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ICP Price Prediction 2021-2028



How can a project founded in October 2016 by Dominic Williams attract much interest from the crypto environment? More so, how can it raise a total of $121 million from contributors like Andreessen Horowitz, Aspect Ventures, Electric Capital, ZeroEx, Scalar Capital, Polychain Capital, SV Angel, and Multicoin Capital, and several notable early Ethereum investors?

On May 10, 2021, DFINITY Foundation — founded by Dominic Williams– released the Internet Computer into the public domain, a major milestone that indicates that the Internet Computer currently functions as a decentralized global computer as mentioned by the release of all of the Internet Computer’s source code into the public domain.

DFINITY claims that its Internet Computer is highly scalable and runs at web speed, with some functions taking only milliseconds. The network is governed by an open autonomous algorithmic software system called the Network Nervous System (NNS), and its native utility token is ICP (previously known as DFN).


What is Internet Computer (ICP)?

Internet Computer is developed by a non-profit organization or NGO called DFINITY. DFINITY is one of the most successful foundations that attracted a lot of funds from investors during its initial stages. To understand what the Internet Computer does, you need to dive deeper into the technicalities of DFINITY, and the goals of its founder, Dominic Williams.

DFINITY was founded by Williams in October 2016. It attracted a lot of attention for its new implementation of blockchain technology. The Internet Computer on the other hand was launched in the year 2021, in the month of May by the Foundation.

The contributors to the DFINITY Foundation include Polychain Capital, ZeroEx, Aspect Ventures, and many more firms, including notable Ethereum supporters, in the early stages. The Foundation works on discovering more possibilities in the blockchain industry. There are a number of experts working under the Foundation. With their collective efforts, the Foundation has published 100,000 citations along with 200 patents.


In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, this is the third significant innovation in blockchain technology. The blockchain-based computer distributes and scales smart contract computation and the data gathered after computation, all at web speed. Furthermore, it facilitates the execution and storage of data with great efficiency and provides dynamic software frameworks to the developers of the ICP community.

To summarize, the ICP blockchain protocol will help to build better and more efficient platforms, decentralized applications, websites, and produced a more tokenized version of these systems. Therefore, Internet Computer protocol is a step further into the blockchain world.

Internet Computer ICP price data and analysis

At the time of writing, the Internet Computer price today is 55.14 USD. The past few days have been bullish for the ICP price while August has been quite bullish for Internet Computer coin as well as other altcoins too. The Internet Computer came into existence in 2021.


Considering the initial price of the coin, we can see in the chart below that the prices are down by more than 1400% from the all-time high at 737.20 made in the month of May 2021. For deeper analysis, you can have a look at the historical price data provided by CoinMarketCap.

ICP Price Prediction 2021-2028 1

Furthermore, looking at the above chart, it is clear that since its inception, the price of the token has been trading in the zone of $40-$80. Therefore, for 2021, the coin hasn’t performed well but, looking at the technology behind ICP, our forecast system predicts a bullish trend for the coin. The current market cap of the coin stands at 9.1 billion USD, up by 12.43 USD.

A deep price analysis of these digital coins predicts that the smart contracts platform will soon find itself in a bullish movement. Looking at our price ICP coin price analysis in the short term, it is clear that the price has been quite bullish since August.

On 7th August, the price of the coin rose by 7.07%, by 14.66% the following day, and by 27.72% the day after. This made ICP a highly profitable investment for investors. On 9th August, the price rose by 16.25%, while the very next day, the prices went up by 11.44%.


On 4th September, the price went up by 18.96% while on 7th September, the ICP token fell by 23.03%. On 29th September, the price of the coin surged by 8.64% whereas, on 1st October, the prices surged by 14.62%. Hence overall, the price action has been bullish in nature.

Technical analysis of the price of Internet Computer

For today, the one-day trading volume of the coin stands at 527 million USD, up by 122.72%. The cryptocurrency Internet Computer price has surged by 12.3% today according to the 1-day chart below. The current price stands at $54.98.

The price action has surged above the 100-day Moving Average but the prices are still below the 50-day Moving Average. Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction in the short term will turn bullish if these key Moving Averages are taken under control.

Internet Computer technical analysis

Considering the price movement in the Bollinger Bands, the price action is moving into the upper end of these bands which will make the price action turn bullish. A breakout is imminent once the resistance at 58.64 is broken. The highest price today was 56.05 USD.

