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Polygon (MATIC)

Nexo lists Polygon, sending MATIC prices to higher highs



  • Nexo, a regulated digital assets institution, offers MATIC holders 20% APR as a promotional campaign welcoming the Polygon network. 
  • In addition to lending initiatives, Polygon is one of the prime chains for minting NFTs and expanding Nexo’s offerings in the metaverse. 
  • Polygon network is among the top protocols that successfully onboarded the highest number of new users over the past eight weeks. 

Nexo finance announces Polygon’s arrival on its platform. Investors can now earn 20% APR on MATIC as part of Nexo’s promotional campaign. 

MATIC arrives on Nexo finance offering higher returns to investors

Polygon network is now on Nexo finance, offering holders and investors higher returns on the DeFi platform. The regulated crypto assets provider offers 150 market pairs to users. Users can now buy, swap and borrow against MATIC. 

The ongoing promotional offer gives users 20% interest and distributes daily. With the rising importance of multi-chain networks, activity on the Polygon network is on the rise. Nexo’s team is engaging with the Polygon network for various initiatives. 

Polygon network will help Nexo expand their offerings through NFTs, helping the DeFi protocol get into the metaverse. NFTs have high potential as a new asset class; Polygon’s blockchain network offers Nexo an opportunity to offer metaverse products. 

Users that purchase MATIC on Nexo’s exchange can earn 20% interest and grow their passive income till the promotional offer lasts (Jan 3, 2022). 

Polygon network has reached out to enterprise projects looking for sovereignty, their own blockchain and don’t want to derive security from Ethereum’s scaling solutions. Mihailo Bjelic, co-founder of Polygon network, tweeted:

Analysts have evaluated MATIC price trends and predicted a trend reversal. @Koolaid_crypto, a cryptocurrency analyst, believes that MATIC price is testing old resistance and is likely to breach resistance in the coming days. 

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