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Harmony Price Prediction 2021: Will ONE Price Excel Beyond $1?



Altcoins have grown drastically over the last two years. Many exciting crypto projects are entering the market, in order to serve the needs of the blockchain space, either by improvising existing solutions or by cracking the unsolved problems. One such promising project could be Harmony. 

In the continuously evolving crypto space, Harmony is one of the unique projects. It works on the Effective Proof-of-Stake (EPoS) consensus mechanism which is referred to as the new version of PoS. This enables improved scalability and faster transaction speeds.

As the platform is preparing for extraordinary upgrades and collaborations in Q4, the ONE Price could skyrocket to hit new milestones. Now on-point, what will be the possible Harmony price Prediction by the end of 2021? Will the asset become the real Ethereum-killer? For the recent updates, buzz, and a long-term price prediction, dive in! 



Market Cap.$2,535,410,127
Trading Volume.$563,738,309
Circulating Supply.10.67 Billion ONE
All-time high.$0.2655 on October 10th, 2021.
All-time low.$0.003807 on 14th March 2020.

What is Harmony (ONE)? 

Harmony is the next-generation sharding-based blockchain protocol built to allow the creation and use of DeFi apps. The network is fully secure, scalable, and it intends to innovate the way dApps work by allowing the creation of blocks in seconds. 

The platform utilizes Effective Proof-of-Stake (EPoS) consensus mechanism, the method enables staking from hundreds of validators at the same time. Moreover, the network allows cross-shard transactions enabling shards to contact directly with each other.  

Harmony being a fast and open blockchain for dApps has its own native token ONE. The protocol is utilized for staking, to pay transaction fees, storage, and gas fees. 


Fundamental Analysis:

Harmony is founded by a former principal engineer of Apple Stephen Tse in 2017. His main motive behind the launch of this project is to revolutionalize block creation, by bringing in the sharding process.  

The founder accomplished Ph.D. in cryptographic protocols and type theory from the University of Pennsylvania. In 2006, he gained knowledge as a research intern at Microsoft soon after his degree. Moreover, the founder accumulated 4 years of experience as a senior engineer at Google

In 2011, he launched a search engine called Spotsetter, which was acquired by Apple later. Dr. Stephen Tse also served as Principal Engineer at Apple in 2014.


The creative founding team of Harmony mainly includes 12 developers, who carry the experience of working with reputed companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and more. The team enables grants program that intends to build more innovative products and bring creative developers to the Harmony mainnet.  

In 2020, the Harmony platform achieved significant milestones. The platform introduced Horizon bridge to Ethereum enabling traders to seamlessly connect projects on Ethereum over to Harmony. The team also collaborated with Gitcoin to revolutionalize the future of web3 together in 2020. The first hackathon event conducted was Hack the Horizon, with more than 350 developers team building on innovative ideas for DeFi, fiat applications, NFT, and cross-chain infrastructure.

Now when you know what the Harmony protocol is! The next question that strikes your mind is, is ONE a better investment option for 2021? Let see what the future holds for this altcoin in this Harmony (ONE) Price Prediction article.


Harmony (ONE) Price Prediction 2021:

Harmony entered the year 2021 with a trading price of $0.00844. On a bullish note, the price started to rise further and is trading at $0.199 by mid-March. However, on May 19, the price collapsed, dipping  $0.05688. The ONE price remained sluggish till mid-July. 

The token’s price had a massive gain thereafter reaching a new ATH of $0.2168 on September 9th, 2021. Yet again, Chinese market turmoil plummeted the price rally dumping the asset’s price to $0.1208 on September 21st. Forming a rising wedge pattern the price surged by more than 50% on October 10th taking the price to a new ATH of  $0.2655. 

Harmony ONE price may trade at $0.5172 by the end of 2021, on average with regular buying and selling pressures. However, with a wide vogue of its interoperability upgrade between Bitcoin and Ethereum scheduled to launch in late Q4, the coin may strike a high at $1 with further developments. On the flip side, failure in any upgrades or adverse market conditions, which may operate as a setback, pulling the coin to minimums at $0.2471.


Harmony Price Prediction 2022:

If this year closes on a bullish note, then the 2022 trade might begin with an uptrend at $1. On the other hand, if the ONE token hits the bottom flank, then the next year may commence with a bearish trend at $0.2471.

The community could focus on revolutionizing interoperability. If Harmony enhances its platform by offering flexibility and seamless transparency, the protocol may smash a $1.8 mark by the end of 2022. 

On the flipside, ONE price may also fall back to $1.015. If this does not happen, the average figures by the end of 2022 seem reasonable and may strike at $1.505.


ONE Price Prediction For The Next 5 Years

In 5 years, ONE might become the top DeFi token available in the market and might enter the top 20 cryptocurrencies list. If the network works on an instant transaction system, then it may blow a high at $7.

