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NFL Star Odell Beckham to Accept Entire Salary in Bitcoin



The NFL wide receiver has decided to accept 100% of this salary in Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency

Odell Beckham is the latest National Football League (NFL) star to jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon.  

The famous wide receiver has partnered with Cash App, Square, in order to make this happen.

Beckham is also giving up $1 million worth of Bitcoin on Twitter after making his announcement.

Last December, Russell Okung became the first NFL player to accept 50% of his pay in the largest cryptocurrency, which inspired other players to follow his suit.

NFL superstar Tom Brady secured a stake in the FTX exchange with supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, back in June.  

This November, Aaron Rodgers started receiving part of his salary in Bitcoin while also announcing a giveaway for Cash App users.

Earlier today, the NFL also announced that it would offer digital ticket stubs as non-fungible tokens (NFT).

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