Internet Computer price prediction

In this section, we will discuss Internet Computer price predictions. The adoption of Internet Computer Network plays a major role in the price momentum of a price. Therefore, we will be concluding the price predictions made by the biggest websites like WalletInvestor, DigitalCoinPrice, and many others.

ICP’s price will also be influenced by Bitcoin’s movement in the crypto market. The crypto community sees Bitcoin above $100K while the long-term price predictions put BTC at a million dollars.

Internet Computer price forecast by WalletInvestor

According to the website, the Internet Computer project will reach the price of $6.240 in a matter of 1 year. This means that the Wallet Investors don’t believe Internet Computer to be a good investment in the long term. Therefore, the website advises the investors to sell Internet Computer when possible.

ICP price prediction Short term forecast by Wallet Investor

According to their Internet Computer forecast, the earnings will be reduced by more than 88 percent of an investor in Internet Computer cryptocurrency by October 2022.

Earnings forecast by WalletInvestor

Therefore, it can be concluded that the ICP token will see a bearish trend in the near future. The price prediction (Internet Computer) believes that to push ICP higher, fundamental changes need to be made.

ICP price prediction for 2021

The maximum price for ICP/USD at November end is kept at 7.303 USD, the minimum at $2.434 USD. This makes the price prediction heavily bearish for November.

Considering the predictions for the month of December, the maximum price of ICP/USD is kept is 6.155 USD, and the minimum is at 2.052 USD.

Internet Computer price prediction for 2022

The internet computer price equal to a max of 4.970 USD for January end, and a min of 1.657 USD. Furthermore, the max price for Feb end is 5.261 USD, while the min is $1.754.


The average, minimum, and maximum prices for the first 21 days of October 2022 are given in the image below.

Internet Computer price prediction October 2022

The ICP price prediction for November stands at a min of 1.393 USD, max of 4.178 USD while for December, the min is 1.692 USD, and the max is 5.077 USD.

ICP price prediction 2025

The ICP price prediction for January end is put at a minimum of 0.431 USD, and a maximum of 1.295 USD. Another price prediction for February end states the Internet Computer ICP price will be a min of 0.453 USD and a maximum of 1.360 USD.

Internet Computer ICP price analysis for the first 21 days of October states the following prediction:

Internet Computer ICP price prediction for 2025

By November end, the min price of ICP will be 0.711 USD while the maximum is expected at 2.134 USD. For December end, the minimum price is at 0.640 USD, and the maximum is at 1.919 USD.

Internet Computer price prediction by DigitalCoinPrice

DigitalCoin predicts a price of 84.91 USD for 2021, 95.51 USD for 2022, and 115.53 USD for 2023. This makes the Internet Computer price prediction for ICP tokens quite bullish as compared to Wallet Investor’s prediction.

Internet Computer price prediction for future

The Internet Computer ICP price for the year 2024 will be 140 USD, for 2025 at 164.32 USD, and for 2026, a price of 199.09 USD can be expected. The Internet Computer ICP price for 2027 and 2028 can be expected to be 219.59 USD and 240.16 USD.

Internet Computer forecast

CoinPriceForecast Internet Computer Forecast

According to the Internet Computer forecast provided by CoinPriceForecast states a price of 64.67 USD for the end of 2021. This brings a 17 percent price change for investors. Furthermore, the mid-year price of Internet Computer cryptocurrency is at 81.64 USD as the currency generates interest with its internet services and public internet. The year-end price for 2022 will be 93.54 USD.

Internet Computer’s bullish trend continues in the cryptocurrency market as the mid-year value of the currency for 2023 will be 114.59 USD according to the website. For the year-end, the expected price is 135.22 USD. It seems that ICP will be one of the most important virtual currencies in the crypto space with its current circulating supply above 160 million tokens.

Here is the deeper analysis for Internet Computer:

Internet Computer ICP price prediction

Final Verdict

Internet Computer ICP price prediction for the long term is bullish overall. Considering the current performance of the coin, it is possible that we will cross the 100 USD mark by the end of 2021. But, before investing in the coin, it is important to do your own research on the price of Internet Computer.

The current price of the coin is above 50 USD and Bitcoin has been progressing as well. It is possible for the entire crypto market to see newer heights in the month of October. Other forecasts show that it is less possibility for the current investment in the coin to go down. The resistance level has been broken and new highs can be seen.

