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DhabiCoin Has Become One Of The Most Coveted Cryptocurrencies On The Market For 2022.



DhabiCoin (DBC) has established itself as one of the main cryptocurrencies in the crypto active market, according to specialist analysts.

It will be launched in January 2022 and even before its listing on exchanges, it is already a disruptive technology.

After the successful first round of presales, DBC is now just 10 days away from finalizing its second round. Traders seek to take advantage of these last few days is extremely important.


In this sale, each token is offered at four cents of the dollar ($0.04) and in the third , it will be seven cents ($0.07).

For this reason, an astute investor or investor knows that buying a coin when flipping from one lot to another is a way to get valued at your investment.

DBC , the best trading practice coin

HOLDERS are those investors who buy their cryptocurrencies over a period longer than one day, wait for them to appreciate and then sell more expensively.


The high variation of the cryptocurrency market should not be seen as a problem, but as a great opportunity to maximize earnings. That’s the way the big fortunes in the crypto market think.

The so-called Whales of the market are the big investors who snapped up an expressive amount of coins, mainly in the pre-sale phase or at a time of low in the market.

Whales, that is, physical or legal entities in the market can go for years without selling their coins. During this period, they always shop when they find the opportunity to do so.


If Whales are the big fortunes, there are also small and medium investors who buy much smaller amounts of crypto and hold them in their wallets or in accounts created on crypto’s own website waiting for them to be listed.

Both Whales, small and medium investors are HOLDERS. These investors are the market’s profitability champions.

There are very famous cases of HOLDERS who bought even a small amount of cryptocurrencies and became millionaires.


They gained from the overvaluation of the asset or a long time of HOLD.

This is how the cryptocurrency market works, one hour down and the next up. Those who buy cheaper and manage to sell more expensively have an advantage.

For this reason, those investors who anticipate and buy their coins in the pre-sale (ICO) period tend to profit much more.

However, before buying an asset, it is necessary to make sure that it brings security, transparency, appreciation and liquidity.


This kind of care is primary and should be redoubled, especially if crypto has not yet been released. It is in the most important aspects that DhabiCoin has an advantage over other initiatives.

The appreciation of DhabiCoin is not by chance, on the contrary, it is the result of a lot of transparency, creation of a safe transaction environment, technological and commercial innovation.

DhabiCoin has already signed a pre-contract with two world-renowned exchanges, Latoken Exchange and HotBit Exchange.


In addition, DhabiCoin entered the (DeFi) system (in Portuguese, Decentralized Finance). For this, it signed a pre-contract with another important institution in the sector, Pancake Swap Finance.

In addition to ensuring listing on three exchanges, DBC is negotiating with two more respected exchanges in the world.

DhabiCoin’s expansion plan has drawn a lot of attention from the specialized market. This is because DBC has expanded its network of countries at each pre-sales round and is already in around 40 countries around the world.


If that wasn’t enough, it is negotiating with companies in the tourism sector in Dubai, Brazil, the United States and Portugal to establish partnerships.

Therefore, the client who has DBC can use it to pay for stays, touristic tours, car rental, among others.

More than being a promise, DhabiCoin is already part of the digital economy of the future and has become the darling cryptocurrency of the market.


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