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Ethereum Community Hunts Down Bugs Before Altair Upgrade



  • Ethereum 2.0 is nearing its Altair launch.
  • Community members are on the hunt for bugs on the platform.
  • They will receive doubled bounty rewards for any bugs found before Altair’s launch.

Ethereum is certainly making strides towards the Ethereum 2.0 completion. Just a few days ago, the project announced the arrival of its Ethereum Altair upgrade. To specify, the upgrade will be taking place sometime this month.

The purpose of Ethereum 2.0’s launch is to fully deploy a Proof-of-Stake consensus onto its platform. This model should eliminate the platform’s long-striving issues of high gas fees, congestion, and limited scalability.

In order to bring to life this flawless model, the Ethereum team needs the help of its community. No protocol is ready without weeding out all its bugs before its official public debut. This is where the community can play their part and earn rewards along the way.

Dubbed as the ‘Eth2 bug bounties’, community members can earn up to $50,000 upon finding Eth2 client and protocol bugs. In more exciting news, all bounties found that relate to vulnerabilities to Altair’s upgrade before its launch will be doubled. 

The rules are simple: find and report bugs. The team has made it clear that this is not a competition. In fact, it is simply a chance for the community to help elevate the platform to bring forth a completely functional experience.

Moreover, the bounty program will consider a number of variables to determine rewards. So make sure to read all the rules to ensure efficient participation. The Ethereum team also highlights that the program can be canceled at any moment. This is to discourage competition and drive cooperation.

Thus, they have made it very clear that the bounty program is not a competition. Although, it is still a healthy way for community members to contribute. Think of it as a game. Report bugs and earn rewards.

Additionally, the highest bounty hunters will make it onto the bug hunting leaderboard. All in all, it seems the arrival of Ethereum 2.0 is fast approaching. Truly, it is an exciting time to be part of the Ethereum and crypto community as a whole.

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