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Waves price analysis: Cryptocurrency finds backup at $28.21 after substantial loss



  • The price has moved up to $28.213.
  • Waves price analysis confirms an up rise.
  • Support is still fixed at $25.32 position.

The latest Waves price analysis is dictating signs of recovery, as the price followed an upward movement today. The WAVES/USD value has experienced growth during the day as the bulls have regained their strength. Although a downward trend was observed in the previous week, the price has been able to pick itself again because of bullish support. The price has increased to $28.21 as a result of the efforts from buyers.

WAVES/USD 1-day price chart: WAVES price steps up to $28.2 as trends undergo shift

The one-day Waves price analysis is confirming an uptrend for the day as the green candlesticks have reappeared on the price chart. The price is now following an upward movement once again after undergoing a constant reduction in the previous week. The bullish momentum has resulted in an increase in price up to the $28.213 level in the last 24 hours. The price is yet to reach the moving average (MA) level which is at $28.71.

Waves price analysis: Cryptocurrency finds backup at $28.21 after substantial loss 1

A crossover between SMA 50 and SMA 20 has been delayed because of the upturn in price. The Bollinger bands Indicator plays a vital role in making correct predictions, and its upper value is now $31.671 and the lower value is $25.32. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) score is at the neutral position of 50.87.

Waves price analysis: Price stumbles at $28 as bears limit chances of further growth

The four hours Waves price analysis shows that the price is moving down once again as a consequence of bearish efforts. An uptrend was following earlier as the price was advancing quite steadily. But it has undergone a reduction in the last four hours as the bears have returned on the price chart. Red candlestick is marking a decline in price up to the $28.218 level. The price is now below the moving average value as well i.e. $28.22.

Waves price analysis: Cryptocurrency finds backup at $28.21 after substantial loss 2
WAVES/USD 4-hours price chart. Source: TradingView

The SMA 50 curve is traveling higher than the SMA 20 curve which is another indication of a downtrend. Because of the increasing volatility, the upper Bollinger band is now at $29.55 and the lower Bollinger band is at $27.46. The RSI curve has descended down to the 45.91 level as well, which is an average score.

Waves price analysis: Cryptocurrency finds backup at $28.21 after substantial loss 3
WAVES/USD technical indicators chart. Source: TradingView

The overall indication for the day is going towards the neutral side, as a constant variation in trends has been recorded during the past few weeks. Still, there are more indicators on the buying side i.e. 10, as there are seven indicators on the selling side and nine indicators on the neutral side.

The moving averages indicator is supporting the buyers by giving out a bullish signal. There are nine indicators standing at the buying position, five indicators are at the selling position while only one indicator is at the neutral position. The Oscillators are going neutral as well as there are eight oscillators that are on the neutral level, two oscillators are on the selling level while only one oscillator is on the buying level.


Waves price analysis conclusion

The price is on the rise once again as the bulls are in the leading position for now. The increase in price has been confirmed by the one-day and four hours Waves price analysis as the price is now touching the $28.21 point again. On the other hand, a drop in price has been recorded in the last few hours which means that the coming hours might not prove so favorable.



Anthony Scaramucci: Cryptocurrency Markets Had Their Black Friday On November 26



Anthony Scaramucci believes that the fundamentals behind the cryptocurrency industry are enough to be bullish during panic episodes.

Today was an ugly day for the cryptocurrency world. In fact, it was a bad day for the financial markets in general. The U.S. stock indexes fell 2% on average, the FTSE lost 3.64%, the DAX was down 4.15%, oil futures tumbled more than 10%, and cryptocurrencies lost more than $200 billion in capitalization.

All because of fears of a new strain of COVID-19 that had speculators and analysts brainstorming scenarios of a possible new lockdown. Recently, scientists discovered the B.1.1.529 variant of the coronavirus. It has a high number of mutations that could make it immune to the antidotes developed to date.

Stock Markets in Nov. 26, 2021. Source: CNN
Stock Markets in Nov. 26, 2021. Source: CNN

Anthony Scaramucci is Bullish on Bearish Times

However, while some are rushing to sell their assets in fear, others take advantage of the situation to fill their pockets. Anthony Scaramuci, Trump’s former Comms director during his tenure in the White House, is one of them.

In a recent interview for CNBC, the Founder of SkyBridge Capital explained that this panic episode (the biggest since the 2020 crash) is nothing but a Black Friday and that people should take advantage of it to inject money into strategic investments as government monetary policies do not give much reason to be optimistic.

“If the Fed is not tapering, this is a buying opportunity. It’s Black Friday, and things are on sale.”

Discussing the cryptocurrency market, Scaramucci called for calm. He explained that the fears that led to the fall do not affect the fundamentals and that while there is a market overreaction, in the big picture, cryptocurrencies have enough reason to emerge stronger from this economic episode.

“If you believe in the long-term fundamentals as we do, this is the time to be buying. I just think this is a risk-off situation right now. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies being volatile, that’s taking people out of the game. That’s also washing out some of the leverage, which I think sets up a pretty nice first quarter.”

