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Solana continues to build apps that scale.  It is fast, censorship resistant and the blockchain that provides for global adoption. provides Cloud Computing for DeFi and Web3 Simplified.  This will Allow your blockchain enabled app to securely access trusted off-chain data or computation within a couple lines of code. It is Blockchain agnostic, lightning fast, low cost, trustless. It provides for use cases like DEX order book, document certification, KYC Metadata, NFT Metadata, Document Management System, Cloud Storage, Real Time dApp.

Moshe, lead developer & CEO. Blockchain developer and enthusiast. Python lover expressed:  Totally agree with this. Solana is doing a great job at scaling high quality writes in a decentralized way. Now, on the read side, the real deal is keeping this scaling decentralized and that’s what we are working on.

Let’s have a look at the data: it’s huge. And it keeps getting bigger every second. Yep. My best analogy to Solana indexing is trying to index the internet data. In the early days, you could. A few years later, you could too, but it is already a lot of data, that’s where we are.

Now, try it today. Google does it, for the web, not for the bigger data flow: this one is a tricky problem even for nation states. And Solana stream will grow bigger. Even today you need highly centralized solutions, with big data storage using highly centralized providers.

What is our angle on it? We don’t index everything. Yes, we miss some data. It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack, with the good tools (a powerful magnet, an electron microscope or whatever!), you can.

And we do it in a swarm way: every protocol, every analytic has its own smaller indexer, that listens to on chain actions (to get the state now! that’s the most important for end users) and then tries to go back in time.

These indexers run inside micro virtual machines (the same kind that are powering aws lambda!), running on a decentralized network of supervisors, our computing nodes. And yes, you’ll soon be able to run one yourself! (even today, actually, it’s just not yet paid)

These virtual machines have access to our storage solution (or ipfs, and soon others through gateways!), decentralized database, blockchain nodes (here Solana), and the internet. They also have access to different kind of storage.

Now what if you want data that is scattered accross multiple indexers? That’s where an aggregator comes handy. Thankfully, graphql aggregators exist and are quite common. We just need to make it run in its own microVM!

The best part? If you want to run a bot on telegram, send transactions, or whatever, based on that data, you can do it inside another microVM.

If you want to play with data from an indexer today, head to raydium analytics powered by and many others are to be announced soon.

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