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Coinbase Wallet Review 2021



To begin, one must first know the distinction between Coinbase and Coinbase wallet. Coinbase is a cryptocurrency trading platform that is accessible over the internet. On this site, users may buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies. Coinbase wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet, on the other hand. The Coinbase wallet’s principal role is to store customers’ crypto assets safely.

The Coinbase wallet is regarded as a promising cryptocurrency wallet and one of the safest bitcoin wallets available. Investors and crypto enthusiasts may feel comfortable putting their digital assets on this wallet because it is integrated with the Coinbase trading platform. Coinbase wallet is a digital wallet that stores cryptocurrency in hot storage, indicating that the Coinbase wallets are popular crypto wallets.

Coinbase Wallet Users Review - Platform Interface

Coinbase is among the most well-known crypto exchanges in the U. S. and one of the world’s largest. However, keep in mind the dangers of trading these volatile currencies. Coinbase has established itself as a go-to platform for a new crypto trader. Coinbase offers a broad range of services, including cryptocurrency trading, a sophisticated trading platform, institutional custodial accounts, crypto wallets for investors, and Dollar-denominated stablecoin.

Coinbase, one of the major crypto world exchanges, was created in San Francisco over a decade ago; it went public in April and is currently valued at around $50 billion, almost the same as Hyundai. Coinbase soared to those stratospheric heights as bitcoin demand soared, fueled by thousands of incentive dollars and many hours spent in house confinement. When Covid-19 entered America, Bitcoin, the most widespread digital currency, was valued at less than $5,000, compared to over $50,000 just over a year later.


Coinbase launched with simply allowing Bitcoin trade but soon expanded to include other cryptocurrencies that met its decentralized requirements. Its list has grown to also include Dogecoin, Ltc, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, and plenty of other cryptocurrencies, with more on the way if its conditions are satisfied.

Coinbase wallet attributes

• According to the Coinbase wallet evaluations, this wallet includes several pepped-up features. The wallet is well-protected, ensuring that its status as a “hot wallet” does not lead to theft or hacking issues. Coinbase wallets are the safest hot wallets; aside from its safety for sensitive user data, it supports android or ios devices.

• The Coinbase wallet lets users manage their private keys and save their bitcoin riches directly on their devices. It’s utilized as a hot wallet that works with a hardware wallet like KeepKey and Trezor hardware wallet. The wallet does not serve as a centralized brokerage or exchange, but it does serve as a means of transmitting and receiving these transactions.


• You may link your Coinbase Wallet to crypto-friendly financial institutions. The wallet also offers several tools that assist users in purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies at a profit. Major fiat currencies, like US Dollars, are also supported by the wallet (USD). Coinbase wallets are the most robust digital financial instruments

• The wallet has a high level of compliance, with some KYC regulations included in the company’s procedures. This wallet may not be suitable for those with a poor credit history. Regardless, the wallet’s unique features and services, and support would appeal to everyone.

• The wallet’s main feature is that it allows users to store digital treasures. In the digital consumer market, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are fast gaining popularity. Crypto Punks and Kitties are becoming valuables in the digital age. In the Coinbase wallet, these NFTs may be safely kept. Furthermore, the wallet facilitates the purchase and sale of these NFTs over the internet.


• The wallet provides safe storing options. On the wallet, both private and public keys are well-protected. The Secure Enclave technology feature is probably Coinbase’s most robust security protection. In addition, biometric authentication and google authenticator are also used to safeguard bitcoins on the wallet. This restricts access to crypto coins and allows for user-only access. The wallet’s cloud backups (optional) come in handy for retrieving lost private passwords and crypto coins.

Coinbase wallet review


Coinbase provides a wide range of altcoin options, with over 20 cryptocurrencies available for investing, trading, and staking.

Coinbase has a very user-friendly design, making it one of the easiest ways to get started investing in cryptocurrencies. It takes only a few minutes to sign up and acquire cryptocurrency. It also includes a learning program that rewards users with bitcoin in exchange for learning more about cryptocurrency.


Coinbase is frequently ranked among the most liquid exchanges. In an already unpredictable market, this protects the investor against significant price slippage.


Fees are higher if you don’t use Coinbase Pro. When compared to many of its biggest competitors, Coinbase charges a lot of money. Many beginners who use the primary Coinbase platform will be charged these fees unless they subscribe to Coinbase Pro, which offers additional capabilities that may be daunting to beginning crypto traders and is free to switch to.

Hacks are depleting contents of users’ accounts: According to a CNBC article from August 24, 2021, users receive notices that their login credentials have been changed and check in to find their money have been depleted.


Coinbase provides a fair range of cryptocurrency alternatives for beginner investors to dabble with, but those interested in actively trading altcoins will not find a wide enough selection here. Coinbase, on the other hand, intends to add additional cryptocurrencies in the future.