Cryptocurrencies Are Doing Just Fine All Things Considered

Scaramucci is not the only bullish person in this sea of tears. Ricardo Salinas Pliego – the third richest man in Mexico – recommended his Twitter followers to buy Bitcoin as a hedge against the consequences of irresponsible U.S. policies.


Good old USA is looking more and more like any other irresponsible third world country….wow…look at the scale of fake money creation.
Buy #Bitcoin right now.

— Ricardo Salinas Pliego (@RicardoBSalinas) November 24, 2021

Salinas Pliego defends the thesis that Bitcoin is the equivalent of digital gold and acts as a store of value. Scaramucci, for his part, does not share this view.

“I don’t think it’s a hedge against inflation at this moment in time. I think (it could be in the) long term, if you got to a billion wallets, and Bitcoin is in a stable trading zone … This is sort of Amazon in the year 2000, so this comes with some volatility.”

Volatile or not, Scaramucci still believes that cryptocurrency markets have reacted in a healthy way to what could be bloodshed —considering previous crises.


Economic analyst Alex Krueger agrees with this position, highlighting that cryptocurrency traders fared better than traditional investors on this Black Friday.

Crypto tanked due to extreme risk off sentiment triggered by the new covid variant. It would have crashed in the same way had prices been much lower. Not a matter of euphoria. Crypto assets performed well relative to other asset classes such the crude oil complex and small caps.

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Central Bank of Brazil selects 7 projects for sandbox and includes JP Morgan currency exchange solution



The Central Bank of Brazil announced on Thursday (25) which projects were selected for the first cycle of Sandbox BC, a program of the entity that aims to encourage innovation. In this first phase, the BC team focused on projects dealing with solutions for the foreign exchange market, such as JP Morgan, which is focused on immediate transactions between currencies.

According to the organization, in this phase, seven projects were selected, among the 52 enrolled, and that will now be able to count on BC’s help to get off the ground. Approved projects will receive specific authorization from the regulatory agency and will have their development monitored by the Strategic Management Committee of Sandbox BC (Cesb).

For César Frade, who coordinates the Committee’s advisory, if the response to these solutions is positive, the organization must create ways to embrace them.


“The purpose is to evaluate new experiences, innovative business models. The BC will analyze whether these proposals that were presented to us make sense, can be put into effect”, said Frade in the statement.

Payment solution using Itaucard’s PIX and Mercadopago’s service network are also on the list of the Sandbox BC program. See below in alphabetical order which companies had their projects selected and a brief description of each one

OTC Scholarship

Platform for issuance and secondary trading of private fixed income securities.



Loan with property guarantee, with payment on maturity and without periodic amortizations, in conjunction with the taking out of specific insurance to reduce relevant risks.


Development of a secondary market for Bank Credit Bills — CCBs.


Carrying out payment transactions with credit granting, revolving or in installments, using PIX functionalities.



Platform capable of moving amounts between two or more accounts, by transferring amounts to ‘temporary or settlement’ accounts, on demand, to carry out an operation under previously signed conditions.

JP Morgan

Technological solution for the execution of multi-currency payment instructions, for exclusive use between institutions authorized by the BC to operate in the foreign exchange market for the purpose of immediate exchange of reserves.

paid market

Implementation of a network of physical points that offers the service of contribution of resources in kind.


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Jerome Powell’s reappointment, a setback for cryptocurrency – Mike Novogratz



  • Novogratz says Powell second term is setback for crypto.
  • Galaxy Investment Partners CEO says Powell does not understand US economy.
  • Novogratz predict bullish future for crypto with institutional investors.

Ex-hedge fund manager and CEO Galaxy Investment Partners, Mike Novogratz, has frowned at the reappointment of Jerome Powell as chairman Federal Reserve.

Novogratz is of the opinion that a second tenure for Jerome Powell would slow down cryptocurrency markets, the Nasdaq, and “all assets.” He said this as a Bitcoiner and not an investor noting that Powell could be detrimental to the markets’ growth.

He said during a CNBC interview that, in his opinion, Powell has failed to understand the political and economic reality of the United States, which reflects on the market.

Novogratz explains realities of US economy

The CEO said cryptoers are getting bearish on Jerome Powell’s appointment following the change in the Marco story.


He noted that inflations are high in bad ways in the US, questioning what the fed would do.

“We have inflation showing up, you know, in pretty bad ways in the US So, we can see, is the Fed going to have to move a little faster … That would slow all assets down. It would slow the Nasdaq down. It would slow crypto down if we have to start raising rates much faster than we thought.

He noted that the US is experiencing its highest inflation in 30 years. At 6.2 percent annually, the consequences are already starting to ripple through the rest of the world, with 39 of the 46 world’s largest economies showing higher inflation year-on-year.


According to Novogratz, with Powell being tipped for a second term, he can be more aggressive with his policies without needing to measure his actions so as not to put his job at risk.

Jerome Powell aside, Novogratz focused on cryptocurrency

The CEO hinted that he is all about the crypto space predicting a bullish future for the currency in the near future.

As CEO of Galaxy Digital, he has to study market trends and expectations constantly. He assures that the more distant future looks promising for cryptocurrencies after the short-term ups and downs.


He also states that more and more institutional investors continue to enter the crypto space a catalyst for growth in the crypto space.

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