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EOS Price Analysis: EOS briefly spikes to $5.10 but finds rejection



EOS is trading bullishly on our 24-hour EOS price analysis following a sharp increase to the $5.10 mark, where the bulls were rejected and pulled back to $4.856. Therefore, we are anticipating that buyers will regain momentum and rally against rejection in the course of the day.

EOS Price Analysis: EOS briefly spikes to $5.10 but finds rejection 1
Cryptocurrency heat map. Source: Coin360

The overall cryptocurrency market is trading in the bullish region with market leaders BTC and ETH both gaining around 1 percent. Cardano is the best performer of the day with a 24-hour positive change of 12 percent. We are expecting the general cryptocurrency market to post further gains in the course of the upcoming week. 

EOS price movement in the last 24 hours: EOS dashes to higher daily high

EOS/USD traded in a range of $4.574 – $5.080, indicating low volatility over the last 24 hours. Trading volume has decreased by 18 percent and totals $1.23 billion. Meanwhile, the total market capitalization trades around $4.651 billion, ranking the coin 34th place overall.

EOS/USD 4-hour chart: EOS to rally overnight?

On the 4-hour EOS price analysis chart, we can see the EOS price rejecting further downside as bulls prepare for another rally higher.

EOS Price Analysis: EOS briefly spikes to $5.10 but finds rejection 2EOS/USD 4-hour chart. Source: TradingView

EOS price action traded with strong volatility over the past week. After a rally to the $31 mark, EOS/USD could not reach further upside and retraced to $28.5. 

From there, a lower high was set around $4.70, with a strong decline over the following days. EOS/USD lost more than 30 percent from there until support was found at $4.00. Rejection for further downside was seen over the following days, with EOS moving to the $4.50 mark.


EOS Price Analysis: Conclusion 

EOS price analysis is bullish for the next 24 hours as the market retested the previous low and currently prepares to rally higher again. As long as the previous low holds, we expect EOS/USD to move above the $5.08 current high and see further upside over the weekend. 

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Solana, Tezos, EOS Price Analysis: 21 November



While the bulls tried to revive, bears did not fail to pose hurdles as prices struggled to achieve a breakthrough.

After an onerous November for the buyers, altcoins like Solana, Tezos and EOS continue to display a bearish outlook while hinting at a near-term increasing bullish force.

Solana (SOL)

TradingView, SOL/USD

SOL rallied by over 85% from 12 October to 6 November, 2021. With this upturn, it struck its ATH on 6 November. Since then, the withdrawal phase kicked in as the bears visibly took over. 

During the downfall, SOL lost over one-fourth of its value until it touched its three-week low on 18 November. After breaching the patterned uptrend, bears ensured to keep the current price below its 4-hour 50 SMA (white), 200 SMA (red). However, the price managed to stay above its 20-SMA (yellow). The reason for that is the 10.57% three-day ROI triggered by the bulls since 18 November. This rally, however, occurred on low trading volumes and thus depicting a weak bullish move. 


At press time, SOL traded at $212.9675. The RSI revived and exhibited neutral sentiments by wavering around the half-line. Although the DMI preferred the bears, AO and MACD hinted at their near-term decreasing power. Nevertheless, the ADX displayed a weak directional trend.

Tezos (XTZ)

TradingView, XTZ/USDT
This drawback can be reflected in its price trajectory as the bears successfully breached multiple resistance points. Thus, the digital currency lost over half of its value in 45 days. This downturn led to XTZ touching its ten-week low on 18 November.

However, the price action did not fail to oblige the trend as the price bounced from the lower channel after a 13.85% three-day ROI.

At press time, XTZ traded at $5.451. The RSI stood at the 56-mark after swaying over 28 points in two days. Also, the DMI chose the buyers while AO confirmed the bullish vigor. The price action might have room for a slight surge until it falls back into its two-month trend.


TradingView, EOS/USDT

Since 11 October, the digital currency saw a 20.9% rally over the next month. Consequently, EOS hit its seven-week high on 10 November after a sustained bullish rally.

However, the price action obliged the trend by stepping back into it. The altcoin saw a 27.74% withdrawal over the next week until it hit its three-week low on 18 November. 


At press time, EOS was trading at $4.278. After a steady downtrend, RSI displayed recovery signs as it headed north and stood near the midline. Additionally, the DMI preferred the bearish vigor. However, MACD and AO showed possible signs of easing bearish power.