Creating a Coinbase account

Email and registration

Coinbase registration is a fast and straightforward process. You begin by entering your name, email address, and desired password. Your email address will then be verified. Coinbase then requests that you submit your phone number to obtain a verification code, which you must then enter.

Phone number verification

Later, Coinbase will issue 2-step verification codes to this mobile number. You will be prompted to provide your identifying details after this stage.


Identity confirmation

You must confirm your identity using state identification, just as you would for a bank or investment account, which could be a social security number from users in the United States. Your Coinbase account will be created at this point, and you will be able to input your bank, credit card, or debit card details to enable withdrawals and deposits so you may begin trading or investing.

Traders Experience

Trading on Coinbase is a simple, beginner-friendly process. You may use your Android or iOS smartphone to access the platform as well. Coinbase’s trading platforms, including its more complex trading platform for digital currency experts, Coinbase Pro, are browser-based and do not require any downloads.

Whenever you log in, your portfolio value and history are immediately shown in various time frames, including one hour, 24 hours, one week, and one year.


A “Buy crypto” button appears on a banner over your portfolio balance, allowing you to input a dollar amount and place trades for any coin Coinbase offers. This button also allows you to sell or exchange your cryptocurrency, as well as set up recurring orders. 

Options on the upper right of the page indicate whether you wish to send cryptocurrency out of your Coinbase wallet or receive from other sources.

Coinbase Pro features

While Coinbase is a great place to start if you’re new to crypto, Coinbase Pro provides a far more comprehensive charting and trading experience.


Users of Coinbase may buy cryptocurrency using market orders, which have higher costs than other exchanges. Coinbase intended to offer a free alternative for Coinbase customers to upgrade to once they were more experienced. Users may place trade, limit, and stop orders with cheaper commission rates when using Coinbase Pro. Coinbase Pro also allows you to trade on margin and offers far more sophisticated charting.

Traders who use Coinbase Pro may see 1-minute candlestick and line charts, as well as overlays such as exponential moving average. EMA (12) and EMA (12) are presently the only overlays and indicators provided (26). Coinbase Pro additionally offers over 100 trading pairs globally (almost 40 of which are USD-based) as well as over 40 crypto-to-crypto trading pairs across 42 locations. Coinbase Pro is still bare-bones compared to other professional trading tools on the market in terms of indicators.

While the primary Coinbase site is an excellent tool for teaching individuals how to buy, store, and move bitcoin, Coinbase Pro is considerably superior for those who want to actively trade or invest, with cheaper costs and more functionality.



Coinbase has a complicated fee structure that is also highly costly if you aren’t utilizing Coinbase Pro. About its competitors, the price of trading on Coinbase’s primary platform is prohibitive. Those new to cryptocurrency who are searching for simplicity may overlook this.

The costs charged by Coinbase vary by country and area, but for the sake of this analysis, we’ll concentrate on those charged in the United States.

Coinbase payment method andwhat its variable fee depends on
Coinbase Wallet Review 2021 1

Coinbase also assesses variable spreads on purchases and transactions in addition to these costs. According to Coinbase, the cost of buying and selling bitcoin under $10,000 is around 0.50 percent. This cost is considerably decreased for amounts between $10,000 and $50,000 (0.35 percent). It continues to decline with each price tier until maker-taker fees approach 0.00 percent and 0.04 percent, respectively, for $500,000,000 and above. This may rise or fall according to market movements.

In addition to the spread and deposit fees indicated above in the chart, there are “Coinbase Fees.” This charge is determined by the purchase’s amount, payment method (debit/credit), and location.



For account holders, Coinbase employs several safeguards. It’s crucial to remember that any cryptocurrency held on an exchange account is only as safe as the account holder makes it, as well as some users, have experienced being hacked. Strong passwords must be used, as well as security measures such as 2-step verification.

Coinbase features two-factor authentication, biometric logins, insurance in the instance that Coinbase is hacked (this protection does not apply if your account is hacked as a result of your weak security measures). It holds 98 percent of its users’ money in cold storage.

Coinbase Wallet security Features

SIPC and the FDIC do not endorse digital money since it is not recognized as legal cash. Coinbase provides insurance by aggregating Coinbase holdings and storing them in US dollar custodial accounts, US dollar-denominated money market funds, or liquid US Treasury bonds.

Coinbase has a high level of security compared to many other popular cryptocurrency exchanges, but it is not immune to hacking. CNBC reported in August 2021 that several users’ accounts had been hacked, and money had been stolen. Users should use strong passwords and keep their accounts safe.


On the other hand, the concept of cryptocurrencies is to eliminate intermediaries as much as possible and have complete control over your cash. While Coinbase makes bitcoin investment simple, it’s critical to understand cryptocurrency privacy and storage. Coinbase Pro is a good option for clever crypto investors who want to save money on fees and withdraw their assets to their safe cold storage.

