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IOTA Foundation, CHAISE Unites—Enhancing EU Blockchain Skills



  • IOTA and other influential companies will unite to enhance blockchain innovation in Europe.
  • This four-year project aims to improve people’s skills in blockchain and create the first-ever “blockchain specialist” profile.

IOTA Foundation announced that it will work with CHAISE, alongside Europe’s most powerful corporations in the blockchain and technology space. IOTA named the other organizations as INATBA, Fujitsu, and the European Digital SME Alliance.

In the announcement, IOTA explained that CHAISE, together with Erasmus + Programme of the European Union, will offer a four-year program to professionals. This program includes “blockchain innovation and skills development” with a “certified training programme for blockchain and DLTs”.

The European Union’s Blockchain Innovation

Presently, the European Union is a powerhouse when it comes to global Blockchain Innovation. However, IOTA also mentioned that there could still be hindrances in the future, as lack of digital skills, education, and training.


However, the competition expands continues to expand as well. As the demand for blockchain specialists increases, employers face a shortfall for skilled professionals.

IOTA mentioned,

The sector is challenged by [a] talent shortage, global competitive pressure, [a] limited connection between education and the market, as well as a missing definition of key skills for the European industry.

Europe’s Strategy for Designing its Blockchain Skills

In the announcement, IOTA stated that this project will develop a 5-semester VET (qualification). It says, the CHAISE Curriculum with includes non-technical skills as well, in addition to the skills specific to DLTs. Moreover, the curriculum will enhance different skills like problem-solving, teamwork, and entrepreneurial/customer-oriented mindset.

Finally, CHAISE, alongside the other affiliated organizations will develop the first-ever “Blockchain Specialist” occupational profile—complete with all the skills needed.

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