DFINITY’s Internet Computer is a public blockchain network designed to replace the traditional IT stack and disintermediate commercial cloud services companies. With this perspective, we envision DeFi platforms to enterprise IT systems being hosted on the Internet Computer. A network of sub-blockchains governed by an ownerless master blockchain will indeed enhance the Internet with an innovative form of serverless cloud functionality. We can see a bright future for the ICP token.


Is ICP a good investment?

Taking the short-term price action of the token, ICP has shown good potential. But, considering the huge drop from the all-time high, the coin hasn’t performed in the long term. Although, a lot of projects are being integrated on ICP protocol and therefore, we will see increased interest from the general public, making ICP a good investment in the future.


Will ICP break above $100 in 2021?

Considering the price movement from $30 USD in July 2021 to $80 in September 2021, we have a clear view that the coin price has a lot of potentials. Therefore, as the crypto environment turns bullish, we will see ICP break above 100 USD by the end of the above.

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ZRX Price Prediction 2021-2022: Market Analysis and Opinions



The ZRX token is an Ethereum token that powers the 0x protocol. This protocol is meant to allow you to trade Ethereum tokens directly from your wallet at a reasonable cost.

ZRX Price Prediction: Introduction

With the Chinese ban on cryptocurrencies, traders are piling into decentralized exchanges: here’s a look at ZRX price prediction. The crypto bounced back from a slump that kicked off in mid-Q2 2021. Perhaps there is more than meets the eyes with 0x decentralized exchange. 

According to price data available on CoinMarketCap, 0x (ZRX) is currently valued at $0.9828. Based on the current rate, ZRX enjoys a market cap of $831 million and a fully diluted market cap of $984 million. The circulating supply of ZRX is nearly 85% of the total supply of tokens. 


Decentralized exchanges like 0x have seen most of the action in 2021. In this article, we’ll take a look at ZRX price prediction to attempt to charter a sensible path for this cryptocurrency, which is all about freedom. 

ZRX Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

On a technical note, let’s concentrate on what could be the climax of the consolidation face. Since mid-May, ZRX has been trending lower. Currently, ZRX sits just under resistance from its 50-day moving average at $0.845. Additionally, the significant market of ERC20 tokens has traded sideways for over a month and continues to have trouble clearing its pivotal resistance levels. 

ZRX Price Prediction
Source: TradingView

Since Ethereum represents a large section of the economy minus Bitcoin, then ZRX can be correlated to its movements. It is a key symbol to watch for market strength and weakness. 

From the onset, the market is still reacting more to the continued hopes that another round of Fed stimulus will be channeled to the crypto market along with the ongoing institutional interest that might spill over to Altcoins. Bitcoin and Ethereum are still doing well, according to Bitcoin price prediction and Ethereum price prediction so if investors are so happy, why isn’t ZRX showing more enthusiasm.


The wall of worry for ZRX price prediction is $0.91 now that it seems insurmountable for ZRX to gain the kind of momentum to break past this key resistance level. But does this moment of weakness tell the complete story of 0x?

ZRX Price Prediction
Source: TradingView

If 0x’s world is about to end, then why is money pouring in at dips to tune the price back into consolidation? In fact, it is fair to say that poor market breadth and the unknowns about the next bear market are to blame for the poor performance. 

Focusing on the average returns during the four calendar months that end calendar quarters – March, June, September, and December, only March has averaged gaining ground. It is clear that this is a seasonal pattern traders need to be aware of. 

Long-term, investors should be encouraged by the strength and resilience of the entire crypto market. The strong technical evidence points to greater rewards ahead for long-term investors by remaining fully invested and riding the inevitable bumps along the way. 


Short-term, however, is a different story for this decentralized exchange. The expected sell-off at $1.187 and $1.315 puts a wrinkle in the picture and now investors should be concerned with the rest of the Q3. A correction is not so far-fetched. Some investors are likely exiting the market for altcoin since Bitcoin is trading in weak territory. 

Something is ruining the crypto party, but it will disappear by next spring on a boast of big-money investor confidence. That means you might want to be ready for some turbulence ahead. 

ZRX Price Prediction: Market Opinions

Traders are confused about the market outlook for the next six months, the next one year, and the next five years of ZRX. That lack of consensus can make trading prices volatile and suppress confidence in 0x emerging as an unlikely winner in the midst of the Chinese ban. 



