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Tron (TRX) Partners with Korean Multi-Chain NFT Wallet Talken



Tron (TRX) expands its bet on NFT segment with new collaboration

A mainstream Korean digital collectibles project will deploy its mechanisms to Tron’s (TRX) smart contracts. The two teams will be collaborating to create an NFT metaverse.

Talken’s instruments go live on Tron (TRX)

According to a press release shared with U.Today, smart contracts platform Tron (TRX) by Tron Foundation has entered into a partnership with another top-tier project in the sphere of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Talken.

Talken is a number one multi-blockchain ecosystem for non-fungible tokens in South Korea, a top-notch cryptocurrencies and blockchain hub.

This partnership will allow the projects to cooperate in the creation of an inclusive and democratic marketplace for NFTs of all sorts. It is designed to empower digital artists with modern tools and services for their creativity.

Also, Talken will act as a platform for NFT-centric trading and assets management. Talken’s toolkit allows users to mint, store, exchange and transfer NFTs via its native wallet.

Co-branded NFT series will be released

As such, Talken is a one-stop solution for NFT enthusiasts with various levels of expertise. Its large and passionate community is excited about the opportunity to work with Tron’s smart contracts.

Talken is going to provide Tron (TRX) users with unique co-branded tokens. This release will commemorate the collaboration between Talken and Tron.

This partnership reaffirms the focus on Tron (TRX) in Talken’s market strategy development.

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