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Stellar And MoneyGram Announce Launch Of Cash-In Cash-Out Pilot



MoneyGram’s partnership with Stellar has already hit its first milestone with the launch of a live cash-in and cash-out pilot in the United States. Participants in the pilot project can deposit funds into their digital wallets at any participating MoneyGram location.

An Important Milestone

MoneyGram had announced in October that it had partnered with the Stellar Development Foundation to integrate the MoneyGram network and the Stellar blockchain. The integration would enable payouts and cash funding in local currency with Stellar USDC, along with instant settlement capabilities.

The pilot is considered the first major milestone in that partnership, enabling those participating to deposit cash in their wallets from MoneyGram locations and send payments abroad using the Stellar USDC. Participants can also exchange their Stellar USDC for any supported cash currency on MoneyGram.


Revolutionizing The Payments Space

MoneyGram has kept up with app-based financial services, electronic wallets, and digital wallets and has kept pace with these services’ growing popularity and adoption. MoneyGram is the first money transfer company that has integrated blockchain technology, using it as part of its FX trading.

Moneygram has continued to make strategic investments in blockchain technology and struck up innovative partnerships focused on digital P2P payments and money transfers.

Stellars Partnership With Moneygram

MoneyGram’s partnership with Stellar enables its users to convert USDC to cash or cash to USDC. All of this could be done without needing a bank account. USDC, already the fastest growing digital dollar currency, will see added utility and an increase in liquidity as more wallets and users join the ecosystem.


The partnership will also enable instant settlements with MoneyGram, thanks to the use of USDC. The immediate payment settlements will go a long way in reducing risks, improving efficiency, and enabling faster fund collection.

Cash Still A Major Player

The partnership between MoneyGram and Stellar also underlines the fact that while the world is seeing significant growth in the adoption and utility of digital assets, cash will still be a major player in the world. A significant number of world markets would still be running on cash as many areas of the world are unbanked or underbanked.

An Easy Entry Into Blockchain

MoneyGram’s integration with Stellar offers users of the service an easy entry into the crypto and blockchain industry. Individuals in emerging markets can have easier access to the space thanks to the pilot. According to MoneyGram and Stellar, the pilot is the first of many initiatives that will enable greater access to the world’s financial system.


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Stellar price analysis: XLM aims for $0.443 high after 6 percent rise



  • Stellar price up 6 percent on intra-day, rising as high as $0.3476
  • Price targeting 90-day high of $0.443 if $0.385 resistance is crossed
  • Trading volume also up more than 4 percent

Stellar price analysis for the day confirms beginning of an uptrend for the token. Price went up more than 6 percent on the day with trading volume also rising over 4 percent. Price showed a high of $0.3476 which was the first time at this level since November 17. Since then, XLM has been facing a turbulent period with price struggling to consolidate. Now, after crossing the crucial 20-day Exponential Moving Average, Stellar price could be up to go as high as $0.443 once the $0.385 resistance is crossed.

The larger cryptocurrency market showed gains during the day’s trade, with Bitcoin rising 4 percent to sit just under $59,000. Ethereum crossed the $4,500 mark with a 7 percent rise with major Altcoins showing positive results as well. Cardano upped 5 percent to sit at $1.69, Ripple 4 percent to $1.05, and Solana 5 percent to $210.91.

XLM/USD 24-hour chart: Price looking to go up after moving past EMA

On the 24-hour chart for Stellar price analysis, price looks to be making significant inroads towards the resistance point at $0.387 after crossing the crucial 20-day EMA at $0.3429. The 24-hour Relative Strength Index (RSI) sits at 46.60 and looks to be gaining value to present an ideal valuation for traders to invest in XLM. Price currently sits just above the EMA at $0.3469 at the time of writing, with the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) curve also showing a favourable picture for the token.

