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This cryptocurrency yielded +3,000% in 2021 and analyst sees potential to deliver 50,000% profit; understand



The opportunity I will tell you today goes far beyond Bitcoin or Ethereum. It refers to a cryptoactive off the radar, connected to the infrastructure of a new, much cheaper, independent and democratic internet: it’s called Web 3.0.

Many will give up on reading this. “Web 3.0” seems to be a complicated thing, I know. But in this text, you’ll see that it’s much easier – and relevant – than it sounds, and why it’s so important that you are setted up in that segment.

Many will be afraid, many will be disbelieving. Still, there are those who will not listen to the masses and will experience the exponentiality of the new internet economy.


That’s why I make a point of telling you the details of the newest recommendation of the cryptocurrency research team at empiricus, the largest independent financial analysis house in Brazil:

Up to 50,000% potential return: this is the cryptocurrency that can change your financial life

Imagine a world where you don’t have to worry about Tim, Claro or Vivo to secure your internet.


Or rather: imagine an internet where the user is owner of the data itself…

This is one of the premises of Web 3.0: a set of ideas, projects and protocols that seek to create the new internet infrastructure (to the misfortune of Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues).

This structure is decentralized. After all, the blockchain internet it allows individuals to program services in the form of protocols, in which the code is law.


In this environment, we don’t need intermediaries regulating access and quantities, much less extracting income. The market adapts and evolves on its own – it’s true liberalism.

The graphic below is a representation of what Web3 is like. open internet to all users, built on open protocols and transparent blockchain networks:

Title: “The Web3 Revolution is being built on open standards and protocols”


Image: Messari, Tom Shaughnessy, Delphi Digital, Ash Egan

In this new internet, decision-making coordination is more transparent and efficient and data rights will be protected rather than violated in pursuit of profit.

According to Empiricus’ Cryptocurrency Research Center, Web 3 is also the stage for protocols that represent new highly disruptive business models, common explosive potential, due to cost efficiency and the ability to scale.


One of these projects is the latest nomination of Empiricus.

And as I told you above, this is the cryptocurrency that can change EVERYTHING. Why?

This crypt is a web 3.0 protocol which allows anyone to access the internet wirelessly, through the coverage network provided by crypto hotspots around the world.


Have you ever imagined this?

You, me, and anyone else can buy a hotspot, provide internet connection without the need for plans, and still be rewarded with the network’s native token.

Just think about the usefulness of this in the long run… No wonder this cryptocurrency started the year at $1.36, and is now worth around $45, which represents more than 3250% of valuation.


See only the asset’s performance since the beginning of the year:

Graph, Price Histogram

Appreciation of Web 3.0 assets – Source: CoinMarketCap Accessed on 11/18/21

More than 3250% earnings in 2021; this might just be the beginning

According to calculations made by specialist Valter Rebelo, the asset still has room for new exponential valuations. In the best case scenario, this cryptocurrency has the potential to deliver a return of up to 50,000%. And he cites two reasons for this:

  1. Web 3 is still unknown, off the radar, and tends to attract more investors once the project becomes more widespread. In other words, the demand for this asset may rise, which favors its appreciation.
  2. Every two years, the issuance of this asset drops by half (halving). This way, we have a token that is not only useful, but also deflationary. It is the law of supply and demand: when supply falls, price tends to rise.

In short: the scarcity of supply determined by code, added to the demand based on utility, tend to cause a token valuation.

And whoever has this asset in their portfolio has the potential to pocket fat profits. That’s why Empiricus recommends immediate asset purchase.

But that doesn’t mean you should put all your money into it, quite the opposite.

“For timing reasons, I recommend that you invest a small amount, which won’t hurt you. Investing in cryptocurrencies is risky and you need to be aware of that”, he explains.


The beauty of the world of cryptoactives is that you can put little money to have a chance to win big.

Think about it like this: how much would you accept to lose today for the chance to make a fortune? 100 reais? One thousand reais? 5 thousand?

That’s up to you.


The big opportunity here is that a little money can turn a fortune.

Something that doesn’t happen in savings accounts, doesn’t happen with government bonds or even with shares of large companies… This is one of the advantages of the world of cryptocurrencies.

If you are reading this, it is a sign that you may be part of a select group of people who are exposing themselves to the thesis that some analysts are calling a biggest opportunity to make money in the 21st century; and long before the general public.


