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XDC Price Prediction 2021-2022: Market Analysis and Opinions



What is XDC? XinFin Digital Contract (XDC) is the computerized resource that powers the XDC hybrid blockchain network. The XDC token acts as a settlement instrument for decentralized applications (dApps) built on The XDC Network.

XDC Price Prediction | Introduction

Combining the power of technical and fundamental analysis, we can narrow it down to the most accurate XDC price prediction. Luckily, there are a lot of historical data and market sentiments we can analyze for a XDC price prediction. Like every other price prediction we have published, here is everything you need to know before you invest. 

At the time of writing this guide, XDC was valued at $0.0972, according to data available on CoinMarketCap. The market cap of the XDC network is estimated at a whopping $1.1 billion, which can be fully diluted to around $3.7 billion. Judging by these figures, it is safe to say we are kicking things off on a bullish start. 

Enterprise is said to be the next frontier in the battle of the blockchains. The rush to build the platform to support global trade and finance is on, and the XDC network is pumped-up to be the best. The road so far has tested the network’s resilience and ability to cope with the growing scope of blockchain: here is a summary. XDC is one of the 10 promising cryptocurrencies under $10 to invest in 2021.

XDC Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

XDC price has been on a downtrend for roughly three months and seems to be completing a very loosely put bottom pattern. The next few weeks of 2021 will likely see XDC climb higher through the immediate resistance barriers and make a run for the August highs. The bounce to $0.1816 and $0.1949 looks like the likely XDC price prediction for the end for the start of 2022.

Source: TradingView

The price dropped 48% from the highs of August and managed to stabilize around the first week of September at the $0.1108 support level. The slow, choppy nature of the price action afterward suggests that XDC price prediction could be heading back to the August high levels, but failure soon followed. Next, XDC seemed to form a makeshift support level of $0.0774.

Therefore, the XDC price is likely to continue its descent toward the immediate support level, followed by a possible test and price correction at $0.0729. In some cases, XDC price could also extend the descent to $0.0526, constituting a nearly 50% descent in total. However, $0.05 presents itself as a buy-in level that could bring back a rush of bullish trades from mid-June.

XDC price prediction
Source: TradingView

Supporting this ascent is the RSI that has gone flat. The setup XDC price prediction is set up to be repelled on the $0.07 price level. While the upswing seems promising for XDC price prediction, investors should be aware that the price action has been choppy and will likely continue being the same. Although unlikely, the XDC price could also make a run toward the $0.0375 and $0.0297 support levels before heading higher.

The bullish XDC price prediction thesis will remain intact as long as the XDC price does not produce a daily close below $0.07. However, if this level holds, this level is likely to kick up XDC to $0.1408.

XDC Price Prediction: Market Opinions

In the eyes of many within the cryptosphere, the XDC network is the startup taking over global blockchain outreach in trade and finance. What does this mean for our XDC price prediction? In this section, we’ll analyze every XDC prediction out there to find the median forecast.


WalletInvestor eyes a solid ascent contingent on a bounce from the crucial price level at $0.15 as a XDC price forecast for November – December. The XDC price forecast for the Next Year shows the token wields a tremendous growth potential of $0.279 next year. Based on the prediction, traders can watch as XDC could begin its ascend, making a bullish XDC price forecast for the Rest of the Year inevitable.


DigitalCoinPrice believes the fundamental look stronger than ever, making a $0.143 XDC price prediction justified with little time to the end of 2021. A bullish finish to 2021 could signal the start of a new uptrend as XDC eyes a XDC price forecast for the Next Year above the $0.2 range. A XDC price forecast for the rest of the year looks to come full throttle by rallying for $0.1662. XDC price forecast for November – December eyes $0.096, falling short of the $0.1 mark. However, the XDC price forecast for the Next Year is $0.14. As hype moves XDC price forecast for the rest of the year closer to $0.2, this XDC price prediction looks to break the minor impediments that have characterized the prices for most of 2021.