First off, WalletInvestor projects a bearish and bullish outlook for ZRX in its ZRX price prediction, where the latter is in the long-term. Based on the forecast system, $1.531 is the most likely ZRX price prediction in the next year. However, the sentiments scale point bearish on a 30-day outlook. 


CoinQuora gives a bullish ZRX price prediction ranging from $1.26 to 2.11 in the long run. The system is also bearish in the next 30-days. However, ZRX might run along with the bullish momentum to break past the $2.11 resistance level and reach higher. 


TradingBeasts forecasts ZRX could hit $1.167 by October, $1.170, and $1.172 by November and December, respectively. By applying historical price patterns, the best possible price development for ZRX by the end of Q2 of 2022 is $1.446, which could become the key resistance level. 



As of September 29th, Gov.Capital ZRX price prediction puts the best possible price for the end of October at $1.0212. However, the forecast projects a bearish finish to the year at $0.858. In that effect, Gov.Capital projects that ZRX could be valued at around $1.103 by mid-2022.

On 0x, Tokeneo projects ZRX might end the 2021-2022 trading year as one of the top 30 growth cryptocurrencies per market cap. The forecast system believes the price-performance might be maintained through to 2022, which could remain so for the rest of the year. 


According to CoinSwitch, ZRX is primed to reach $9.125 in the next five years. Based on the analysis, ZRX is bound to climb up the market capitalization ladder, banking on partnerships and integrations. In a time frame of a year, ZRX could rise to $2.421 by mid-2022. 



Building on his technical analysis, famed cryptocurrency analyst Caselinben is going long on ZRX. Following an accurate projection of a short-lived deep before the end of September, he projects that ZRX is on its way to $2.200 by the end of 2021 on strong RSI. 

Crypto analyst Aki99 also forecasts more upsides coming soon for ZRX. First off, a possible break past $1.3 is projected, followed by a break out past $2.2 and $4.72 in a one-year timeframe. With this, ZRX could break the historical resistance level and set a new precedent for future price predictions. 

Latest News and Happenings Concerning ZRX

0x is building on partnerships and integration with the announcement of a partnership with Jump Crypto. Jump is a global player in proprietary trading with an emphasis on algorithmic and high-frequency trading strategies. With over $78 billion exchanged on the system, the partnership will solidify 0x as a major player in the decentralized exchange scene. 


With DeFi bursting into the scene, 0x is a founding partner of Celo’s DeFi for the People initiative, whose mission is to bring more users to adopt DeFi. 0x is the best fit for the project because of its mission to create a world where token-value flows freely. This mobile-first DeFi project will put 0x right in front of six billion smartphone users. 

Brave browser, which provides an ad-free browsing experience, is partnering with 0x to make cryptocurrencies and DeFi more accessible to everyone. 0x API will power Brave Swap, which will allow Brave users to trade cryptos directly on the Brave crypto wallet. Brave is currently one of the best platforms for onboarding users for DeFi, which means this partnership could be incredibly valuable for 0x. 

Final Words

That’s everything you need to know about 0x price prediction for 2021/2022 trading. You have everything you need to navigate the good, the bad, and the ugly on the ZRX price prediction.  


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NuCypher Price Prediction 2021-2022: Market Analysis and Opinions



What is the NuCypher coin?

NuCypher is an Ethereum token that can be staked to run a node on the NU network. It describes itself as a threshold cryptography network that delivers decentralized apps and protocols with data privacy and key management.

NuCypher Price Prediction: Introduction

We use price action patterns, statistical modeling, and expert counsel to make the best NuCypher price prediction. With the growth in the adoption of decentralized applications, security and privacy are of growing concern. So NuCypher is here to add a layer of privacy and security to public blockchains. 


At the time of writing this piece, NuCypher was trading at $0.3083, according to data from CoinMarketCap. That figure brings the market cap to $209 million, where the fully diluted market cap to $1 billion. 

The NuCypher token (NU) is the currency that will bankroll the security and privacy enhancements on public blockchains. As such, investors are keenly watching NU price predictions waiting for the first indication that NuCypher will hit $0.5 and possibly $1. 

NuCypher Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

NuCypher price is approaching, breaking the overhead resistance between $0.281 and $0.271. However, a higher level typically attracts selling from traders that could threaten NU, which has trended downwards at a somewhat slow pace. NU has turned down slowly ever since, attempting an all-time high at $1.14 and $0.958, as well as the 61.8% Fibonacci level. 