How to use Coinbase wallet

The user interface of the is wallet is straightforward and clear. Coinbase’s developers have made the Coinbase wallet extremely user-friendly. It is intended for rookies in the crypto industry. This wallet is simple to use, even for first-timers.

Follow these three simple steps to launch your Coinbase wallet:


#1 First and foremost, register.

Users are expected to give their first and last names, emails, and phone numbers. Create a safe password for your coinbase account at this stage.

Coinbase Wallet Registration

#2 Choose an Account Type

Users can choose between a personal and a corporate account on Coinbase. These solutions are tailored to meet the requirements of cryptocurrency users. A business account is best for voluminous crypto storage. For most of the uses, the personal user account would be the best option.

Coinbase Wallet Account Type

#3 Double-check your phone number

After validating their email address, customers must use the 2FA technique to validate their phone number. This phone-based SMS authentication is the wallet’s most secure entry point.

Coinbase Wallet Phone Number Verification

Users of the Coinbase wallet can select a payment method after completing these steps. This aids them in selecting an appropriate crypto asset for storage, transmission, and receipt. Residents of the European Union and the United States can choose from a variety of payment options. Coinbase users prefer to pay with their credit cards. Some people choose to add money to their crypto wallets using bank transfers. Users ply move fiat currency through bank transfer into and out of their wallets by validating these payment methods.

Wallet users must choose crypto payment options to transfer or receive digital assets. These approaches are based on the crypto ecosystems in question. Suppose the customers’ home nation does not accept crypto transfers. In that case, they will have to rely on payment options such as digital wallets that can store coins in crypto-friendly offshore financial institutions.

Review of Coinbase wallet

Costs and fees

The Coinbase wallet is accessible as a free download for Android and iOS users. It is available to the public for free. The wallet is accessible on Google Playstore and Apple App Store as a digital mobile application.

Coinbase Wallet Review - Platform Interface

Transaction fees, on the other hand, apply to Coinbase’s wallet and coinbase exchange services. Between Coinbase wallets, there are no fees for Bitcoin Cash transfers. Users may just pay network fees for transactions involving other crypto wallets.

Wallet users may be charged a variable fee to trade on the Coinbase platform. This variable charge is determined by the manner of payment. It also depends on the user’s location and whether the trade order is standard or instant. Variable costs range from 1.49 percent to 3.99 percent of the transaction amount.

Coinbase wallet’s dApp browser

Coinbase’s dApp browser was developed by a third party. The Coinbase platform does not own it. To resolve wallet difficulties with dApps, users must contact the dApp developer. Coinbase wallet features a dApp browser, similar to Trust wallet, that provides a simple API for incorporating wallet services into dApps. dApp developers may use this browser to construct multi-chain Coinbase apps. For iOS users and Android mobile devices, the Coinbase API is currently used to enable a Coinbase wallet account and sign crypto transactions.

Coinbase cryptocurrency Wallet dApp Browser

Coins supported by Coinbase Wallet

The wallet, like the Coinbase platform, only supports a small number of digital assets. The following digital assets and coins are supported by the Coinbase wallet:-

Coinbase Wallet supported Coins

• Bitcoin (BTC)

• Ethereum (ETH)


• Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

• Litecoin (LTC)

• Ethereum Classic (ETC)


• Ethereum 0x Protocol token (ZRX)

• Ethereum Classic (ETC)

• US-dollar Ethereum (USDC)


• Basic Attention Token (BAT)

• Chainlink (LINK)

• Electro-Optical System token (EOS)


• Zcash (ZEC)

• Augur (REP)

• Ripple (XRP)


• Lumen (XLM) (DAI)

Several countries’ fiat currencies are also supported by the wallet. People from all around the world may fill their wallets with more than 50 fiat currencies, including the US Dollar (USD), Australian Dollar (AUD), and Euro (EUR).

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Coinbase Launches Support for New Crypto Assets on Retail Trading Platform



Coinbase is adding two altcoins built on Ethereum to its ever-expanding suite of crypto assets.

After initially only being available on Coinbase Pro, ARPA Chain (ARPA) and Perpetual Protocol (PERP) are now open for trading on the company’s main retail trading platform and mobile applications.

ARPA is the token that powers ARPA Chain, a blockchain-based computation network that features data storage, smart contracts that preserve privacy, and scalable off-chain transactions that can be used to counter credit fraud and secure data wallets.


Other use cases include precision marketing, joint AI model training, and key management systems.

Though ARPA saw its price skyrocket after the original Coinbase Pro listing announcement, it has since stabilized and is exchanging hands at $0.16 at time of writing. It is 13% down from its seven-day high of $0.18, according to CoinGecko.

PERP powers Perpetual Protocol, a decentralized platform for opening up leveraged perpetual contracts in fiat money, cryptos, or other commodities without the need for middlemen.


