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District 0x Price Prediction 2021-2028



District0x’s mission is to decentralize the ownership structures of the world’s marketplaces by building a network of decentralized apps and communities. The timing might just be right and can benefit the NFT space more than anything else.

Its strategy of deploying a platform for the creation and operation of decentralized marketplaces, build open governance of markets, and “Open Finance” are by no means unique — but there’s a chance that this time, the roadmap might just be perfectly executed. How viable are the plans to bring together apps and communities?

After finally resolving their deployment errors, the team has pushed Snapshot governance live and are working on re-registering their active districts in order to kickstart governance. Their Meme Factory is next in line for a full application refresh. District0x is focusing on scalability solutions that can lower the cost to participate for users.

Let’s go through a recap of the District0x ecosystem before looking into price movements and predictions.

What is District0x?

District0x is a network that consists of several ‘decentralized marketplaces and communities.’ The network allows developers to contribute to the decentralized world by launching their platforms. All these platforms are governed under the DAO structure, i.e., the Decentralized Autonomous Organization structure.

Several platforms can be built on the network, forming “districts” in the network. For any developer to launch an ecosystem on the District0x network, no fee is charged. These “districts” are decentralized applications and non-custodial, which are supported by the d0xINFRA framework.

The framework provides a set of smart contracts and programming-related libraries to make it easy for developers to deploy their applications on the network.

The founders of this idea of “districts” and decentralized applications in February 2017 by Joe Urgo and Matus Lestan. Joe Urgo is also the founder of a renowned consulting firm called Sourcerers.

The District0x network is unique in its way. No fee is required as the initial deposit amount is refundable. Several successful districts are running on top of the network, like the freelancing platform, Ethlance, and Name Bazaar and Meme factory.

Name Bazaar is a platform for exchanging ENS domain names, while Meme Factory lays the foundation for building NFTs related to popular and highly traded memes. Hence, the District0x is a complete ecosystem that is regulated and support by the DNT token. The DNT token allows the “citizens” of these districts to contribute to the network by building decentralized platforms.

DNT price historical data

The DNT token has been performing quite well, reaching an all-time high of 0.4964 USD. At the time of writing this article, the District0x DNT current price is $0.16. The minimum price in 52 weeks was 0.007565 USD, while the maximum was 0.4964 USD. Hence, according to our price predictions, DNT price rise has proven to be quite beneficial.

The all-time high was witnessed on April 19th, and the current prices are down by 68.36 percent from that price level. From 2018 to 2020, the price fluctuated between 0.01 USD and 0.009 USD, representing the DNT price fall. Hence, digital coins can prove to be a worthy and profitable investment.

District0x Price Prediction 2021-2028 1

Currently, the DNT price drop rests at 68.36 percent, while the price change in the last 24-hours is at 3.36 percent. The coin’s trading volume rose by 122.51 percent, while the market cap fell by 3.36 percent.

Technical analysis of DNT price

According to the 4-hour price chart, the coin price is situated in the upper end of the Bollinger Bands, and there are chances that we might see some bullish action in the short term. The price action is above the 50-day and the 100-day Moving Averages. District0x Price Prediction 2021-2028 2

Once the cryptocurrency market turns bullish overall, we might see the resistance level at $0.1626 break down as bullish proceed to form newer highs. Today’s highest price was $0.1614, while the lowest District0x (DNT) price was $0.1527. The price trend is upwards in the short term.

District0x price prediction by market experts

The DNT price prediction by various market experts has been discussed below. These District0x price predictions will decide if the DNT token should be the new addition to your crypto portfolio. These price predictions District0x will pinpoint the exact location of the future price of the coin.

DNT price prediction by WalletInvestor

According to the District0x price prediction by Wallet Investor, the District0x price will be $0.318 in a year from now. This means that we can expect the prices to jump more than 200% in just a year from the current value, making District0x a good investment.

The price of District0x in the long term of 5 years is predicted at 0.971 USD. Therefore, in five years, investors will see their portfolio rise more than eight times, according to the website.

forecasts by WalletInvestor

Expected DNT price drop in 2021

According to the website, the District0x price at the beginning of November 2021 will be a minimum of 0.127 USD, while the maximum is set at 0.242 USD.

The District0x price prediction states a minimum price of 0.142 USD and a maximum of 0.258 USD by the end of November 2021.

For the beginning of December 2021, the forecast states a minimum price of 0.141 USD and a maximum of 0.251 USD for the DNT token. While for the end of the month, the minimum price will be 0.193 USD, while the most will be 0.3031 USD.

District0x price forecast 2023

According to Wallet Investor, the price for January 2023 will be a maximum of 0.489 USD with a minimum of 0.358 USD. The expected average price is 0.422 USD.

Furthermore, for December 2023, the maximum price will be 0.664 USD, while the minimum price will be 0.477 USD. The average price is expected to be 0.573 USD.

District0x price forecast 2025

A deeper analysis by the website states a maximum price of 0.894 USD for January 2025 with a minimum price of 0.615 USD. The average is expected at 0.748 USD.

Next, for December 2025, the website quotes a maximum price of 1.106 USD, while the minimum price is 0.7053 USD.

Therefore, the investment advice by WalletInvestor puts the Districtox price above 1 USD over 4 years from now.

District0x price prediction for long term

DigitalCoin District0x price forecast

According to DigitalCoinPrice, the price DNT token at the end of the year will be seen at 0.2248185434 USD. The site used its algorithm and research for District0x price predictions based on historical data.

The price for 2022 is put at 0.2648419016 USD, for 2023 at 0.3151121444 USD, for 2024 at 0.3995514971 USD, and for 2025 at 0.4490415551 USD.

District0x price prediction by DigitalCoin

Similarly, a more profound price forecast results in 0.5624359479 USD for 2026, 0.6076827442 USD for 2027, and 0.7066589361 USD for 2028.

District0x price prediction by DigitalCoin

Hence, overall, investing in District0x coin is quite remarkable. Traders might experience more significant profits.

Final Verdict

District0x has figured out a unique approach in solving the issues that many networks present for developers. These challenges have been figured out using the Proof of Concept consensus mechanism that is supported by Aragon.

The network DNT token for the development and combination of these “districts” with the District0x community. Therefore, according to our advice, it would be beneficial to invest in the District0x token.

Although, it is equally essential for you to conduct your research before diving into the project.


Is District0x a good investment?

Yes, District0x is a good investment. Comparing the price movement in the recent period, the coin rose by more than 15% on September 4th, by more than 10 percent on September 22nd, and by more than 5 % on October 1st.

Can District0x reach 1 USD?

District0x can reach the $1 mark by the year 2025. Prominent analysts say that there will be many decentralized applications running on the District0x network shortly. This makes the District0x price prediction quite bullish.

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