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“This Is Huge”: Robinhood Is Testing Dogecoin Wallet



Robinhood has sent Dogecoin to an external wallet for the first time to test the much-anticipated feature

Christine Brown, chief operating officer at Robinhood Crypto, has offered a sneak peek at the app’s much-anticipated cryptocurrency wallet feature. 

In her recent tweet, she attached a screenshot of a test Dogecoin transfer that took place last week.

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It shows a 420.71 DOGE ($91.82) transaction being processed for a 0.02 DOGE ($0.0044) fee. Payments on the network of the flagship meme coin have become significantly more affordable following the much-talked-about release of Dogecoin Core 1.14.5. 

Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus said that the development was “huge” for the meme coin in a tweet while praising the coin’s cheap transaction fees. 

The company announced that it was adding cryptocurrency wallets in late September to the great delight of its customers.

Earlier this month, Brown revealed that 1.6 million users had already joined the waitlist.  

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