And if you think I’m overreacting, just see how long it took for Bitcoin to become popular… About twelve years. In the case of this Web 3.0 asset, this popularization is already starting to happen.

Profits can start to show up at any time…

And if you’ve made it this far, I imagine you’re at least curious to know what is the cryptocurrency that Empiricus is recommending.


I would even tell you the name of the crypto in this text. After all, you deserve the chance to multiply your money and make a fortune. You have your job, your family, and your own ambitions… Extra income always goes down well.

If that’s your case, I suggest you watch Valter Rabelo’s video. He himself wants to explain all the details about the asset in the video he hastily recorded to send to you (watch here).

In this video, he explains to you exactly how you can invest in this crypto. he will also show all projections that he and his team mapped out in relation to the potential of this coin. It will analytically prove to you the fundamentals that lead you to indicate the purchase of this cryptocurrency and why you should consider investing a small portion of your equity in this asset.


The message is given. Now I pass the ball to Valter to forward you more information about this cryptocurrency that is already on the rise.

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Australia to Introduce New Regulatory Laws and Licensing Frameworks for Crypto Firms



As some top economies across the world are working to bring clarity on crypto regulations, Australia joins the bandwagon. As per the latest report, Australian lawmakers will soon create a licensing framework for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has recently welcomed this move saying that Bitcoin and other digital assets would emerge under a financial licensing scheme for crypto trading platforms. Speaking of this development, Mr. Frydenberg said:

“Australia has an opportunity to be among the leading countries in the world in leveraging this new technology. Recent surveys have found that up to 17 percent of Australians currently own cryptocurrency, with that figure likely even higher among young Australians.”

The Australian Treasurer said that he will begin talks on the licensing framework of crypto from early 2022. Besides, they will also be regulating crypto custodians i.e. businesses who hold digital assets on behalf of their consumers.


Crypto businesses in Australia are also supporting this move. BTC Markets chief executive Caroline Bowler said: “It would be a crushing shame to not have our regulation keep pace with international peers such as Singapore, Canada and Britain”.

Australia’s Own Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg also spoke about the possibility of having a central bank digital currency (CBDC) and doing pilot testing before the end of 2022. However, he advocates for the cash industry saying that the Australian CBDC should be replacing physical banknotes.

Besides, the country is looking to broaden the scope of laws for online transactions providers. Tech giants like Google and Apple are making rapid penetration in the payments market. Furthermore, there’s a fast emergence of buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) providers ike Afterpay Ltd. operating without any direct supervision. Speaking of this, Treasurer Frydenberg said:


“If we do not reform the current framework, it will be Silicon Valley that determines the future of our payment system. Australia must retain its sovereignty over our payment system.”

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Top 5 cryptos to include in your Christmas wish list



  • Cryptocurrencies offer a unique opportunity to diversify one’s portfolio.
  • There are five altcoins that appear to have great potential.
  • Speed, scalability, and low transaction costs make these digital assets stand out. 

Cryptocurrencies are here to make transactions easier and faster. But before you can jump right in and add any old cryptocurrency to your Christmas list, you need to understand what token you are investing in and the benefits they offer. There are five cryptocurrencies that appear to have a great future ahead.


Solana is an open-source project implementing a new, high-performance, permissionless blockchain that is all about speed.  

It has 400 millisecond block times and as hardware gets faster, so does the network. Solana’s scalability ensures transactions remain less than $0.01 for both developers and users. 

Price-wise, Solana is currently selling at an average price of $200. 


Not only is Solana ultra-fast and low cost, but it is also censorship-resistant. This means that the network will remain open for applications to run freely, and transactions will never be stopped.

Solana’s crypto-economic system is designed to promote a healthy, long-term self-sustaining economy with participant incentives aligned to the security and decentralization of the network. The main participants in this economy are validation clients.


Since launching in early November, StakeMoon has raised $1,200,000 and continues to climb. 


The new and innovative digital cryptocurrency project is still in its infancy but looks like a promising investment. Striving to reward long-term holders, StakeMoon’s token has a taxation policy that penalizes market speculators, resulting in regular dividend payments for existing token holders and flexible staking rewards. 

Transactions attract a taxation rate of 15%, where 10% is distributed to existing token holders, while the remaining 5% is allocated to the StakeMoon liquidity pool. Tokens are not locked into a minimum redemption period. Instead, stakers can withdraw their StakeMoon at any given time.

