regulator – you can’t make this stuff up. Next, we’ll find out that there are corrupt senators.

I think this is bigger than just that; you add that this case exposes the SEC of Corruption, and if this opens up doors, to the IRS, and then back the Federal Reserve. So I think this is much bigger than just about crypto. I think it is the rebirth of the US.

It is about time the judicial system, makes an example of wrongdoing after emerging victorious. You should move your HQ to London or Japan. The R.O.W has embraced XRP. The US has stifled innovation. Onwards and upwards we go. XRP ARMY to the moon.

The Governor of the Bank of England publicly advised everyone that if they ‘buy Crypto and lose all your money. Scaremongering and certainly not welcome or innovative. My blood boils.

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