Stellar price analysis: XLM aims for $0.443 high after 6 percent rise 2
Stellar price analysis: 24-hour chart. Source: Trading View

XLM/USD 4-hour chart: Price closes as high as $0.3481

The 4-hour chart further validates the emerging positive trend for XLM, with price rising as high as $0.3481 on the closing trading session. The RSI presents an ideally poised value of 55.97 which represents a strong market valuation for XLM. The MACD curve also indicates bullish momentum as it heads towards the 0.00 mark after clearing the neutral zone. From this stage, price will look to close above $0.35 over the coming trading sessions with the RSI continuing to add value along with the larger cryptocurrency market.

Stellar price analysis: XLM aims for $0.443 high after 6 percent rise 3
Stellar price analysis: 4-hour chart. Source: Trading View

Stellar price analysis: Conclusion

From majority technical indicators and candlestick charts, it can be confirmed that XLM is undergoing an uptrend that is poised to take price as high as $0.443. With price boosting up over 7 percent on the day, the current trend is well in touch of the $0.387 resistance point. Once this region is ticked off, price will open doors to settling above $0.4. However, any movement below $0.321 over the next few trading sessions may invalidate the bullish thesis.

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Stellar Lumens XLM Price Prediction 2021- 2025



The current Stellar price today is $0.346473 with a 24-hour trading volume of $547,226,826. Stellar has been down 2.21 percent in the past 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #24, with a live market cap of $8,418,489,227 USD. It has a circulating supply of 24,297,692,586 XLM coins and a max. supply of 50,001,806,812 XLM coins.

XLM Chart

Source: Coinmarketcap

After Ripple snub, Moneygram ties up with Stellar for cross border test program

A collaboration agreement between Stellar and Moneygram was announced earlier this month, allowing Stellar holders to use Moneygram outlets to swap USDC for cash and the other way around. Moneygram operates more than 350,000 outlets in 200 countries and territories.

Stellar Lumens XLM Price Prediction 2021- 2025 1

Source: Stellar

Stellar (XLM) is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies around. In this Stellar lumen (XLM) price prediction, let`s take a closer look at Stellar price history, technical analysis, and Stellar price prediction for the upcoming years.


What is Stellar Lumens (XLM)?

Stellar blockchain technology was launched in 2014, making it one of the oldest cryptocurrencies that still has survived among the top 100 most significant coins: Jed McCaleb, the co-founder of Ripple and founder of MT. Gox, together with a lawyer, Joyce Kim, created this project as an alternative to Ripple.

With support from Stripe CEO Patrick Collison, the stellar network was launched with 100 billion stellar coins issued at first, after seed funding of $3 million was offered in return for 2 percent of the total XLM token supply from the blockchain startup.

Almost a year later, in January 2015, stellar cryptocurrency already had more than 3 million users, with a market cap just below $15 million.


The digital currency utilizes Stellar consensus protocol, which is their own custom-made version of blockchain. To run the XLM cryptocurrency network, a total of 66 validator nodes operate across the globe, with three nodes run by the Stellar Development Foundation itself. This means less decentralization while gaining increased speed and reduction in fees for cross-border payments.

Founder and CEO Denelle Dixon described this as a major step forward for Stellar since it successfully connects the blockchain and the real world. For the Stellar network and the wallets that are part of the Stellar network, this represents a monumental development; a U.S. pilot program to test this feature has since been announced by Stellar.

Although much has been made about bitcoin acceptance in the real world, this relationship, if further developed, represents a significant step forward in this regard.


Stellar network enables MoneyGram’s bankless payment method

The Stellar network’s connection with MoneyGram International, the world’s largest money transfer company, is becoming stronger by the day. A live cash-in and cash-out pilot in the United States has been disclosed by the firm in an official blog post.

A New Europe-Africa Payment Corridor Will Be Created With Stellar’s New Partner MoneyGram has formed a partnership with the Stellar Development Foundation after dissolving its engagement with Ripple after the SEC lawsuit against its leaders. Since January, the company’s business partners have made significant measures to enhance the company’s ability to process payments.

New MoneyGram initiatives have enabled them to implement “one of the fastest, most frictionless. transactions” possible, according to the company.


