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There has always been a demand for quality investment services. Trying to satisfy this demand there was an idea of ​​creating the Aribuka company. Robert Baker has set a goal to bring together the best specialists in their field under the wing of one company. So a few months later, in September 2019, a team of 5 managers was assembled, each of whom had great experience in their area of ​​investment.

Joint work for 2 years has shown results that have exceeded all expectations. By diversifying its capital into 5 areas, Aribuka was able to reach an average monthly profit of more than 20%.

 The investment portfolio of

📍 IPO is initial public offering of joint-stock company.

📍 ICO is the initial placement of new cryptocurrency units.

📍 Startups are young and perspective companies that have recently started their operations.

📍 Offline business is a purchase of pool or stake in large business.

📍 PoS Mining is an online mining option without the need to purchase expensive equipment.

Projected profit based on past results range from 0.7% to 1.3% per day.

1. On the tariff «Conservative»,based on past results we predict an average yield of 0.7% per day. This tariff plan is investments in such areas as: POS Mining and Offline business.

2. «Balanced» tariff,  based on results in the past, is more beneficial. The average yield is about 1% per day. Your funds work in such areas as: IPO, ICO, Startups

3. “Aggressive” is the most profitable tariff plan presented by the company. By investing  together with Aribuka you will be able to earn  an average up to 1.3% daily. In the “Aggressive” tariff  your funds work in 2 directions: Startups, IPO.

 The Additional opportunities of income

After registration, you can participate in the affiliate program as well as in the bounty program and receive a good reward for this. More in the section of the web site «Partners» and «Bounty».

About our  company

In February 2021, it was decided to create website with the intention of  receiving funds from private investors wishing to increase their capital. Some time after obtaining the license the company began to show results for its first investors. Also, recently, the company has an insurance fund that will be used in cases of force majeure.

Our mission is to help the maximum number of people who want to start investing, but have no practical experience in this area.

The Aribuka Limited team would like to thank all new members for their trust and support. Together we can achieve any financial goals.

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