By the end of 5 years, ONE coin might trade at $5.414 with not many developments. On the other hand, if new regulations pop up in the coming years, the coin may entangle and drop even to $3.991.

ONE Price Market Prediction



According to TradingBeasts, the Harmony price is expected to hit the maximum price of $0.3412 and the minimum being $0.2320 and is anticipated to trade at an average price of $0.273 by 2021. The ONE price is expected to trade at an average price of $0.3351 by 2024.


Walletinvestor made a bullish prediction for Harmony. They expect up to three-digit growth prices in the upcoming years. For the year 2021, they predict that the ONE price may reach a maximum of $0.258 by the end of 2021. The coin price may nearly double and hit $0.414 in 2022. They hope that the coin price will hit the maximum of $0.997 by late 2025.



A crypto prediction website has reupdated their price prediction for ONE, they forecast that the price is expected to close its trading at $0.32454 by 2021. In 2022-2024, an average price close to $0.3856 to $0.5378 is predicted. 

Our Predictions:

The constant upgrades and partnerships will give a massive boost to the price of Harmony (ONE). With recent network upgrades, the price is rising extremely positively.


According to Coinpedia’s formulated Harmony price prediction, with bullish market sentiments, ONE’s price may skyrocket to $0.4978 by the end of the year 2021.

On the downside, future market fluctuation and increased competition may adversely affect Harmony’s  (ONE) price to see a downtrend in the upcoming months, which may result in a collapse of the coin’s price to $0.1993.

Year.Potential High.Potential Low.

Historic Market Sentiments:


Harmony (ONE) entered the market in the year 2020 with an ICO of $0.006500. the price was hovering at the same price till the year-end $0.4811 as the platform was in its initial state of fundamental upgrades. 



Is Harmony (ONE) a good investment?

Yes, if you are planning for the long term Harmony looks promising, as the coin is planning for expansion and more security upgrades.How high may Harmony (ONE) price hit by the end of 2025?

Harmony (ONE) has a tremendous potential to reach new ATH’s as per the fundamental analysis. According to crypto influencers and experts, ONE can hit the $5 mark by the end of 2025. Where can I buy Harmony (ONE)?


Harmony (ONE) is available across popular platforms such as Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, and more. You can easily register there and can trade the coin.Will ONE hit $1 by the end of the year 2021?

If the current bullish trend continues and if the coin plans for more updates and partnerships, ONE is expected to hit $1 by the year-end.

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Harmony (ONE) Price Eyeing Massive Rally Before 2021 End



Harmony One token is up by 20 percent in the last seven days and it is currently trading at $0.30 at the time of writing.

The token’s value is also rising as a result of recent network enhancements disclosed by the development team.

Harmony said on Twitter on November 22 that, thanks to a recent update, its blockchain could now handle more than four times as much user activity. The news boosted the value of the One token, and the trend has persisted into Tuesday’s trade.


In a tweet today, Harmony provided an update on its Bitcoin bridge project, stating that it was fine-tuning with its contracted auditing firm and that the auditing firm will be investigating new options on the project.

One mid-cap Ethereum competitor, according to the host of popular crypto channel Coin Bureau, could rise before the end of the year.

King of smart contract cryptocurrencies?

Guy, a YouTube expert, has told his 1.66 million subscribers that layer 2 protocol Harmony (ONE) could be the “one” coin to rule them all in a new video.


Harmony is a blockchain that aims to help users create marketplaces for both fungible and non-fungible digital assets, in order to fuel decentralised economies. Guy compares the idea to Ethereum 2.0 and emphasises the network’s fast speed.

“Harmony looks like Ethereum 2.0 under the hood. This is because Harmony leverages the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) for smart contracts and uses a sharded proof-of-stake blockchain consisting of four shards. Each shard can process up to 500 transactions per second, meaning Harmony can currently process around 2000 transactions per second, with a transaction finality of 2 seconds.”

The well-known analyst also explains why Harmony’s ONE coin is deflationary.

The ONE coin is used for governance and transaction fees in addition to staking. When it comes to transaction fees on the Harmony blockchain, all ONE coins used to pay for transaction fees are burnt. ONE, on the other hand, is not deflationary.


This is because each year, a fixed amount of 441 million ONE coins is manufactured, and ONE coin transaction fee burns are designed to only burn the ONE coins that would have been minted otherwise.

Despite Harmony’s uphill battle for smart contract platform supremacy, Guy believes ONE coin has the potential to become “a top contender” in the category in the future.

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Harmony price analysis: Harmony ONE towards new discoveries as bullish momentum inflates to $0.315



  • Harmony price analysis is strongly bullish today.
  • ONE/USD is marking ATH after ATH as bulls discover new horizons.
  • Support for ONE/USD is found at $0.269.