Gov.Capital gives a solid argument why XDC price forecasts for the Next Year are targeting $0.1104. This XDC price prediction proposes $0.95 as a likely launchpad for a bullish XDC price forecast for November – December. If this hurdle breaks, it will signal a decisive shift in the battle for a bullish XDC price forecast for the rest of the year, which is likely to reach $0.14.


TradingBeasts predict XDC bulls are saddling up ready to take XDC up the uphill battle to shatter critical resistance levels for a bullish XDC price forecast for November – December. The XDC price forecast for the next year is $0.1360. Moreover, this XDC price prediction suggests XDC could close above a crucial hurdle before the end of the year at $0.1242. 

The technical bench at CoinsKid also floated a well-detailed XDC price prediction include a XCD price forecast for November – December at $0.1081. The XDC price forecast for Next Year projects $0.1208 by June and $0.1555 by August. According to the analysis, XDC is inched closer to setting a new record in 2022. The XDC price forecast for the rest of the year could reach $0.1672. 

XDC Price Prediction: Cryptocurrency Experts and Influencers

The Cryptocurrency Trading community on Reddit is eying an ascent unlike any other on a contingent of good price action patterns that could see XDC at $0.0987 by January. This XDC price prediction is educated by the opinion of several traders pointing to possible support and resistance level on the road ahead. The XDC price forecast for the next year comes on the background of bullish signals settling into the hype around XDC. XDC price is projected to grow exponentially in XDC price forecast for November – December. 

Likewise, BitGolder reveals in a XDC price prediction that the XDC price forecast for November – December is opening up to a short-window buying opportunity. Citing the bottomed-out pattern, this XDC price forecast for the rest of the year projects $0.0967 as the close of the bear season and the start of the climb to $0.12 by January 2021.

As XDC steals the spotlight away from other growth altcoins, this XDC price forecast for the next year anticipates a massive influx of good fundamentals to finish the assault on resistance levels on the way to $0.2. 

Latest News and Happenings Concerning XDC

This XDC price prediction will not be complete with a review of the fundamentals. Recently, the XDC network announced a plan to join a blockchain consortium led by R3.

XDC will host its applications on the R3 Corda marketplace, and in turn, offer Corda with a bridge to public blockchains. This news goes to confirm XDC’s standing within the community as a startup founded in 2017 to offer scalable, secure enterprise-grade blockchain solutions. The network has been tested and had its fair share of successes, which have labeled it as a model system for other startups going into the foray of designed enterprise-focused blockchain solutions. 

XDC offers security for highly regulated industries and storage for commercially sensitive data. In 2018, the network was granted a Sandbox license to live-test TradeFinex Platform by the Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM). The network was tapped to run points on Fintech solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This license allowed XDC to test its ability to evaluate, monitor, and live-test a Hybrid Blockchain solution for ADGM clients under a regulatory framework and dull compliance. The success of the project showcased the potential benefits for the SME sector embracing blockchain financial solutions. 

Earlier in 2021, XDC fashioned itself to be a leading token in the Corda Network following the utilization of the DASL Crypto Bridge by LAB577. The bridge facilitated the movement of XDC from the XinFin network to the public Corda Network. This news became the subject of every bullish XDC price prediction as XDC showed the world it had what it takes to lead a pack of promising cryptocurrencies and networks. The DASL system is designed to eventually lead to the consolidation of technology over time through the interoperability of DLTs. That means, XDC token will be connected to every other CorDApp on the Corda Network. 

As more regulatory agencies settle for the XDC network and Corda to engage blockchain, the value of XDC will grow proportionately. This show of faith might as well be considered a regulatory endorsement of the XDC network. The network is proven to be a suitable platform to engage blockchain technologies. That’s everything you need to know to make an accurate XDC price prediction.  

XDC Price Prediction: Verdict

This XDC price prediction is bullish on a long-term time frame. The XDC price forecast for the Next Year shows an Altcoin primed to go full circle for another attempt at the August 2021 high above $0.14. All in all, XDC is looking a lot like a solid investment for traders on the current buy window. 

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