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Arrington XRP Capital Publishes ‘the League of Parachains’ of Polkadot



  • Arrington XRP Capital publishes the league of Parachains regarding the Polkadot project.
  • The update seeks to define the technical and philosophical foundations of Polkadot.

Venture capital firm Arrington XRP Capital has just published the league of Parachains of Polkadot. Specifically, the league of the Parachains mainly defines the astounding technical and philosophical foundations of the Polkadot project.

Of note, coming up with the update, Arrington XRP Capital precisely gave the news on Twitter. Right after the first post, Arrington XRP Capital came again with another separate tweet in reply to the first one. At this time, the company outlined three main purposes of the league of the Parachains wherein Polkadot will benefit from.

Moreover, citing from the tweet, the first section of the league of the Parachain seeks to function as an answer to the blockchain trilemma. Moreover, it aims to achieve this by scaling the customizability of the Parachains.

On the other hand, the second section will generally analyze the overall financial status of the Parachain. Take note, this goal will be well fulfilled through on-chain activities like CrowdLoans, candle auctions, and Parathreads.

Lastly, in the final section, Arrington XRP Capital emphasized that they are delving seriously into major Parachain pioneers. Prior, Arrington XRP Capital intends to utilize this moment to describe Polkadot’s architecture with a view of building its own custom blockchains.

Apart from this, Arrington XRP Capital further disclosed that they are a proud investor in Moonbeam Network, Acala Network, Karura Network, and SubQuery Network.

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