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Robinhood COO Applauds Shiba Inu Community but Fails to Provide Details on Listing



Despite praising the Shiba Inu community, Robinhood’s CEO didn’t provide a lot of optimism in regards to getting the coin listed.

Christine Brown, the Chief Operating Officer at Robinhood’s cryptocurrency arm, believes the Shiba Inu community has done well in expressing its desire to have the meme coin listed. However, the popular trading platform is still reluctant to do so.

  • During an interview for the Crypto Goes Mainstream event, Brown was inevitably asked about her company’s stance on the skyrocketing in popularity meme coin Shiba Inu.
  • After all, many community members have wondered whether Robinhood will indeed add SHIB services, as it did with another meme coin – Dogecoin.
  • The ongoing petition “kindly request of Robinhood to list Shiba Inu coin” now has more than half a million signatures.
  • However, Brown asserted that she was unable to provide details on the firm’s plans in regards to adding new tokens. Instead, she said Robinhood is a “safety-first company” that works well within the regulatory scope.
  • “We think that the short-term gain to us is not worth the long-term trade-off for our users. We want to make sure that we are working and assessing everything from a regulatory perspective.” – Brown noted.
  • Nevertheless, she praised the Shiba Inu community for its initiatives, saying, “they really engage with us and really let us know what they want.”
  • Shiba Inu has surged in popularity in the past several months. The number of holders grew to roughly one million, at least according to the CERTIK audit report posted on the project’s website.
  • Currently, SHIB is the 11th largest digital asset with a market capitalization of around $30 billion.

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