NuCypher price prediction
Source: TradingView

At a time, it almost looked like NU was going to avoid plunging even deeper at the key support range of between $0.177 and $0.174, which dates back to February 2021. For a short while, the bulls purchased the drop to the 200-day moving average, but they have not been able to build momentum on it. This shows a lack of demand for NuCypher at higher levels, which could spell doom on NU price predictions 2021. 

Should NU continue to pull down below the 200-day moving average, the selling could intensify, and the trading pair could decline even further. Conversely, if the price rebounds off the moving average, it will reveal that the bulls continue to accumulate on the dips. The bulls may again try to push NU’s price towards the $0.45 to $0.50 range. 

 NuCypher price prediction
Source: TradingView

The NuCypher price prediction 2021 shows that the crypto is trading along the support line, indicating that the bears have the upper hand. This trading pair could challenge the psychological support at $0.26, and the bearish momentum could pick if this support cracks. A break and close above $0.45 will be the first sign of strength. 

In the meantime, NuCypher remains trading in consolidation between $0.36 and $0.26. The buyers pushed and closed the price above the resistance of the range on September 6th, just like many other cryptocurrencies, but the break proved to be a bull trap for all. After a dip back into consolidation, the buyers defended support as bears pulled the price down as is evident by the long tail. 

For the time being, relative strength has remained in the negative zine, and the 20-day moving average has started to turn down, which can be interpreted as a weakness of the path of least resistance. If the price breaks below $0.26, the selling could intensify, pushing the next support to $0.22. 


The ascending channel trend exhibited in Q3 2021 is no more. The movement is broken, and consolidation might signal the start of a new trend that could impend on NuCypher price prediction.

NuCypher Price Prediction: Market Opinions

The experts have aired concerns and opinions on NuCypher price prediction for 2021. But, with a market capitalization of over $1 billion, you bet that more experts are watching this cryptocurrency, which could bolster public blockchains and make them safer for all. 


According to WalletInvestor, NuCypher will go up but fail to fight off seller pressure to settle for $0.35 within a year. However, even with this small change in NU price prediction, WalletInvestor notes that investors can expect to enjoy more than a 28% gain on their ownership of these tokens. 



On a similar note, Gov.Capital also projects growth in value for NuCypher, forecasting a token price of $0.5 in the next year. The projection is that NU could experience a significant dip in mid-December 2021, where selling pressure with a crash the support line at $0.22. 


An analysis by CoinDataFlow of NuCypher price prediction reveals a possibility that NU could be valued between $0.357 and $0.626 in 2022. The range falls within the forecast of other systems, which adds a layer of confidence. The prediction goes further to project 2023 as the most likely year for NU to break past the $1 resistance. 

Digital Coin Price

DigitalCoinPrice experts don’t expect NuCypher to make any significant moves in the month leading up to 2022. In fact, based on their analysis, NuCypher could end 2021 at $0.414 and maintain the same upward momentum throughout 2022 but fail to break past $0.489. 


The News Crypto

The expert advice offered by The News Crypto sheds some light on the future of NuCypher, where the analysts predict NU could be valued at $0.44 within a year. Moreover, the team does not dispel the possibility that a test and confirmation of $0.5 is likely with the risk of price rejection. 


According to the analysis by SwapSpace, the most likely NU price prediction is $0.423 on the lower side and $0.695 on the higher side. This price prediction shows that projections are rather contradictory. In this case, the fundamental might have a stronger role to play in the future of NuCypher. 


Famed cryptocurrency analyst Elarchote believes NuCypher is making small moves on its way to a target price of $0.34 before the end of 2021. However, a pending retest of the support line at $0.277 could prove fatal as prices could continue trending towards. All in all, the best NU price prediction is between $0.31 and $0.341. 


Likewise, Pilatuz suggests waiting for at least two retests of the support line at $0.264 before taking up the buy signal aiming for a sell-off point at $0.371. A possibility of a price rejection of a short-lived reversal is highlighted at $0.236. That said, this crypto analyst is bullish on the future of NuCypher, but skeptical of the chances that NU can make any seismic moves. 