Perpetual contracts are derivative contracts like futures, except that they don’t have any expiration dates.

PERP is trading at $16.13 as of writing, a 20% decrease from its seven-day high of $19.28, according to CoinGecko.

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Coinbase Becomes The Cryptocurrency Partner of The NBA



The NBA welcomed its 75th anniversary by teaming up with the digital asset trading venue Coinbase.

The leading US cryptocurrency exchange – Coinbase – and the National Basketball Association announced a multi-year partnership. Following it, the former became the exclusive cryptocurrency platform partner of the NBA, the NBA G League, the NBA 2K League, the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), and the USA Basketball.

NBA Jumps on The Crypto Bandwagon

The current 2021-22 season of the National Basketball Association is a rather special one as it marks the 75th birthday of the League. To enhance the fans’ involvement during that festive period, the NBA teamed up with the digital asset platform Coinbase.

NBA's logo for Season 2021-22
NBA’s logo for Season 2021-22, Source:

As part of their involvement, the exchange will “create interactive experiences to engage with the NBA’s incredible community and athletes around the world.” It will also educate basketball fans on the increasing developments happening across the cryptocurrency industry.

Coinbase’s logo will appear on basketball games broadcasted on television. Apart from the NBA, the trading venue will also be the partner of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), the NBA G League, the NBA 2K League, and the USA Basketball.

Kate Rouch – Chief Marketing Officer of Coinbase – noted that the core of the company’s strategy is to interconnect with participants that believe in its merits, such as the NBA:

“The freedom to participate and benefit from the things you believe in is at the heart of Coinbase’s mission. Nobody believes this more than NBA and WNBA fans. We’re proud to become the Leagues’ official cryptocurrency partner.”

Kerry Tatlock – Senior Vice President at the NBA – described Coinbase as a “trusted cryptocurrency platform used by millions.” As such, it is a “natural fit” for the Association, which aims to provide its fans with new ways to interact with the League and each other.


NBA and Crypto: History

The Dallas Mavericks started to accept cryptocurrency payments for tickets and merchandise products earlier this year. These include some of the leading assets: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Dogecoin (DOGE).

The Sacramento Kings is another club that recently entered the crypto craze. It joined forces with the blockchain company Ankr to educate basketball fans about the development of the digital asset sector.

Subsequently, one of the most successful teams – The Los Angeles Lakers – became the latest name on that list. The club, where the legendary shooting guard Kobe Bryant spent his entire career, announced an official team sponsorship with


As part of the collaboration, the platform will launch virtual events for the fans. There, they will get the chance to communicate with each other and even vote on topics related to their favorite basketball team.

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Coinbase to Sponsor NBA in Multiyear Partnership Deal



Coinbase will officially become the exclusive cryptocurrency platform for the National Basketball Association.

The American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase took to Twitter to announce its association with the prestigious National Basketball League (NBA). The cryptocurrency exchange will sponsor all NBA platforms such as WNBA, NBA 2K League, and USA basketball league. The deal has come in light of the news disclosed by NBA commissioner Adam Silver stating that the league is projecting $10 billion in revenue for the year 2021-22.


Coinbase and NBA Deal Intends to Educate Consumers about  the Crypto Space

In an announcement made on Tuesday, the cryptocurrency exchange has confirmed that it will officially become the exclusive cryptocurrency platform for the league. According to NBA, Coinbase will be responsible for creating unique and innovative content for basketball enthusiasts to learn more about the crypto domain and get their facts right regarding the emerging blockchain technology.

Kate Rouch, chief marketing officer of Coinbase has commented that the organization intends to establish interactive experiences with the NBA and WNBA community and aspires to formulate new bonds and experiences with athletes across the world.

As per the data secured from Statista, approximately 1.6 million people watch the NBA season games when they are broadcast on major television networks. Coinbase has confirmed that it would be featured during the games when they will be televised nationally. The deal will allow the platform to gain more exposure and attract potential fans to trade on the exchange platform. The company has also clarified that it’s hoping to accelerate the crypto economy by inviting more consumers and letting them be aware of the various advantages that are associated with cryptocurrency trading.


Many crypto companies and organizations have now been actively extending and initiating partnership deals in the sports sector hoping to create stable revenue channels. FTX which is a leading derivatives exchange has recently entered into a sponsorship deal with a major baseball league followed by another partnership deal with the International cricket commission.

Coinbase is a leading exchange platform that offers cryptocurrency trading to consumers. Founded in 2012, the company operates remotely and is valued at a market price of $64 billion. Coinbase’s extended portfolio offers trading with multiple cryptos such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litecoin, and the exchange of digital assets.  The exchange has also been recently selected as a custody partner of Facebook‘s Novi wallet, which is a digital wallet that will permit users to send and receive money internationally.

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