StakeMoon has launched on PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange (DEX), on November 20, creating a marketplace for users to buy, sell, and trade hundreds of decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens without third-party involvement.


StakeMoon has been heating up fast and keeping tight on its roadmap, with plans to list on BitMart in early 2022 with CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap listings coming soon.


Avalanche is an open and programmable smart contracts platform for decentralized applications.

It claims to be the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality, and has the most validators securing its activity of any proof-of-stake protocol. The native token, AVAX, secures the network, pays for fees, and provides the basic unit of account between the multiple blockchains deployed on the larger network.


The resources spent by a validator for staking are proportional to that validator’s total stake. Avalanche has unique benefits including the rewards accumulated by a validator for validating are proportional to that validator’s total stake. 

Since Avalanche is leaderless, there are no “rich-get-richer” compounding effects. Validators that lock their stake for longer are rewarded more and are also incentivized to stay online and operate correctly as their rewards are based on proof-of-uptime and proof-of-correctness. 

AVAX is a capped-supply token, with a maximum cap of 720 million tokens. The rate at which the maximum cap is reached is subject to governance. Fees are not paid to any specific validator. Instead, they are burned, thus increasing the scarcity of AVAX.


DeFi Coin

DeFi Coin is the digital token that represents the website and DeFi Swap exchange. 

By allowing buyers and sellers to exchange value directly with other market participants – the DeFi Swap exchange ensures that there is no requirement to go through a centralized third party. 

The DeFi Coin umbrella actively promotes three functions: static rewards, automatic liquidity pools, and manual burning strategy.


Users are encouraged to hold their DeFi Coin tokens on a long-term basis because transactions are taxed at a rate of 10% discouraging day trading. Perhaps most importantly, 5% of this figure is distributed to existing DeFi Coin token holders, which is not much different from conventional dividend payments. The other 5% is utilized to provide liquidity to decentralized exchange services.

A major benefit of holding DeFi Coin tokens is that users can earn dividends via a static reward system.


Radix promises to put the fun back into DeFi with a focus on the community, security and scalability. 


It focuses on the community, recognizing each individual developer and allows them to contribute to the online DeFi component library in exchange for direct royalty fees when projects use their components to build the next billion-dollar DeFi application.   

Radix is the only decentralized network where developers will be able to build quickly without the constant threat of exploits and hacks, where every improvement will get rewarded, and where scale will never be a bottleneck.

The network’s unique benefits include 100% of all transaction fees being burned, 53.8% of the token supply being locked on average across POS networks, 300 million XRD tokens per year will go to stakers for securing the network, and eXRD/SRD bridge will allow users to move quickly between Ethereum and Radix.


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Three Arrow Capital, Which “Abandoned” Ethereum, Received $400 Million Worth of It in Two Days



The hedge fund CEO that promised to abandon Ethereum just received $400 million worth of it

Three Arrow Capital crypto hedge-fund received a significant amount of Ether from various large centralized exchanges following the company CEO’s critique and abandonment of the Ethereum network.

Series of large Ethereum transactions

Large transactions have been appearing on the fund’s address constantly in a period of two days. Only two hours before press time, the fund’s wallet received 27,000 Ethereum coins worth approximately $108 million.

Etherscan Page
Source: Etherscan

The day before, the fund received 14,000 ETH worth approximately $56 million and the same amount three days ago in numerous smaller transactions worth from 2,000 ETH to 12,000 ETH.

The fund’s withdrawing activity might be a sign of accumulation during the most recent market dip. Since Ethereum lost 27% of its value at the local trend’s bottom, funds and large investors were able to purchase the asset at a significant discount during the market sell-off.

Fund CEO’s complicated relationship with Ethereum

Previously, the CEO and founder of Three Arrows Capital have stated that he decided to “abandon” Ethereum despite all the support he provided to it in the past. His main problem with the network was the inability of newcomers to simply afford the chain due to high fees.

Later on, Zhu “softened” his previous tweet by saying that he used the wrong word in the heat of the moment. The fund’s CEO has also pointed out that he respects the effort of building L2 solutions that help Ethereum with scaling but would also prefer seeing further development of the first layer that would make mainnet affordable for new users.


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