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OMG Network price analysis: Price surmounts $12.89 peak after groundbreaking recovery



  • OMG Network price analysis confirms rise in price.
  • Price has moved up to the $14.35 level.
  • Further increase in price is highly expected.

The OMG Network price analysis shows the bulls have been able to surpass the resistance present at $12.89 level during the latest uptrend. The bulls are reigning the price charts as the price has increased tremendously during the day. Currently, it is settled on the $14.35 mark and is expected to heighten to an even higher level in the coming hours as well. The bullish momentum is to extend in the future as well as the hourly price chart is predicting an uptrend.

OMG/USD 1-day price chart: OMG price towers above $14 as a consequence of latest upturn

The 1-day price chart for OMG Network price analysis shows the price is rising quite steadily because of the constant increase in bullish momentum. It has successfully been able to breach past the former resistance level as well i.e. $12.89. Right now, the OMG/USD price value is $14.35 and is expected to increase during the approaching hours. The moving average (MA) value is standing low as compared to the current price i.e. $10.590. The SMA 20 curve is going higher as well because of the bullish trend.

OMG Network price analysis: Price surmounts $12.89 peak after groundbreaking recovery 1

The volatility has increased as well because of the expansion in Bollinger bands. As a result, the upper and lower Bollinger band values have been altered as now the upper value is at $12.89 while the lower value is at $6.722. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) has crossed the over bought limit to settle down at 75.27 score.

OMG Network price analysis: Bullish momentum takes flight above $14 breaking past the resistance point

The 4-hours OMG Network price analysis is showing signs of bullish activity taking place as the price has increased on a considerable level. The price is standing on the $14.33 mark at present, and is expected to move even higher in the upcoming time period. Other important indicators in the 4-hours price chart are the Moving Averages (MA) indicators and Bollinger bands indicators which are at $12.95 and $11.83 levels, respectively.

OMG Network price analysis: Price surmounts $12.89 peak after groundbreaking recovery 2
OMG/USD 4-hours price chart. Source: TradingView

The volatility has increased in the last four hours, but the indicator is on the upwards breakout, hinting at brighter prospects for the future price movement. The upper value of the Bollinger bands Indicator has reached $14.31 while the lower value has reached $9.35. The RSI score is moving in the over bought range well as it has gone up to 78.09 during the day.

OMG Network price analysis: Price surmounts $12.89 peak after groundbreaking recovery 3
OMG/USD technical indicators chart. Source: TradingView

The technical indicators chart for OMG/USD is also going bullish because of the constant rise in price. The price has been maintaining stability which is why there are 16 indicators on the buying mark, 10 on the neutral mark and zero on the selling mark.

The Moving Averages Indicator is giving bullish signals as well as there are 14 indicators on the buying level, with only one on the neutral and zero on the selling levels. The Oscillators are confirming the rise in price and there are nine oscillators on the neutral position, two on the buying position and none present on the selling position.

OMG Network price analysis conclusion

The above 1-day as well as the 4-hours OMG Network price analysis is confirming that the bulls have been maintaining their lead quite successfully for the past few weeks. The price has increased today as well and is standing on the $14.35 position at the time of writing. Further chances of improvement are available as well which means that further rise in price can be expected, but after a correction which might soon take place.

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