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EOS price analysis: EOS to begin consolidation after 15 percent decline



  • EOS price trades near $4 support floor after massive decline yesterday
  • Trading volume also dropped over 24 percent to suggest of market stagnancy
  • Consolidation may be on the cards next as volume to market cap ratio hints towards bullish momentum

EOS price analysis for the day shows further decrements faced by the token after a hefty 10 percent decline just yesterday. The downward momentum continued in the day’s trade with a 2 percent decline, taking price as low as $4.24. Trading volume also shipped more than 24 percent, suggesting there is significant stagnancy created in the market after yesterday’s dip. However, the token may be in for consolidation at the current price, before initiating a new push upwards. Price is up above $4.3 at the time of writing, and looks to present an ideal investment opportunity at current trend.

The larger cryptocurrency market showed mixed trends over the past 24 hours, with major Altcoins continuing to decline. Bitcoin consolidated above $60,000, while Ethereum dropped a minor 1.5 percent to sit above $4,200. Dogecoin, Ripple and Litecoin all dropped slightly, whereas AVAX jumped over 13 percent to record the only positive movement in the day’s trade.

 24-hour chart: Bullish Hammer pattern gives positive signs amid price decline

On the 24-hour chart for EOS price analysis, emergence of a Bullish Hammer pattern suggests that buyers came in late into the market to rescue the token from free fall. Since then, price has jumped as high as $4.403, indicating that a comeback may be on the cards. The Relative Strength Index for the token presents a meagre value of 42.13, hinting that there is adequate room for consolidation in price. Price currently sits well below the crucial Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) at $4.670 and the next immediate target for EOS price will be to move past this point.

EOS price analysis: EOS to begin consolidation after 15 percent decline 2
EOS price analysis: 24-hour chart. Source: Trading View

EOS/USD 4-hour chart: Crucial trading sessions ahead as price nears 4-hour EMAs

On the 4-hour chart, EOS price can be seen attempting to catch the 4-hour EMAs at $4.391. However, the RSI value of 35 paints a weak picture for the token, suggesting there is ample room to catch up in terms of price. Price currently sits well above the support floor at $3.5, sitting in between the middle and bottom Bollinger Bands’ curves. The coming short-term trading sessions hold crucial significance in the current trend for EOS, as price is expected to face hostility near the $4.59 at the 100-day MA line. If price can cross this point, it can potentially jump as high as $5.5 in the current trend, before facing retracement.

EOS price analysis: EOS to begin consolidation after 15 percent decline 3
EOS price analysis: 4-hour chart. Source: Trading View

EOS price analysis: Conclusion

EOS price is currently facing a distinct downtrend, however, price is attempting to rise back above the crucial EMAs. Currently trading above $4.33, buyers are expected to come into the market for EOS and push price up to $4.59 over the coming trading sessions. From here, a new trend is expected to rise, subject to movements in the larger cryptocurrency market.

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BlockOne Attempts to Revive EOS network with Transfer of $210M to Helios


on has come up with a new plan how to revitalize the blockchain project and it starts with a substantial transfer of EOS tokens to Helium.

EOS has been one of the worst-performing crypto-asset of this year. But to foster its network growth, BlockOne has come up with a new plan that comes in the midst of scathing attacks on the company.

Saying ‘BlockОne’s relationship with EOS has been mired with controversy’ is an understatement. As a result of continued backlash from the community, EOS has not only fallen from the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap, it now stood at the 44th spot. But the blockchain company behind its inception, BlockОne, has a plan that involves transferring 45 million EOS tokens to Helios.


Is BlockОne’s plans to rescue EOS a bit too late?

The announcement stated that BlockОne has agreed to transfer 45 million EOS (approximately $209 million) on November 8th after looking through many ways where it can leverage its token holdings to foster the network’s growth.

The company added that it is now looking at a series of transactions in an attempt to “empower the EOS network” and target new participants while exploring fresh opportunities, kicking-off new decentralized governance initiatives, and ramping up the liquidity of EOS-powered projects.

Helios, which happens to be led by former actor and crypto proponent Brock Pierce, has some plans to revive the network. While it is still early to say if the latest move will resuscitate the community’s confidence, Helios promises to have a few plans up its sleeves.


For one, the organization plans to roll out an EOS Venture Capital fund. It also aims to support the development of institutional-grade financial products based on EOS.

Besides, supporting the creation of necessary infrastructure, tooling, and documentation for EOS developers are also included on its roadmap. In addition to that, the platform will also focus on organizing community events surrounding awareness, networking, and expanding viability.

Battle Between BlockOne and EOS Community

Accusations about the EOS project being plagued by centralization have prompted a significant decline in the network’s activity. Around this time last year, EOS was the world’s seventh-largest blockchain by market value. Since then, a lot has changed.


BlockOne’s decision to transfer millions of funds comes less than a week after Yves La Rose, the Founder of the EOS Network Foundation, attacked the former developer for moving away from wanting to contribute to the EOS ecosystem. La Rose didn’t sugarcoat words when he claimed that “EOS is a failure” while speaking about the dwindling market cap as well as the value of the token.

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