Cash-In Cash-Out pilot program by Stellar and MoneyGram

This is the first step in MoneyGram’s relationship with Stellar: a live cash-in and cash-out pilot in the US. Money may be deposited into digital wallets at any MoneyGram facility that is participating in the test experiment.

Stellar Lumens XLM Price Prediction 2021- 2025 2

Source: Twitter

Therefore, various payment processors frequently use the Stellar platform worldwide, which has naturally led the Stellar lumens price to increase over time. You can buy Stellar Lumens at any exchange.
Stellar Overview

stellarStellarXLMXLM$ 0.333344$ 8.21 B0.96%

Stellar Network & Signals


The Galaxy Score indicates how healthy a coin is by looking at combined performance indicators across markets and social engagement. Display the real-time Galaxy Score of any coin.


XLM price history and technical analysis

Stellar XLM market price has seen a substantial increase over the past years. Stellar spent most of 2018 and 2019 retracing from the previous all-time high of around $0.50.

Technical analysis gauges provide real-time ratings for the specified periods. The summary for XLM/USD is based on the most prominent technical indicators — Moving Averages, Oscillators, and Pivots. Results are given in the image below.

XLM Technical analysis

Source: TradingView

At the beginning of 2020, the market did eventually bottom out around the $0.03 mark, as seen on the price chart.


During 2020, Stellar price established both a significant swing higher high at $0.12 and a higher low at $0.07. In the middle of November, Stellar lumens price started rapidly pushing higher until the $0.23 mark was reached.

This spike pushed stellar forecast price for next year much higher as the market had finally shown signs of strong recovery.

Stellar Lumens XLM Price Prediction 2021- 2025 3
XLM performance coinmarketcap

Over the following weeks, the XLM coin price action retraced to retest the $0.12 previous resistance as support.

From there, the cryptocurrency market rallied over the following weeks until a new all-time high of just above $.60 was set, reaching a market capitalization of almost $15 billion.


During February and March, the Stellar price saw another retracement together with Bitcoin price, which also saw a new all-time high set at the time.

Support was eventually found around the $0.35-$375 area, where the market consolidated for some time.

At the end of March, the overall bullish trend resumed, and we saw the crypto market price almost retest the $0.60 all-time high. Currently, XLM is facing bearish momentum, as is the entire market environment. The support levels have been broken, and every altcoin is falling out of its bull run.


As of now, the market situation is bearish, and the support level is being tested. A change in the price of currencies has come.

Stellar Lumens XLM Price Prediction 2021- 2025 4
XML price today and TA by tradingview

Right now, it is in bearish momentum. In the 4-hour chart, we can make a short-term Stellar Lumens price predicition using the above technical analysis. With the reversal in the trend, it can be said that the price of the coin has changed its bearish outlook as it is trading above the 50-day and 100-day MA, breaking out of the upper end of the Bollinger Band. This gives a favorable outcome to the price.

XLM price prediction 2021

XLM price prediction continues to be bullish in the long term. We can say that Stellar Lumens price increase rapidly over the past months and the overall market.

Let`s take a look at some of the most popular forecasts before you make your investment decision.


Wallet Investor Price Prediction

Stellar Lumens Price predictions by wallet investor long term
Stellar Lumens Price predictions by wallet investor long term

One of the most popular outlets, Wallet Investor, has set a 1-year Stellar forecast price at $0.536. As seen on the forecast chart, the expected trading range is very volatile. This, however, is outmatched by the potential price return.

It is expected to reach 1.5 USD in 5 years.

Stellar Lumens Price predictions by wallet investor short term
Stellar Lumens Price predictions by wallet investor short term

Digital Coin

Digital Coin has a much more bearish Stellar price prediction, as they expect XLM to end the year at around $0.4212054846. Similarly, the Stellar forecast price is set at just $0.9875933618 over the next 5 years. By 2028, according to the Stellar Lumens technical analysis by the firm, the stellar lumens price will reach $1.23.

