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Dogecoin Community has one Big Dream Getting the Doge Price to $1 in 2021



Billy Markus, the Co-Founder of Dogecoin is focusing on NFTs.  An Ethereum-to-Dogecoin bridge will help bring in mass adoption of the meme coin.

Markus has been talking about the importance of the completion of the Ethereum-Dogecoin bridge so that the assets can be integrated with top Ethereum based NFT platforms like OpenSea, which enables non-fungible purchases with DOGE.

The exact date of launch of the new bridge is still unknown, but active work in the direction is already underway.  It is expected that the bridge will promote the Doge towards mass adoption. And, the bridge coupled with compatible NFT markets is going to make adoption easier for Doge further.

When the Doge ETH bridge is completed, the NFT platforms will permit the Doge-ETH token to be used for purchases.  With NFT purchases increasing in popularity, purchasing NFTs with Doge will make for a great utility.

The details of the developers working on the Bridge is not yet clear.  This can perhaps be the beginning of coming up with some decent use cases for the Doge moving forward.  May be something that started off as a joke is moving ahead to come of some good use cases.  We need to see how things unfold.

One of the community enthusiast asked:  Are you going to hold your Dogecoin Doge if it goes to $1.25.

Community response:  Atleast let it go to 0.25. Yes! Yes! Yes! Talk to me when it’s $10 or more.

I’m not selling for beer money.  I’m waiting for life changing money. Lol.  May be Shiba Inu is where you want to be for that life changing money. Doge = 20 cents Shiba Inu = 0.00000860 of a penny! When Shiba hits 1 penny, you will be rich and that won’t be long.

I cashed out most already. Letting the rest run to $1000.  I have 60k+ Doge, I plan to use Doge to pay for my Tri-motor cyber truck and the rest I will hold for 10+ years.

Nope, there’s plenty of better projects that will make people way more money and for the same entry price.  Dogecoin at 22 cents is cute. Let’s get it to 25 cents!

1 year ago Dogecoin was under $0.01. Just let that sink in for a moment. Will history repeat?  There continue to be those who believe that good things come to those who wait and own Dogecoin.  Even when China tries to act tough Dogecoin guys are not bothered or intimidated about it.