Latest News and Happenings Concerning NuCypher

An exciting prospect for the future of NuCypher price prediction is that the future of public blockchains seems multi-layered. This feature will be critical in making blockchains as interoperable as possible. Already NuCypher is working on a Polkadot bridge with a grant from the Web3 foundation. Here Polkadot price prediction has an important role. Combined with the efforts to make the current NuCypher version a fully 100% browser experience, this platform will be a more robust developer stack for developers building dApps.

In June, the Proposal RC0 was approved by NuCypher stakes and stakeholders. The staking contract for KEaNU and the associated adapters are being implemented. NuCypher is breaking new ground as a community, and reaching such milestones is incredibly exciting and good news for NU price predictions. With this, the community now has clarity on the path forward for NuCypher and a roadmap to completing the objective and sustainability of its mission.


Meanwhile, Keep Network’s token prices have remained in consolidation for more than 75 percent from their peak, causing investors to expect another breakout. The news is also bolstered by the NuCypher merger, which could reshape the landscape of public blockchain privacy and security. 

NuCypher Price Prediction: Verdict

Perhaps it is a bit sad that NuCypher price prediction seems to be contradicting and paints a somewhat grim picture of the future of NU. Still, if you assume that more than half the number of cryptocurrencies are yet to attaint billion-dollar market caps, NU price prediction is not so bad. NuCypher price prediction 2021 makes an excellent case for why NU is an exciting investment opportunity within the crypto world in 2021.

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VTHO Price Prediction 2021-2022: Market Analysis and Opinions



What is VTHO?

VTHO is a cryptocurrency. VeThor Energy is another name for the VTHO token, which stands for VeChainThor Energy. VeChainThor is applied to fuel VeChain transactions and is the same as the cost of completing transactions on the VET blockchain.

VTHO Price Prediction: Introduction

VTHO price prediction is making its way into the list of the most-watched cryptocurrency forecasts of 2021/22. This VeThor price prediction will analyze everything there is to know to determine whether this cryptocurrency has a future. 


According to CoinMarketCap, the VeChainThor token was valued at $0.01021 at the time of writing this piece. VeChainThor enjoys a sizeable market cap amounting to $416 million on a fully diluted market cap of $415 million. 

VeThor is what you might consider an “offshoot coin” to the wildly successful VeChain network. The token is paid as a form of a dividend to every holder of VET tokens, the native currency of the VeChain ecosystem. That said, this VHTO price prediction 2021 will tell you if this crypto is anything worth owning today. VeThor price prediction is in close connection with the Vechain price prediction.

VTHO Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

VeChainThor has attempted to recover back towards the $0.0240 level, following a dip toward $0.0008 in these past months. The move lower helped reverse a bearish price divergence that was building up on the MACD indicator since VTHO briefly tested a historic high at $0.0286. 

VTHO price prediction
Source: TradingView

The technical analysis shows that a breakout from the fall remains valid even though prices trade below $0.01. As for VTHO price prediction, this cryptocurrency could trade as high as $0.0151 in the medium term. The daily time frame shows VTHO breaking above its 200-day moving average, which is technically VeThor Token price predictions 2021 have turned bullish. 

A breakout above $0.0151 coupled with a broader crypto market rally could carry enough momentum to see VTHO rallying towards a bullish target of $0.0286. The technical point to a bullish bias on VTHO while trade below $0.0105. The four-hour chart show bearish head and shoulder patterns are forming recently following the slow decline towards $0.0045. 

Source: TradingView

Looking more closely at VeThor price prediction, possible neckline support is found at the $0.0084 line. Judging the size of the bearish pattern, a fall towards the $0.0045 level is likely. If the bearish pattern is vindicated, then VTHO could breakout below $0.0045 to fall on $0.0042 before price recovery. 

However, if the bearish pattern is invalidated, VeChainThor crypto could rally towards $0.0107. In the meantime, VTHO has the feel of a big tradeable bottom, having formed after a multi-week spell of capitulation selling. The market has bounced off of oversold readings. At this point, for the best VTHO price prediction, all you can do is wait. 

So, what VTHO is reacting to is the rapidly changing dynamics created by a period of strong performance. That means investors are now betting on a significant slowing of the cryptocurrency market. Certainly, things could change on a dime. After all, VTHO offers an incredible value proposition, which means that any hint of very good news will change what could be an emerging long-term downtrend for the VeChainThor token. 


