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EOS to Fork Away from Block one, Gearing for Major Upgrades



  • EOS to move away from
  • EOS plans to have a major network enhancement.

The crypto companies continue to develop new technologies to enhance its network and stay competitive against competitors. This time, EOS (EOS), a highly performant open-source blockchain platform plans to bring its platform to the next level.

This made the CEO of EOS, Yves La Rose react in a tweet post:

La Rose stated in the tweet that he does not plan to please anyone. Instead, he is here to get the job done. “I’m not here to be liked. I’m here to do a job and guide $EOS into the future. Whether you like me or not, I still have a job to do. My resolve is absolute. Enough time spent walking on eggshells. Moving forward” he said.


Furthermore, La Rose also intends to move away from its technology guiding partner — As per La Rose is fraudulent and if EOS will continue to collaborate with, EOS might also carry its fraudulent influence, a matter that La Rose wants to stop.

La Rose further explained,

What we are experiencing is a shift whereby the EOS community is placing itself in a position to be able to move away from, essentially forking them out. Until this formal shift occurs will simply continue weighing EOS down.


On the other hand, La Rose intends to uplift the tarnished reputation of EOS and for him to do that he asked the help of its community. “My leadership will make the EOS ecosystem thrive once more. But I alone can not succeed in this task. Together, as a community, we can deliver an extraordinary revolution for EOS. I believed that in 2017, and I firmly believe it today. Our actions have already propelled and inspired a new wave of collectivism within the community, he said.”

Last but not least, La Rose gives hope to all the EOS community in the crypto space. ”Today is the genesis of what EOS has the capacity to become. There are no more excuses, there are no more roadblocks. We have everything we need. What becomes of EOS next, is simply what we make of it.”

At the time of writing, EOS trades at a decent price of almost $5 per crypto and currently ranks as one of the top 50 cryptos in CoinGecko.


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