The Harmony price analysis shows the cryptocurrency looks like it is on steroids as it shows highly bullish behavior. The Harmony is discovering a new high every day continuously from 22nd October when it hit a record high at $0.269. The price continues to move higher like there is no tomorrow. Today price broke above the $0.3 mark as the bulls march still continues.

ONE/USD 1-day price chart: Harmony at a record high of $0.315

The 24-hour Harmony price analysis shows bulls have taken the price higher from $0.290 to $0.315 at the time of writing, which is a significant gain in just a few hours. Overall ONE/USD has gained a good value of around 10 percent over the last 24 hours and shows a massive gain of more than 39 percent over the past week, which is a whopping sum for the specified period, as it brought almost double the wealth for investors on the sum invested just a week ago.

Harmony price analysis: Harmony ONE towards new discoveries as bullish momentum inflates to $0.315 1

The trading volume also surged by 88 percent as Harmony rocketed, catching the market interest in ONE/USD asset, which helped the crypto pair gain an increase in market cap by 17 percent. The volatility is again increasing for ONE/USD as the Bollinger bands are expanding again after expanding vastly on 7th October. The volatility indicator suggests more price fluctuation to be observed in the coming time.

The relative strength index (RSI) shows over buying of the ONE/USD asset as it has entered the overbought region and is trading at index 74. The RSI still shows an upwards curve which proves intensive buying in the market.

Harmony price analysis: Recent developments and further technical indications

The 4-hour Harmony price analysis shows Hamoney corrected for some time after hitting the record high yesterday, and today bulls took on to continue their journey for a further climb and have broken the previous record by discovering a new higher price for the crypto pair.

Harmony price analysis: Harmony ONE towards new discoveries as bullish momentum inflates to $0.315 2
ONE/USD 4-hours price chart. Source: Tradingview

The volatility is also high on the 4-hour chart, but the upwards breakout of the Bollinger bands suggests the price function to remain on the upwards side in the coming hours despite the corrections following in between. The RSI has just entered the overbought region and is trading at index 71 on the 4-hour chart.

The technical indicators for Harmony are on the bullish side, with a majority of 16 indicators favoring buying options, and none of the indicators support selling options. However, 10 ten technical indicators stand neutral out of a total of 26 technical indicators.

Fantom price analysis: conclusion

The Harmony price analysis for today is bullish beyond speculations as the price is moving higher every day and has crossed the psychological mark of $0.3. More increase in price is also expected in the coming hours, and it may go as high as $0.318.

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Harmony Price Analysis: ONE price resistance at $0.2345, lower prices to follow?



  • Harmony price analysis is looking bearish for today, down by 9.8%.
  • The price resistance was witnessed at 0.2345 USD, which remains unbroken.
  • The price support at $0.24001 didn’t hold, as the coin is falling towards the $0.17027 major support.

Harmony price analysis is quite bearish for today as the coin has already fallen by more than 9 percent today. The highest price reached today remains at $0.23424 while the lowest prices differ. The current low stands at $0.20890, while the price of ONE token at the time of writing is $0.21119.

Considering the data by CoinmarketCap, the one-day trading volume for the token dropped by 54.35%, standing at 266 million USD. On the other hand, the coin’s market cap dropped by 11.51% and is currently at $2.2 billion.

Bitcoin is already on the course towards the $60k price level, finding support at the $56.6k price level. If the trend continues, higher prices are possible for cryptocurrency. If you want to know more, kindly look into our Bitcoin Price Prediction.

ONE price action in recent days

Harmony token (ONE) price in recent days has been quite bullish as the price of the token surged by 5.54% on 30th September, followed by 9.85% on 1st October.


Considering the first week of October, the prices rose by 2.13% on 4th October, 4.56% on 5th October, 7.47% on 6th October, finally rising by 5.15% on 11th October.

Harmony price analysis: Technical indicators are bearish

Harmony price analysis on the 4-hour chart shows that the technical indicators are bearish, but considering the long run, the price action is still above the 50-day and 100-day Moving Averages.

The Bollinger Bands show that the price action broke out from the upper end of the Bands a few days ago, but multiple red candles in the 4-hour chart brought the price action down. We can expect a breakout from the lower end of the bands.

Harmony price analysis
Harmony price analysis on the 4-hour chart by TradingView

Harmony price analysis can be done accurately using the RSI indicator that shows a price level below 50. If the sell-off continues, ONE token will continue to drop below the 40-level.

Furthermore, the MACD indicator shows that the signal crossed the blue line, indicating a bearish crossover. This means that in the short term, the price will remain bearish as the histogram turns red.

Harmony Price Analysis: ONE price resistance at $0.2345, lower prices to follow? 1
Harmony price analysis on the 4-hour chart by TradingView

Harmony price analysis: Conclusion

Harmony price analysis is concluded on a bearish note for the short term as the bears have taken charge in the 4-hour chart. As Bitcoin continues to reach newer highs, altcoins continue to bleed.

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