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Bitcoin Market launches campaign with actor from Porta dos Fundos at Jornal Nacional break



The Bitcoin Market starts this Wednesday (6) a campaign with comedian Rafael Infante, one of the founders of Porta dos Fundos, to reinforce through humor a position of authority in cryptocurrencies in Brazil.

The advertisement will debut during the break of Jornal Nacional this Wednesday, on TV Globo. The company takes a nudge at other market players: in the video a person has a cryptocurrency transaction interrupted by the fact that it is already six o’clock in the afternoon – traditional brokerages monitor the opening and closing times of the Stock Exchange (B3, by example, opens 9:30 am and closes 6:15 pm).

Rafael Infante then appears to say that the brokerage operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company has invested heavily in mass vehicles. Recently, he made an advertising insertion in SBT, during the break of the semifinal match of the Copa Libertadores da América between Atlético Mineiro and Palmeiras. In action, the narrator of the match explained to the audience what cryptocurrencies are and how to invest.

“The interesting thing about this campaign is that it uses humor to call attention to a very serious question: where do you put your money when you decide to invest in cryptocurrencies? The answer is obvious: in the expert’s hand. The Bitcoin Marketplace has an eight-year history in the world of digital assets. We were practically born with Bitcoin”, explains Ana Antunes, head of Marketing at the Bitcoin Market, from Grupo 2TM, which controls the brokerage.

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