Stellar lumens price forecast by Digital coin
Stellar lumens price forecast by Digital coin

Crypto Ground

Crypto Ground has a very bullish forecast and investment advice for the XLM over the next years. They estimate that XLM/USD will trade at the $0.4389 mark at the end of 2021. By the end of 5 years, the Stellar Lumens XLM price is projected at $1.06.

stellar lumens price prediction
stellar lumens price prediction by crypto ground


As always, TradingBeasts has one of the most detailed price predictions. They estimate a minimum price of $0.0668688, a maximum price of $0.0983364, and an average price of $0.0786691 by December of 2021.

Below, we can see the beginning of 2022 and ending of 2021 prices.

Stellar XLM coin price by Tradingbeasts
Stellar XLM coin price by Tradingbeasts

XLM price prediction 2023

For 2023, Stellar Lumen price prediction is much bullish overall. This is likely because analysts expect investments from financial institutions over the next years as the popularity of the network grows.


Longforecast has a bearish outlook for the next two years. By May 2023, they predict an average price of $0.08-0.10, with the maximum price expected to reach $0.14. Take a peek below:

Stellar Lumens price prediction by Longforecast
Stellar Lumens price prediction by Longforecast

Trading Beasts

Stellar Lumens future price by Tradingbeasts
Stellar Lumens future price by Tradingbeasts

A min price of 0.0753343 USD, max of 0.1107858 USD, and an average of 0.0886286 USD have been predicted by Trading beasts.

Stellar Lumens price prediction 2025

Our Stellar price prediction for 2025 agrees with most analysts. Given that the current market cycle will likely end in 2022 or 2023, we expect another major retracement by the end of 2025. Therefore, much depend on what the overall cryptocurrency market price movement is like.

Overall, we expect Stellar price to reach above the $1.5 mark and, if the overall market cycle is bullish by 2025, we could see further gains too much higher targets.

Stellar Price will trade at $1.3 by 2028, as digital coin says.

Digital coin stellar lumens future price
Digital coin stellar lumens future price

Long-term XLM price prediction (beyond 2025)

Long-term XLM price prediction is a lot more bullish. As mentioned, by 2025, we should see another major market cycle turn bullish. Therefore, the market could see 10-20 gains beyond 2025, meaning a stellar xlm price target of $15-$25.

Is XLM a good investment?

The crypto exchange rate against fiat currency has increased rapidly over the past months. Therefore, we expect the bullish momentum to continue later this year, meaning that XLM should provide a good return on investment.

Where to buy Stellar (XLM)

XLM current price

If you would want to know where to purchase Stellar, the best cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Stellar coin are now Binance, Mandala Exchange, OKEx, CoinTiger, and Huobi Global. You may discover others listed on our crypto exchanges page.

Final verdict on XLM

Overall, Stellar (XLM) is one of the oldest and best-known cryptocurrencies that still trades among the largest altcoins. It offers fast and low-cost transaction processing while sacrificing some of the decentralization.

This means that the Stellar blockchain network has a very good potential as a go-to option for payment processors across the globe. Therefore, the Stellar coin should see a further increase in popularity and price over the next years.


For further reading, see our long-term price predictions on another major, well-known cryptocurrencies, such as EOS, Bitcoin Cash, and Cardano.


Will XLM reach $1?

Given the current market bullish momentum, we only need XLM to double once again before the $1 mark is reached. This should be seen over the next months as the market currently retraces to build a base from which to move higher later this year.

However, whether XLM/USD can remain above the $1 mark by the end of 2021 depends on the overall market condition. It has a good potential to be one of the best payment systems.


Can XLM reach $100?

Stellar has seen rapid growth over the past years, with more than 100 times price increases seen before. Considering that the cryptocurrency currently trades around the $0.5 mark, we need a 200 times price increase to reach the $100 mark on a cryptocurrency exchange.

This would mean a total capitalization of more than $2 trillion, which exceeds the total cap of Bitcoin right now. Therefore, it is not very likely that we will reach $100 over the next years.

Is XLM a good investment in 2021?

