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VeChain (VET) official member at CNFCA Another Feather in the Cap



VeChain (vet)

VeChain is now an official member of the China Non-staple Food Circulation Association (CNFCA), a national-level organization! Vechain’s technology continues to form the base of next-gen industry standards. VET is proud to lead real world adoption of Blockchain technology.

VeChain will be the sole public blockchain technology provider in the alliance, providing technical and infrastructural support for the council members.

Can you please elaborate on the role of VeChain as a member of the CNFCA? Verifying the authenticity of labelling through the entire process from ingredients sourcing, production through reporting of nutrition information of all non-staple foods in China? Can you imagine?

Community Reaction:  Are more companies adopting the tech now? Any updates on the previous tests with the VeChain blockchain, BMW, Walmart China and etc?

Do you need VET token, to use VeChain technology? Maybe companies are using VeChain technology without token supply?

How many lives would VeChain Official touch in China and worldwide? VS supposedly how CardanoStiftung would touch in Nigeria and/or Africa?

What will be the utility of the token vet in this case? VET I don’t think it will go up without a great partnership, but isn’t there some great partnership?

Vechain just keeps building and building. I sleep very well at night.  Congratulations to the persistence of your team. this is genuine marketing.

When do we actually get to see any adoption from Bright Foods? PICC? Kuehne & Nagel? DB Schenker? Why are 98% of companies you claimed would use Vechain after Mainnet NOT using? When do we get to see DNV 900K wallets claimed in 2019? Now you have POA2 what’s stopping adoption?

Otherwise, for those who missed:  CoinTelegraph recently expressed, “The VeChain network runs with only 101 nodes. Fewer nodes reduce decentralization but increase the speed and reliability of the network, tending to be favored for commercial and industrial applications. By comparison, Bitcoin currently has 13,244 nodes, while Ethereum has 2,701.

The latest VeChain PoA consensus upgrade aims to improve scalability and key operations and hopefully make the project even friendlier to the environment.

It is important to understand that VeChain provides more than for the supply chain. It is huge. Those who think that VeChain is only a supply chain tracking network should spend some time to really understand the huge potential of the network.

For those who think they should conduct a token burn it is important to get educated on VeChain. Sometimes projects are more than the price highs for their tokens.  Their technology is helping some really genuine concern for the well-being of the whole of mankind.

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