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TRON’s Current Fair Value Should be around 1000 $ Will it?



Justin Sun recently tweeted:  USDC to TRON has surpassed $200 million.

Community response:  Tron’s current fair value should be around 1000 $. If Justin Sun TRON can’t take it to this level, all his efforts are of no use. By the Way, Tron is the most potential, strongest cryptocurrency.  Tron occupies a prominent place in the Crypto world. Justin Sun’s name is associated with it.

We’ve been waiting for 5 months now, I want it to be worth the wait.  Now everything must be done so that the price increases considerably. We are lagging behind in the face of many exploding cryptos. Make the difference to TRON ​​in his field and we will fly.

I already sold all my TRX one month ago. I have been holding it for 2 years .I had trust on it, but I lost hope. Now it might probably jump next week. Good luck for holders.

Justin Sun, TRON feeling Uu la la la. Pull the price up – it has the potential to go up.

Meanwhile, Justin Sun has made an announcement about an announcement.

TRON Foundation expressed, “BIG NEWs coming soon.  Another significant milestone for TRON and TRONICS and an even bigger milestone for crypto. Coming in 2 day.”

Responding to the announcement of announcement:  Empty news. It just creates anticipation. I don’t believe anything will happen. Don’t waste your money. There is no rise or fall in its coins.

Other community members were like, I am definitely feeling hyped for TRON. Let us see what is coming for all of us.

Classic Justin Sun pump and dump.  I love this guy.  He reminds me of the green Goblin from Spider Man. JUSTIN lets go goblin gang.  Tpunks to the moon.

Classic Justin. Don’t have to hype up everything. Just execute. Price should follow. Also, ever consider someone else doing your PR because I’m sure it’s you that’s still doing it. I hope you won’t disappoint us again.

If it was as good news as you mentioned, the price would have skyrocketed by now. Don’t create a perception.

I think Justin is serious this time. After the gamble Elon knows now that people do not consider him seriously. Justin, I guess, has learnt from past. This time, I think Justin is cent percent serious. I would love to believe him for the last time. Go Tron go.