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Siacoin (SC) Should be Listed on Coinbase and There Should be More Supply and Demand



Someone from the Siacoin Army expressed:  It’s entirely possible we could see Siacoin hit £1 in the next 5 years. To put that into context, if you invest £1750 today you could see £100,000 in 5 years. NFA Siacoin Army.

A concerned investors stated:  1. it should be listed on coinbase. 2. Need more supply and demand 3.  Burn.  If what I said is done, yes, the coin can rise, but it does not give. It just looks like There is actually people that understand this.

Fortunately, Siacoin is available on most major Crypto exchanges such as Binance or Kraken. You can pay for Siacoin using your country’s currency or trade Siacoin using cryptos such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Some analysts opine that SC is a good investment in 2021. Above all, SC has a high possibility of surpassing its current ATH at about $0.1117 by 2021 – 2023.

While all these discussions are happening, those who missed the boat on Siacoin for the bullish run are prospecting on where to enter.  Some are entering due to FOMO and others are waiting for that dip. And, many investors are like, “Siacoin We Believe in You.” They strongly believe that decentralized storage will play a major role in the future.

Meanwhile, Opacity will use Sia as a storage provider in the backend.  Opacity Storage is for 100% private file storage and file sharing. No personal data required. Get 10GB storage for free.

Reportedly, about Opacity in September, Sia storage – Sia integration is tested and working. Enabling integration in app + a new Sia plan. The cost will align with the current cost of Sia, so more expensive than Opacity, but consumer choice! The plan will use Sia storage across web, desktop and mobile. Beta ETA 9/24.

For clarity, Opacity Drive – Desktop app for Windows and Mac is now in pre-beta testing to make sure it is ready for beta release to the general public. Beta ETA 9/10.

Opacity Mobile – Mobile app for iOS and Android is in final testing. We are completing all features and preparing for beta release later this month. Beta ETA 9/20.

Also, Cross Chain Support – Enabling payment support for OPCT on Polygon network. Likely live in October. Uniswap liquidity will change to support Polygon liquidity on Quickswap instead. We will pay for any fees to pool members to move to Quickswap when we are ready, very likely in Oct.