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DeFi tokens value up to 90% a week; check out the highlights



The cryptocurrency market closed this week higher with Bitcoin (BTC) above $50,000. The movement also reached the decentralized finance tokens (DeFi) that accumulated valuations of up to 90% in the week.

The cryptoactive with the best weekly performance was the FTM, token of the Fantom smart contract platform. This blockchain provides DeFi services to developers using its own consensus algorithm. Also, onlyi native token, FTM, allows charging of fees and staking activities.

Check the list below for the cryptoactives from the DeFi sector that most valued in the last week.

Disclaimer: the list takes into account the prices and percentages registered at the time of text production. In addition, the cryptoactives that are in the Top 100 on the CoinMarketCap (CMC) list will be considered.

#5 Wanchain (WAN)

The fifth asset to register the highest appreciation among DeFi tokens was Wanchain (WAN). The digital asset jumped 36% to the current price of R$ 6.18.

The market value of the WAN token closed the week at approximately R$1.2 billion, placing it in 192nd place in the CoinMarketCap (CMC) ranking.

#4 Ren (REN)

In fourth place in this top-5 of weekly appreciation was Ren (REN). After appreciating around 38% in 7 days, the cryptoactive closed the week trading at R$4.35. The market value of the digital asset was R$4.33 billion, placing the token in 106th position in the CMC ranking.

#4 Ren (REN)

#3 Bonfida (IFAD)

Bonfida (IFAD) was ranked third in appreciation, having jumped around 55% in the last 7 days. This Friday morning (3), IFAD even reached its historic price record at R$33.30. Dsince then, it has retreated less than 1% to the current price of R$ 32.79. With a market value of R$1.47 billion, the token occupies the 251st position in the CoinMarketCap ranking.

#3 Bonfida (IFAD)

#2 Rari Governance Token (RGT)

In second place in terms of weekly valuation was the RGT token from the DeFi Rari Governance Token platform.

The digital asset closed the week trading at R$87.70, after appreciating 60% in the week. Its market value closed at R$771 million, rankingo cryptoactive as 324th in market value.

#2 Rari Governance Token (RGT)

#1 Fantom (FTM)

Finally, as mentioned, the digital asset that appreciated the most in the last seven days was FTM. Its price jumped 90% in the last week and reached the historical record (ATH) of R$ 0.96 last Thursday (1st).

Since ATH, digital assets have dropped 6.7% to the current price of R$0.89. Meanwhile, the market value of the token closed at R$12 billion, placing it in 60th position.

#1 Fantom (FTM)

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