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Pulse Bomber Launched with Low Market Cap – Big Upside Potential?



Pulse Bomber has just launched their new token $PULSEBOMBER as well as their new crypto mining platform – The Pulse Bomber Miner. The new token has taken some of the best tokenomics models in crypto and enhanced them to put its focus on longevity and growth with a buyback and marketing protocol. Currently, the project’s market cap is still incredibly low, at only $350,000. 

Based on the future plans, partnerships announced as well as their revolutionary crypto mining platform offering market-leading ROI, this is expected to notably increase in the short and long term, providing investors with a potential 50X increase over the coming months if the project’s achievable goals are met.

The Pulse Bomber Miner

Pulse Bomber has a new crypto mining service that allows its users to hire miners in order to significantly increase their holdings. The Pulse Bomber Miner, built on the Binance Smart Chain, currently has an average of 10% daily ROI with variable amounts based on the current balance of the smart contract. This will vary based on the increases and decreases that will adjust as the users partake in the service. 

The service is encouraging high engagement with users motivated to return to the platform daily. Through compounding ROI, the more the user earns through the platform, the more miners they can hire, and less engagement means the efficiency of their miners will decrease. Setting and forgetting will not be an option if a user seeks the highest reward potential.

There are some fees with the service, with a 5% deposit fee, a 25% withdrawal fee, but zero fees for users inside the application. All fees are directly deposited back into the liquidity pool to benefit the users of the platform and the platform itself.

Pulse Bomber – Referral Bonuses for Users

Pulse Bomber is aiming to use a significant referral bonus system to further entice growth within the platform. Every user is assigned a unique referral code that can be shared anywhere. 

The code will allow the user to receive a 10% allocation of all deposits made with the code and can be shared an infinite number of times, the reward potential can be limitless.

The Buyback and Burn Feature

The burn feature makes up a significant amount of the transaction taxes with 10% of all buys and sells allocated to burning, but has a significant difference from the standard burn feature seen with other projects as the buyback immediately transfers the value to the token holders and the community by purchasing tokens directly from the open market for burning.

Dedicated and Significant Marketing Wallet

Pulse Bomber has created a tokenomics model that is aimed directly at growing the platform through effective marketing, as a portion of all transactions are allocated to a dedicated marketing wallet. The wallet already has a significant amount of holdings with $150,000 generated since launch and will enable the project to be completely self-sustaining for the long term.

The directive of the wallet is to allow the project to increase brand awareness as well as users. This wallet will constantly be increasing as the project develops and will allow the project to use the best and most effective advertising platforms available.

Pulse Bombers New Partner for Marketing – Coinpresso

Pulse Bomber is using its marketing budget with the assistance of Coinpresso – an expert SEO, crypto pr, and marketing agency to create effective marketing strategies in order to encourage further investment, brand awareness and grow the number of holders. 

This is planned to be carried out in a number of ways, through the top crypto-based publications and advertising platforms as well as tried and tested SEO and click-funnels. $PULSEBOMBER has already seen an impact on its price, based on the news of this partnership as the value rose 25% today when the word got out to its community.

Pulse Bombers Short Term Roadmap

The project is only in its early stages but has already built a solid foundation with the mining platform, token use case, and also the allocation of a large marketing budget to further grow its user base. There are already listings planned in the near future for the $PULSEBOMBER token with Altbase soon to announce a date to list the token. Altbase is an altcoin exchange and application on both iOS and Android that specializes in easy transaction processes and listing the best altcoins and meme coins. This listing is aimed to allow potential investors an easier option when purchasing the $PULSEBOMBER token.

Due to the project’s current low market cap, significant marketing budget, and self-sustaining but high ROI mining platform, the volume of holders is expected to experience significant growth in the coming months. The goals set out for the project are achievable and if the team can come close to reaching them, the potential for investors at this stage could be exponential.

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