XLM has tripled in price since the start of 2021. The bullish momentum continues setting higher highs, and higher lows as the overall market popularity continue to grow. Therefore, we expect XLM to continue moving much higher this year and reach above the $1 mark as a minimum.


Is XLM worth buying?

XLM is one of the oldest and best-known cryptocurrencies that is expected to grow in price, size, overall popularity, and usability. Therefore, XLM should definitely be considered for inclusion in your portfolio.

How high could Stellar Lumens go?

There is no limit to how high Stellar Lumens price could go. Over the next years, we expect the market to reach above the $2 mark, with a $15-$20 target after 2025.

How to buy and sell XLM?

Since Stellar is one of the oldest and best-known digital assets, Stellar Lumens (XLM) can be purchased on practically every cryptocurrency exchange.


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Stellar price analysis: Bulls manage to escape bearish pressure at $0.35



  • The price has increased up to $0.35.
  • Stellar price analysis supports bulls.
  • Support for XLM is found at $0.332.

The latest Stellar price analysis is showing support for the bulls today as an increasing trend is dominating the market. The bulls have rescued the price from bearish pressure by taking it above $0.34 in the last 24-hours. Although the cryptocurrency was following a downtrend for the past two weeks, today the bulls have succeeded in securing their win. Further improvement in price is to follow as the hourly prediction is not so discouraging.

XLM/USD 1-day price chart: Price grows above $0.34 as uptrend follows

The one-day Stellar price analysis is showing increasing chances of an uptrend, as more buying activity has been observed in the last 24-hours. Although the cryptocurrency remained under loss in the past few weeks, the bulls have been able to return back. The price is now at $0.347 and further recovery is to follow if the buying momentum intensifies. The price is still lower than its moving average (MA) value i.e. $0.363.

Stellar price analysis: Bulls manage to escape bearish pressure at $0.35 1

A crossover between SMA 50 and SMA 20 took place in the earlier days, but now the bulls are back on track. The increase in volatility has changed the upper Bollinger band value to $0.407 and the lower Bollinger band value to $0.332. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) score has moved up to 45.12 because of the rise in XLM value.

Stellar price analysis: Price takes unexpected downturn at $0.347

The four hours Stellar price analysis is favoring the bears as the price covered downward movement in the last four hours. Although an upward trend was following earlier, the price has decreased up to the $0.347 mark. As the bearish momentum is not so strong, it is expected that the bulls might regain their upper position once again. The moving average value in the four hours price chart is now at $0.336.

Stellar price analysis: Bulls manage to escape bearish pressure at $0.35 2
XLM/USD 4-hours price chart. Source: TradingView

The decreasing volatility is indicating that the bulls might find their way to recovery in the next few hours. The upper Bollinger band value has thus shifted to $0.356 whereas the lower Bollinger band value is now $0.327. The RSI score is in the neutral zone now as the uptrend has improved it to 48.53.

Stellar price analysis: Bulls manage to escape bearish pressure at $0.35 3
XLM/USD technical indicators chart. Source: TradingView

As it can be observed, more selling activity has been recorded during the past few weeks for XLM/USD. The technical indicators chart is thus giving out a bearish signal indicating a drop in the overall market value of cryptocurrency. More indicators are on the selling position i.e. 14, while seven indicators are on the neutral and five indicators are on the buying position.

The Moving Averages Indicator is showing support for the bears by giving out a strong bearish indication. We can see that 12 indicators are on the selling mark, two indicators are on the buying mark while only one indicator is on the neutral mark. The Oscillators, on the other side, are giving a neutral hint for the day as six oscillators are on the neutral position, three oscillators are on the buying position and two oscillators are on the selling position.


Stellar price analysis conclusion

The cryptocurrency is following a bullish trend for the day, as a rise in price has been detected up to the $0.347 mark. The one-day price chart is showing signs of bullish activity as well, as the bulls have rescued the price after a prolonged bearish trend. On the other hand, the four hours price chart is showing a slight drop in the XLM price.

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