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Ripple (XRP) Community on How SEC needs to Pick it’s Poison




Stuart Alderoty, General Counsel at Ripple expressed:  We are told to engage w/ the SEC in good faith and what do we get? Enforcement actions (or threats of them) with no clarity. Their preferred method of strong arm intimidation and inconsistently applying unclear rules hurts consumers and markets in the end.

Some (UK, Singapore, Japan, etc) have clear frameworks for innovation to flourish w/ consumer and market protection, others with sandboxes for safe collaboration between innovators and regulators. How did the US end up with secret regulatory inquisitions?

Community response:  Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan want to set up a Bitcoin/Ethereum duopoly and let their puppet agency SECGov control every other crypto project on the planet with the “muh securities” crap. FACT.

Anyone else agree that there will be a new regulatory body to regulate the crypto currency markets? Clearly the SEC is incapable of this task.  It’s all corruption and money. Follow the money trail.  Always follow the money.

The USA is worried about losing the World Global Currency. It’s how they control other countries. Also, they are protecting the Elites and Banks. Just think how much dollars will be lost to them if we are our own Bank? Thank you for your service to Ripple and the common people Sir.

It was market manipulation at time of Hinman speech, market confusion thereafter and as a package it was pure corruption. SEC needs to pick it’s poison. Manipulation or just plain intentional confusion.

Unfortunately, we (the US) are losing the war of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Why do you think SEC Gov is not providing clarity? My thought is, they just don’t understand the tech or they are puppets of the traditional system.

Offer the counterparty that has a node on the network some skin in the game. Offer them, oversight on the Escrow. Could potentially be worth trillions and Janet could use the liquidity right about now? IMO It’s tough to negotiate with snakes.

This is not a good sign when you guys come here on Twitter saying all this. Looks like the suit is going to take another year to resolve.

Because anything besides the dollar, that serves to transact value, weakens the ability for the US to maintain control of the financial ecosystem.

Without getting emotional about the situation, Hope the judge sees it for what it is and decides in Ripple’s favor. It is high time.