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Cardano (ADA) is Changing from Ghostchain with no use and Utility Dapps Turning on Hoskyland



Charles Hoskinson expressed:  I truly enjoy that the narrative about Cardano is changing from Ghostchain with no use and utility to “How will Cardano handle all this congestion?” Blocks are full. DApps are turning on. Dogs bark; Caravan moves on.

Community Reaction:  Charles, you are right, Rome was not made in a day. But from the investor’s point of view, Cardano has been a little below expectations. I know you are doing an excellent job, continue on the right path, we investors will be here to support you.

Time in market > timing the market.  Haven’t heard a word of complaint from early Cardano holders. Same will be said about those joining this year in 2025.

DApps are slowly turning on. The congestion is a bunch of nerds spamming 2 ADA transactions at an address that promises meme coins. I am pretty sure it is the Hosky coin is using a lot of resources. The Cardano chain is holding up very well to the surge. Good Job Charles and Co.

Have you addressed the instability that is going on in Ethiopia and its effect on your project down there? Knowing all the corruption in African countries, do you really think your project is going to succeed there? Why not shift to Latin American countries instead?

You know Charles, I’m sitting in my work truck in Escondido California waiting for lumber to get loaded and thinking about what Cardano will mean for the world. I find myself very proud and optimistic about the future. All the best my man.

The ghost chain meme will never die.  Precisely my point. The caravan must move on. Warm your engines! The race is about to start.

Charles don’t get distracted by this FUD. We believe in Cardano since day 1.

Hopefully now people will stop asking you when smart contracts are coming.

It will always be under scrutiny! The world needs Hero’s and Villain’s to bring balance to the cosmic swirl!

I believe it’s people being mad because they’ve invested on ADA the work being done on ADA is undeniable.

FUD Creators were like:  I was a believer until I realized Ada is a stable coin. Your major bag holders and whales don’t care about the tech, they dumped so there’s no way retail would HODL either. Ada needs as much activity as competition to prove its better.  Cardano Just slip from number 6 to number 16.

Why did you release smart contracts with no Plutus backend?

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