VTHO Price Prediction: Market Opinions

What do the experts and Algo say about VTHO price prediction for 2021? In this section, we take a look at the popular VTHO price prediction courtesy of expert traders and AI-powered forecasting systems. Here is everything you need to know about the future price of VTHO. 


Starting off with WalletInvestor, a thorough price data analysis helped educate the forecast that VTHO could be valued for as much as $0.0178 within a year. The bullish sentiment is backed by the forecast that VTHO is headed for a $0.0521 valuation in five years. However, the forecast warns of a medium-term fall in price occasioned by the ongoing dip. 


According to CoinQuora, VTHO is a solid cryptocurrency investment. The forecast system projects that VeThor token price by 2022 is expected to reach $0.07. This prediction also reinforces the idea that VTHO reaching $1 soon is very much possible. As per this bullish sentiment, prices by 2023 could be between $0.5 and $1. 


Digital Coin Price

DigitalCoinPrice concurs in its optimistic VTHO price prediction. The forecast calculates that VeThor could soon be worth $0.0157 within a year. Building on the same momentum, the forecast has VTHO trading on $0.0192 by the end of 2022. While the forecast projects prices are moving up, it also reveals that VTHO will not be making any significant moves within a year. 


A study by StormGain also shows VTHO could go up within a year, but is less significant compared to the rally fuelled by Bitcoin’s record-setting rise. The forecast projects VTHO could go up to $0.22 banking on a new bull run of the crypto market. Chances are VTHO could breakout above $0.01 by the end of 2021, and rally strongly in 2022. 


The Cryptopolitan has VTHO among its must-watch cryptocurrencies for 2021-2022. A study by the trading experts reveals VeThor token could reach $0.01 within a year. Moreover, the forecast predicts prices could double by December 2022, where VTHO could be valued at $0.02148. Let’s move forward in our VTHO price prediction to see what the other experts have to say.



The trading experts at TradingBeast, however, don’t offer any re-assuring forecasts for VTHO. According to their projection, the best outcome for the VeThor token in 221/22 is $0.0113. That is a slight increase from the current price, which could also be seen as the price finding stability in this area. Based on this information, a possible rally towards $0.0286 might be possible. 


Cryptocurrency analysts iTradeForex predicts that VTHO is poised for a breakout past $0.0192 is imminent. Based on his technical analysis, VTHO is bouncing in a channel, which is most likely to rally the crypto to new heights. In fact, the analysis presents the idea that the possibility of a new high setting in is likely based on past performance and recurring patterns. 

Likewise, Trading-The-Trend is betting on the bullish pennant developing on the daily chart to target a selling point at $0.0243. Based on the technical analysis, the most likely end-of-year value for VTHO is $0.0191. It is only a matter of time before VTHO clears the resistance level at $0.01, which could be a pivotal level for the perfect bullish divergence on both the MACD and RSI. 


Latest News and Happenings Concerning VTHO

VeThor token is set to benefit from a major milestone for the VeChain project, which seeks to eliminate the tradeoffs from the Nakamoto Consensus and Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) consensus. The new upgrade will give VeThor a significant leg up in establishing itself as one of the most valuable, eco-friendly cryptocurrencies on the market. 

VTHO price prediction is banking on good fundamentals to set up VeThor for awesome gains in the market. Through the new PoA 2.0 consensus, VeChainThor will guarantee data finality as the result of a high throughput capability. The mechanism upgrade will provide an even more secure and efficient layer one public blockchain platform. 

This new consensus update brings VeChainThor a step closer to accomplishing what has been dubbed Economic Digitization. It presents the cryptocurrency with a path to large-scale adoption, which is exactly what every investor wants to hear. With this new development, early adopters should expect to welcome big money investors and a bullish VeThor price prediction. 


Combined with the high-performance VTHO is already showcasing, VeChainThor will cement its role as a useable currency with an almost neutral environmental impact compared to Bitcoin. Why is this important? Studies on enterprise-level involvement in the crypto market reveal that investors are increasingly attracted to eco-friendly currencies. As users embrace carbon reduction targets, VeChainThor is in the perfect position to be the public blockchain of choice for long-term enterprise collaboration.

VTHO Price Prediction: Verdict

According to bullish VeThor price prediction, the future of VTHO is bright. VTHO price prediction is evidence that this token is a profitable investment in the long term. As the bearish season comes closer to an end, traders can look at VeThor price prediction 2021 as evidence to hold positions and stay positive. 

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